South Western will soon become the latest York County high school to have a synthetic turf field.


The school broke ground recently in preparation for the replacement of the existing natural grass field with synthetic turf.


After South Western's turf field is installed, New Oxford will be the only York-Adams Division I football team with a grass field.


According to a news release from the school, the project is being paid for in part by a newly launched capital campaign set to fund a number of athletic improvements over the coming years. The campaign was launched with an alumni gift of $250,000. The source of the gift was not revealed.


The new stadium turf field will be used for football, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse and should be completed in time for the football season opener in late August.

South Western, according to the news relase, is contracting with SPRINTURF, LLC to manufacture and install the turf in the stadium. They will use an all-natural infill made of cork and coconut fibers instead of recycled crumb rubber used on many area fields.

The release said that SPRINTURF has more than 1,000 turf installations acrosse North America and beyond. The dual-yarn systems are manufactured at SPRINTURF facilities in Alabama and Georgia.

South Western is also partnering with First Capital Engineering of York for stadium renovation. First Capital is providing design, permitting and construction administration for the project.


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