Marriage licenses, Dec. 20-26, 2017


The York County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court issued the following marriage licenses.

Danielle Denise Gearhart and Robert Stephen Mathie: both of York.

Mayson Hope Kile and Anthony Jose Ortiz: of Red Lion and York.

Sara Anne Stimmel and Jason Lee Carbaugh: both of Glen Rock.

Austin Owen Howard and Atalaya Julianne Spigelmyer: both of York.

Steven Michael Edgar and Lauren Noelle Shearer: of Dover and York.

Elizabeth Nicole Lasken and Adam Henry Becker: of York Haven and Manheim, PA.

Ashley Lynne Schultz and Ryan Michael Todd Oberg: both of Felton.

Michael Glenn McClintock and Natalie Jo Quesenberry: both of York.

Brandon Anthony Stoneburg and Chelsea Denise Jones: both of York.

Andrew Michael Horan and Michelle Verta Mae Altman: both of Dover.

Cressy Marie Leedy and Daniel Ray Dagenhart: both of New Cumberland.

Stephen Derek Munchel and Allison Marie Groft: both of Hanover.

Michael Peter Trauffer and Susan Patricia Snow: both of Dallastown.

Courtney Romaine Garrett and Daniel Joshua Torres: of Glen Rock and York.

Todd Allan Coleman and Kimberly Ann Garrett: both of Hanover.

Luke Daniel Springer and Cassandra Lynn Beaumont: of Red Lion and Dover.

Lynn Allen Foulds and Kimberly Renee Druck: both of York.

Christopher Jerome Malley and Christine Renee Stong: both of Etters.

Thomas Lee Showvaker and Jill Elise Eskildsen: both of York.

Edgardo Javier Rodriguez-Perez and Itza Mary Figueroa-Saez: both of Columbia, PA.

Brian Martin Davidson and Elizabeth Marie Easterly: both of York.

Philip Raymond Williams and Jean Marie Hendrick: of Emigsville and Manchester.

Shawn Andrew Anderson and Sophia Miranda: both of York.

Jacqueline Zoraida Rivera and Albert Castro: both of York.

Donald Lee Kitzmiller III and Regan Elona Missinger: both of Hanover.

Jonathan David Almodovar and Jimayra Lee Romero: both of York.

Lea Gao Shu Schaffhauser and Daniel Justin Gott: of Lancaster, PA, and Hampton, VA.

Juan Esteban Estevez Garcia and Dymarie Judith Diaz Rodriguez: both of York.

Michael Alan Stoner and Amanda Marie Gray: of Spring Grove and Dover.

Jermel Clarence Mayo and Dorothea Gail Lomax: both of York.

Gilberto Luis Rivera Jr. and Maria Cecilia Pineda: both of York.

Andrew Glen Linn and Bethany Marie Perry: both of Etters.

Joseph Earl James Shanabrough and Jennifer Louise Sipe: both of Stewartstown.

Taevian Earl Harris and Emily Constance McCarty: both of Stewartstown.

Beny Junior Gonzalez Suero and Dayrelissa Gonzalez Jimenez: both of York.