BLOG: Four Wildcats earn tennis seeds for Y-A singles

Steve Heiser

The powerhouse Dallastown boys' tennis team is enjoying a stellar season.

All you have to do is look at the Wildcats' record, which stands at 13-0 overall and 8-0 in York-Adams League Division I action. Dallastown has already clinched the outright D-I championship. The Wildcats have now won at least a share of 14 D-I championships since 1996.

Dallastown's Holden Koons is the defending York-Adams League Class 3-A boys' singles champion. He's also the No. 1 seed for the 2017 tournament.

Dallastown's dominance was reinforced on Tuesday night, when the seeds for the York-Adams League Boys' Singles Tennis Tournament were released.

To the surprise of likely no one, Dallastown's Holden Koons earned the No. 1 seed in Class 3-A. The sophomore standout is the defending Y-A League and District 3 Class 3-A boys' singles champion.

In addition, of the top eight seeds in the Y-A Class 3-A field, four are Wildcats players. Hunter Jones is No. 3, Jonathan Burns is No. 6 and David Trimmer is No. 8.

The other 3-A seeds are: South Western's Gavin Kenny at No. 2, Red Lion's Alec Shue at No. 4, New Oxford's Justin Gruver at No. 5 and Red Lion's Riley Krout at No. 7.

In Class 2-A, the eight seeded players are: Littlestown's Brett Gill at No. 1, Bermudian Springs' Nick Wool at No. 2, York Catholic's Nick Bartkowiak at No. 3, York Suburban's Tyr Abendschoen at No. 4, Littlestown's Noah DeCampo at No. 5, Delone Catholic's Matt Steinberg at No. 6, Littlestown's Ryan Appleton at No. 7 and York Suburban's Dan Lee at No. 8.

The seeds for the Y-A doubles event have also been released. Dallastown's Koons and Jones are seeded No. 1 in 3-A, followed by South Western's Kenny and Vince Guy at No. 2, Northeastern's Erich Nagel and Alec Schroter at No. 3 and Red Lion's Shue and Krout at No. 4.

The 2-A seeds in doubles are: Littlestown's Gill and DeCampo at No. 1, Suburban's Abendschoen and Lee at No. 2, York Catholic's Bartkowiak and Nicholas Gingerich at No. 3 and Bermudian's Wool and Issac Avery at No. 4.

The league singles tournament starts at 2 p.m. Thursday at South Western (2-A) and Red Lion (3-A) with first- and second-round action. It continues at 4 p.m. Friday at South Western (both 3-A and 2-A) for quarterfinal and semifinal action. The finals and consolations are set to start at 9 a.m. Saturday at South Western (both 3-A and 2-A).

Doubles action gets started at 3 p.m. Monday at South Western (2-A) and Red Lion (3-A) with first- and second-round action. The semifinals, finals and consolations start at 4 p.m. Tuesday at South Western (both 3-A and 2-A).

Here are the first-round matchups:

Class 3A

(1) Holden Koons, Dt, vs. Mike Visco, CY
Logan Maddox, Dt, vs. Lance Fries, Ne
(6) Jonathan Burns, Dt, vs. Vince Guy, SW
Erich Nagel, Ne, vs. Tyler Lilie, Dt
(4) Alec Shue, RL, vs. Josh Sanderson, Ne
Drew Heinzelmann, Get, vs. Luke Senft, SG
(8) David Trimmer, Dt, vs. Wyatt Crone, Do
Michael Pagnanelli, NO, vs. Jeff Bauer, SG
Wyatt Lauacina, SW, vs. Tummanan Chaitripob, Get
Quinn Bacha, CY, vs. (5) Justin Gruver, NO
Lohan Rossi, CY, vs. Nick Istvanic, Dt
Cameron Wheeler, RL, vs. (3) Hunter Jones, Dt
Dennis Eicholtz, SG, vs. John Hanson, SW
Sebastian May, Dt, vs. (7) Riley Krout, RL
Michael Kozuch, Do, vs. Alec Schroter, Ne
Truman Metz, Do, vs. (2) Gavin Kenny, SW

Class 2A
(1) Brett Gill, Lt, bye
Isaac Avery, BS, vs. Drew Thompson, YS
(6) Matt Steinberg, DC, vs. Colton Mumley, Sus
Nicholas Gingerich YC, vs. Liam Waterbury, YS
(4) Tyr Abendschoen, YS, bye
Aidan Mikula, WY, vs. Henry Smith, Han
(7) Ryan Appleton, Lt, vs. Noah Mattson, Big
Andrew Murren, BS, vs. Xander Holloway, Sus 
Dominick Snyder, Sus, vs. Hui Wang, YC
(5) Noah DeCampo, Lt, bye
Tim Pickard, WY, vs. Aaron Orndorff, Big
(3) Nik Bartkowiack, YC, bye
Ben Shaw, Han, vs. Jared Dotson Jones, Big
(8) Dan Lee, YS, vs. Paul Tily, DC 
Augustine Citrone, WY, vs. Noah Russell, DC
(2) Nick Wool, BS, bye
Alternates: Justin Barnes, Han; Zach Beam, Sus


Class 3A
(1) Koons-Jones, Dt, vs. Crone-Metz, Do
Laudicina-Hanson, SW, vs. Bacha-Hughes, CY
(3) Nagel-Schroter, Ne, vs. Dolan-Spampinato, SW
Wheeler-Palmieri, RL, vs. Gruver-Pagnanelli, NO
Bauer-Senft, SG, vs. Heinzelmann-Chiatripob, Get
Burns-May, Dt, vs. (4) Shue-Krout, RL
Wunsch-Sanderson, Ne, vs. Lilie-Maddox, Dt
Trimmer-Istvanic, Dt, vs. (2) Kenny-Guy, SW
Alternates: Leatherman-Martin, NO. Stanely-Vlazny, CY

Class 2A
(1) Gill-DeCampo, Lt, vs. Bell-Waterbury, YS
Paules-Feild, Sus, vs. Dotson Jones-Mattson, Big
(4) Wool-Avery, BS, vs. McGraw-Anzalone, YC
Braswell-Sauvageau, Lt, vs. Steinberg-McGough, DC
Scwamb-Jung, YC, vs. Platts-Kharuna, YS
(3) Bartkowiak-Gingerich, YC vs. Mumley-Holloway, Sus 
Shaw-Barnes, Han, vs. Citrone-Pickard, WY
(2)Appleton-Bell, Lt, vs. Abendschoen-Lee, YS

Steve Heiser is the sports editor at The York Dispatch. You can reach him at