School Roundup for June 15, 2015

York Dispatch

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Lake Forest Academy: Vincent Kerestes, of York, and 25 other seniors were inducted into Cum Laude Society.

Northern High School: For the second year in a row, senior Georgia Weaver has artwork in the Whitaker Center's Y Art: Discovering the Next Generation of Artists exhibition, on display Aug. 28-Oct. 30.

Northern High School: Faith Reed, a 2015 graduate, had perfect attendance for all four years of high school. Two of her siblings, Brad and Jacqui, also had perfect attendance during their high school years.

South Mountain Elementary: Third-grader Mahi Patel was recognized for academic excellence by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.


York County Conservation District: Winners of the senior high, middle school and elementary Envirothon competitions, held at John Rudy County Park, are:

•Senior high, top 10 overall: Central High School Bad Bass, first place; York Homeschool Som Nom-noms, second place; Dallastown Hellbenders, third place (team member Kendra Bierman won the $500 Paul Wilson Conservation Award); Northern Nighthawks, fourth place; Northeastern Ginko Forest Trees, fifth place; Spring Grove Wetland Warriors, sixth place; West York Wildfire, seventh place; West York Windstorm, eighth place; Susquehannock Big Trees, ninth place; and Central York Capricious Crayfish, 10th place.

•Middle School: Homeschool Precocial People, first place; Southern Middle Mysterious Starlings, second place; Homeschool Turbo Trout, third place; Central York Defiant Didymo, fourth place; Dallastown Rabble Rousing Didymos, fifth place; York Suburban Blue Raccoons, sixth place; West York Warrior Wolves, seventh place; Central York Tree Tappers, eighth place; Southern Middle Musk Ducks, ninth place; and Northeastern Wild Woodchucks, 10th place.

•Fifth and sixth grades: Sinking Springs Terrifying Timberdoodles, first plac; Homeschool Flaming Falcons, second place; Sinking Springs Rusty Cray-Crayfish, third place; Dallastown Excellent Evergreens, fourth place; Dallastown Fast Flying Falcons, fifth place; North Hills Invasive Invaders, sixth place; Southeastern Gregarious Goldfish, seventh place; Sinking Springs Feral Swine, eighth place; Indian Rock Daring Doves, ninth place; and South Mountain Fiery Foxes, 10th place.

•Third and fourth grades: Lincolnway Envirothon Bulldogs, best teamwork; South Mountain Elastic Eels, best teamwork runner; Southern Elementary Prickly Porcupines, high score aquatics; Dallastown Intermediate Raging Rivers, high score forestry; and Indian Rock Forestry Fanatics, high score wildlife.

•Third and fourth grades, overall proficiency, gold level: Dallastown Raging Rivers, Homeschool Marvelous Maples, Dallastown Brilliant Bobcats, Shrewsbury Crazy Crepuscular Caterpillars, Ore Valley Excellent Eagles, Indian Rock Forestry Fanatics, Dallastown Funky Foxes, Southern Elementary Prickly Porcupines, Leib Elementary Sly Foxes, North Hills Crazy Coyotes, Shrewsbury Freaky Frenzy Fireflies, Sinking Springs Striking Snakes, Leaders Heights Spunky Skunks, Stony Brook Bright Beavers, Locust Grove Awesome Opossums, St. Joseph Wicked Wolves, Trimmer Elementary Scarlet Tanagers and Macaluso Little Jumping Mustelids.

•Third and fourth grades, overall proficiency, silver level: St. Rose of Lima Pokey Porcupines, Spring Grove Dazzling Dogwoods, Spring Grove Awesome Opossums, Lincolnway Envirothon Bulldogs, Hanover Street Awesome Opossums, Homeschool Skunk Patrol, Dallastown Elementary Super Skunks, Wellsville Wacky Lizard Wizards, Roundtown Nature Elite, York Township Forest Friends, Locust Grove Bionic Bobcats, Trimmer Tough Thrashers, Hayshire Remarkable Red Foxes, Delta's Flaming Phoenixes, Macaluso Living Jamming Mammals, Indian Rock Fierce Foxes, Ore Valley Fantastic Foxes, Hanover Washington Coy-yotes, St. Joseph Virginia Creepers, Dillsburg Paralyzed Opossums, Loganville-Springfield Polluting Poison Ivy and Paradise Persevering Pumas.

•Third and fourth grades, overall proficiency, bronze level: St. Patrick's Radical Raccoons, Hayshire Glorious Grey Foxes, Sinking Springs Forest Predators, Hanover Street Clever Carnivores, Lincolnway Wildlife Team, Deltas Super Seahawks, South Mountain Elastic Eels, Hopewell-Winterstown Jumping Jaguars, Stewartstown Stunning Smelly Skunks, Dillsburg Brilliant Buzzing Bees, South Mountain Outrageous Otters, Clearview Forceful Foxes, Southern Elementary Rabid Raccoons, Northern Rockin' Raccoons, St. Rose of Lima Rad Rockin Raccoons, Hopewell Winterstown Freaky Frogs, Hanover Washington Zany Zoo, St. Patrick's Optimistic Opossums, Northern Cool Caterpillars, Clearview Barbaric Bears, Stewartstown Stunning Electric Eels, Wellsville Warrior Woodpeckers, Christian York Rad Raccoons, Paradise Pride Prickly Porcupines, North Hills Wolf Pack, Leib Elementary Playful Platypuses, Hanover Washington Crazy Farm and Christian York Cool Cats.