People You Know for June 30, 2015

York Dispatch

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Penn State Altoona: Emily E. Frye (with distinction), of Etters; Christopher B. Striebig, of Red Lion; and Trent J. Landis and Levi M. Rentzel, both of York.

Penn State Berks: Stefany L. Dusman, of Hanover; Jennafer E. Marrs, of Mount Wolf; Chelsea R. Ferguson, of New Freedom; and Savannah R. Cramer, of Wrightsville.

Penn State Harrisburg: Kelly Artman, Amber Grimm, Kyle P. Heintzelman, Craig A. Messinger and Darlene A. Palanti, all of Dillsburg; Beth A. Maloy and Seth A. Warren, both of Dover; David P. Dell and Patrick R. Swatsworth, both of Etters; Angelia R. Folkenroth, of Felton; Dustin W. Hersh (two degrees) and Kyle D. Melton, both of Hanover; Jackie E. Cameron, Angela M. Conforti and Tyler M. Culhane, all of Lewisberry; Jennifer L. Burns and Steven L. Ziegler, both of Red Lion; Kayla M. Bankert, of Spring Grove; Jessica C. Baldwin, of Windsor; James M. Shaffer, of Wrightsville; and Emily A. Beaverson, Brooke A. Bishop, Patric M. Destevens, Matthew W. Ebaugh, Teresa L. Harbold, Tempest J. Kreft, Ryan A. Mock, Nicole E. Mostert, Matthew J. Page, Sagar A. Patel, Kelly A. Schaszberger (with distinction), Alex R. Walker, Amelia M. Warntz, Monika E. Washington and Michael A. Woolfenden, all of York.

Penn State Mont Alto: Miralem Jahic, of Hanover, and Laura M. Albers and Tina M. Waters, both of York.

Penn State World Campus: Kimberly A. Shirey and Angela L. Tome, both of Dover; Rebekah A. Gross (with distinction), of Manchester; Heather R. Figdore, of Red Lion; and Mckenna L. Harter, Jonathan Hempfing, Mary A. Johnston, Michelle R. Landes, Erin J. McKee, Kathleen A. Perkins and Laura A. Steinour, all of York.

Penn State University Park:

Airville: Deanna R. Miller.

Brogue: Jeremy W. Zinser.

Dallastown: Stephen F. Byrne, Matthew R. Heaps and Stephen M. Payne (with distinction, two degrees).

Dillsburg: Caitlin N. Cook, Craig M. Hammond, Benjamin D. Meck, Michael A. Minnier, Alexandra L. Perry, Stephanie A. Poplaski and Taryn Weaver.

Dover: Heather D. Kohr, Whitney Lee, Elizabeth M. Mummert and Mengting Wang (with two degrees).

Etters: Grace A. Adams (with distinction), Ashley M. Britton, Cory A. Brockman and Elizabeth M. Thomas.

Felton: Brittany R. Ketterman and Janne R. Olson.

Glen Rock: James L. Fallon and Chloe L. Mistovich.

Hanover: William T. Kiick, Joseph F. Menapace, Daniel D. Miller, Cortney T. Roden, Hayley C. Sanders, Tyler M. Seigman (two degrees), Zachary D. Wade and Luke A. Young.

Lewisberry: Jaimee A. Baker, Danielle M. Bigger and Andrew J. Gill (with distinction).

Mount Wolf: Reid W. Lowery.

New Freedom: Gabrielle T. Houser, Matthew M. Olphin, Molly A. Schleicher, Connor M. Senft, Nicholas C. Sofocleous, Bradley N. Vecere and Victoria L. Woods (two degrees, both with distinction).

Red Lion: Benjamin M. Echterling, Zachary M. Fisher (with distinction), Brandon T. Heikes, Stephen A. Himelfarb, Tyler M. Imhoff, Collin S. Kelly, Christopher C. Maskaly, Tyler D. Merica, Morgan C. Miller, Chloe E. Nagle, Tyler A. Poff, Gregory R. Robertson, Joseph M. Turek and Jeffrey R. Weaver.

Seven Valleys: Gregory T. Fry, Ethan L. Hunt and Tabitha B. Pranke.

Shrewsbury: Wade D. Koser, Daniel J. Snyder and Samuel A. Stoley.

Spring Grove: Samuel T. Bridwell and Bethany E. Kolmer (two degrees).

Stewartstown: Seth M. Godfrey, Benjamin M. Murter, Kyle D. Plasterer and Benjamin T. Reinke.

Windsor: Scott T. Heilman and L.C. Miller.

York: Brian T. Baker, Joshua D. Barefoot, Joel A. Becker, Palak N. Bhatt, Matthew R. Bortner, Hannah L. Bressi, Mark E. Chronister, Braden R. Crowell, Christopher C. Dornblaser, Carly E. Doucette, Keely S. Downey, Allison N. Dykeman, Erin M. Farrell, Nikolaus A. Fritz, Anand R. Ganjam, Cole R. Gentry, Micah M. Gross (with distinction), Jordan D. Haines, Camaryn M. Hess, Robert C. Higgins (with high distinction), Amanda M. Hostler, Allison N. Jacobs, Aaron M. Jacobs (with high distinction), Erik R. Jacobs, Sarah E. Keim (with high distinction), Raleigh S. Koeberle, Katelyn M. Kraft, Samantha J. Krebs, Joshua M. Kukorlo (with distinction), Jared I. Laslo, Anthony M. Lerch, Maura E. Loht, Purnima Malik, Shannon K. McNeely, Madison S. McSherry (with distinction), Jennifer N. Mills, Zaccheus M. Mokua, Alyssa S. Myers, Orian Navat (with distinction), Allison C. Nizinski (with distinction), Maxfield T. Palmer, Brittney M. Pitzer, Daniel J. Reichard, Zachary A. Rittle, Michael R. Semrau, Brandon L. Shafer, Aakash K. Sham, Alison M. Shreiner, Richard B. Smith, Tyler A. Snouffer, Ryan W. Sprenkle, Rebecca C. Springer, Eric Z. Stoltz (with high distinction), Samantha L. Stoltzfus, Weiyuan Tian, Steve N. Tran (with high distinction), Joselyne A. Vivar, Derek H. Williams, Logen Wisner and Madison A. Zoller.

York Haven: Kathleen A. Delicati and Lauren M. Shissler.