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People You Know for June 23, 2015

York Dispatch

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Penn State Altoona: Nathaniel F. Mikolinis, of Delta; Emily E. Frye, of Etters; Sydnee M. Cookerly, Brooke E. Smith and Paige A. Wildasin, all of Hanover; Victoria L. Donaldson, of Jacobus; Emily Baker, of Lewisberry; Michael P. Trauffer, of Seven Valleys; Jacqueline F. Zoppo, of Stewartstown; Erin A. Kalke, of Wrightsville; and Megan D. Anderson, Alexis N. Balanda, Erin P. Becker, Ryan A. Bury, Seth A. Cornman, Adam B. Hack, Luke D. Hinkle, Daniela K. Ngounou, Khuyen T. Nguyen, Wyatt L. Rentzel, Kendra J. Snyder, Garrett D. Strous and Maxwell D. Witwer, all of York.

Penn State Berks: Heather A. Medellin, of Dover; Megan C. Culbert and Stefany L. Dusman, both of Hanover; Jennafer E. Marrs, of Mount Wolf; Chelsea R. Ferguson, of New Freedom; Savannah R. Cramer, of Wrightsville; and Mary E. Beiler, Kayla L. Miller and David Peralta, all of York.

Penn State DuBois: Alexander M. Lloyd, of Red Lion.

Penn State Erie: Alysha M. Simmons, of Shrewsbury, and Kenneth P. Gross, of York.

Penn State Harrisburg:

Dallastown: Jayson A. Coulter.

Dillsburg: Kelly Artman, Sierra N. Baer, Zachary M. Fish, Raechel Gramm, Amber Grimm, Kyle P. Heintzelman, Dakota Hynson, Kyle Meyer, Rebekah M. Reinaman, Cassidy Straw and Robert P. Sunderland.

Dover: Lerriemaepeachy Bashan, Beth A. Maloy, Zachary D. Merisotis and Seth A. Warren.

Etters: Jeffrey E. Bartley, Amber Brockman, David P. Dell, Zackary R. Doherty, Jacob L. Fish, Justin T. Huryn, James D. Powell, Joel M. Rush, Zachary T. Stewart, Patrick R. Swatsworth and Richard M. Weiser.

Felton: Victoria Hylind.

Hanover: Brooke L. Bradford, Dustin W. Hersh, Brittany L. Martz, Richard A. Pittinger and Christopher J. Poe.

Jacobus: Jose E. Rodriguez.

Lewisberry: Sarah A. Callahan.

Manchester: Joshua Musser and Jonathan E. Oster.

Red Lion: John M. Kleeberger and Steven L. Ziegler.

Shrewsbury: Steven S. Pickel.

Stewartstown: Brittney L. Smith.

Windsor: Jessica C. Baldwin.

Wrightsville: James M. Shaffer and Destin Shimmel.

York: Andrew R. Alexander, Rebekah S. Allison, Emily A. Beaverson, Megan Bigelow, Steven M. Gross, Teresa L. Harbold, Kristi A. Henry, Keith M. Insley, Tempest J. Kreft, Heather E. Leonard, Nicole E. Mostert, Ryland J. Moyar, Thien T. Pham, Keith A. Rosenberger, Tyler J. Royer and Kelly A. Schaszberger.

York Haven: Christopher S. Brown, Raymond J. Cruse and Derek R. Slagle.

York New Salem: Zachary G. Gregory.

Penn State Hazleton: Aaron J. Chancey, of Red Lion.

Penn State Mont Alto: Jennifer L. Halterman, of Dillsburg; Brianna M. Crossan and Levi J. Peters, both of Dover; Joshawyn D. Armagost, Christina F. Crouse, Kylie E. Gall, Joshua R. Hersl and Logan B. Holland, all of Hanover; Haylee N. Dietrich and Ashley N. Madison, both of Spring Grove; Kara L. Altland, of Thomasville; Megan M. Stewart, of Wellsville; Martha C. Baskwill, Lauren A. Bupp, Chelsea L. Cleaver, Shannon R. Kirkpatrick-Camp, Rachael Langford and Andrew J. Whitman, all of York.

Penn State Schuylkill: Lauren B. Fasick, of Lewisberry.

Penn State Study Abroad Program: Andrew C. Seifarth, of York.

Penn State World Campus: Jennifer L. Adams and Brian Paterniti, both of Dallastown; Kyle B. Schwille and Jamie L. Swauger, both of Dillsburg; Ana C. Fajardo, Amanda J. Hauser, Kimberly A. Shirey and Amanda J. Smith, all of Dover; Ryan B. Kapp, of Etters; Sabrina N. Cooper and Jessica Macek, both of Felton; Joanna N. Blye, ob Hanover; Terri L. Grier, of Shrewsbury; Stephanie J. Allen, Carmelo Casiano, Karen A. Chance, Mckenna L. Harter, Jonathan Hempfing, Michael F. Hulse and Constance E. Ortiz, all of York; and Brandi C. Cash and Scott A. Woodson, both of York Haven.

Providence College: Kyra Braun, of Dillsburg, and Cayla Stifler, of Glen Rock.

University of Hartford: Joshua Breighner, of Dallastown, and Jakob Green, of Etters.