Marriage licenses, Sept. 6-12


The York County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court issued the following marriage licenses.

Michelle Lee Powley and John Alfred Powley Jr.: of Manchester and Mount Wolf.

Randel Lynn Doyle and Dawn Marie Foehrkolb: both of York.

Chad William Luckenbaugh and Katie Anne Lusby: both of Dallastown.

Rebecca Anne White and Henry Wilkens Schmidt III: both of Richmond, VA.

Alyssa Ann Oxford and John Alexander Wilson III: both of Alexandria, VA.

Christina Elizabeth Ulrich and Michael Anthony Acela: both of York.

Stanley Jamaal Ford-Mazyck and June Marie Cluck: both of Hellam.

Brandon David Miller and Ashley Ann Drace: both of Red Lion.

Cassandra Mary Roth and Matthew Francis Jackson: both of Felton.

Brady Matthew Hilbert and Katelyn Sue Merrifield: both of York.

Matthew Edward Annis and Kelly Renee Wrzesinski: both of New Freedom.

Jesse Lee Swinson V and Kristina Marie Harp: both of York.

George Christopher Rosiello and Blair Francesca Plemic: both of Preston, Md.

Chad Joseph Evans and Jamie Lynn Johnson: both of York.

John Glenn Rosecrans and Lauren Megan Parr: both of Bel Air, MD.

Tara Jamil Wikhian and Chad Gregory Smith: both of Mount Wolf.

Brian Seth Aikey and Lindsey Ann Fuhrman: of York and Seven Valleys.

Zachary David Lamparter and Alyssa Marie Cupp: of Dover and York.

Carly Anne Capone and James Keegan Dunn: both of Glen Rock.

Kirsten Nicole Myers and Alexander Arthur Rost: both of York.

Matthew Paul Knaub and Daniele Elizabeth McCauley: both of York.

Heather Michelle Koble and Vincent Wong: both of Red Lion.

Mark Evan Chronister and Samantha Lynn Bays: both of Wrightsville.

Brittany Anne Duncan and Timothy John Langletz: both of York Haven.

Adam Gregory Klenk and Jenna Christine Eckenrode: both of Brogue.

Johnny Scott Lubbers and Leeanne Marie Dull: both of Spring Grove/

Melonie Marie Wright and Yancarlos Omar Mendoza Asencio: of Chambersburg, PA, and York.

Leyshmary Sierra Seda and Santos Daniel Rivera Matos: of York and Jersey City, NJ.

Emilio Anthony Torres and Deanna Maria Burgos: both of York.

Katie Inge-Maud Reeve and Devin Eric Richard Ruth: both of York.

Eric Reese Buckingham and Ashley Nicole Hamme: both of Red Lion.

Brandon Michael Ross and Annaliese Joy Olcott: both of Mechanicsburg.

Tammy Lynn Connelly and Oshya Bohhanon Rankin: of Seven Valleys and York.

Kevin Douglas Chandler and Gloria Mae Hooper: both of Hanover.

Jeremiah Franklin Knox and Raymond Harry Dostmann: both of Abbottstown.

Keith McCann and Denise Louise Rickert: both of Camp Hill.

Brandon Tayshan McEwan and Danielle Lee Baum: both of York.

Jacquelyn Rae Scott and Kyle Jacob Ryer: both of York.

Matthew David Sinton and Samantha Beth Anthony: both of York.

Timothy Aaron Vinson and Heidi Renae Patschke: both of York.

William Shadeen Spencer and Casena Shawyn Lynch: both of York.

Jaymi Danielle Williams and Jose Luis Gomez: of Huntington, WV, and York.

Edis Marlenis Lopez Diaz and Oscar Enrique Castillo-Mejia: of Falls Church, VA, and York.

Sharee Lyasia Thornhill and Kwadwo Okyere: of Brooklyn, NY, and York.

Lawrence Andrew Lindt Jr. and Jennifer Rae Campbell: both of York.

Cole Allen Spurley and Tanya Yvette Ganoe: of Red Lion and Folsom, PA.

Davonta Michael Jarvis and Naomi Lael Shy: both of York.

Gerald Alan Neff and Michele Ternace Simcoe: both of York.

Devin Creager Hess and Kirsten Marie Blevins: both of Spring Grove.

Derek Craig Henry and Emily Nicole Moore: both of York Haven.

Craig Allan Martin and Jessica Lauren Graves: both of Felton.

Damu Luwayne Alfred and Stephanie Marie De Leon Silva: both of York.

Cody Jordan Gohn and Lindsay Alita Clary: both of Red Lion.

Sierra Marie Dell and Gregory Boga: of New Park and Dallastown.

Thomas John Hoger and Leidy Yullieth Staub: of Hanover and Gettysburg.

Phillip Ira Broder and Carly Dianne Hitzfeld: both of Lewisberry.

George Luis Bermudez and Veronica Ivelisse Torres-Lopez: both of York.

Dartania Dayshawn Matthews and Brittany Nicole Wagner: both of York.

Cory Alexander Toth and Lauryn Emily Humbert: both of Westminster, MD.

Kirk Hanes Stephens and Patricia Louise Elliott: of Kingsville, MD, and White Marsh, MD.

Mat James Matias and Samantha Beth Santoro: both of Glen Rock.

Christopher Gaston Martin and Amanda Ann Dellinger: both of Manchester.

Daniel Thomas Hornberger and Amber Marie Black: both of Dover.

Charlene Michele Cochran and Diana Catalina Cardenas Cabrera: both of New Freedom.

Randall Eugene Stauffer and Gregory George Rinehart: both of Hanover.

Mark Kenneth Kramer Jr. and Amanda Nicole Wigfield: both of Hanover.

Jason Hunter Higbee and Tammy Lynn Semilia: both of Delta.

Willian Arnaldo Salguero Recinos and Raiza Marilin Guerrero: both of York.

Samuel Nathan Edwards and Natalie Rose Cardwell: of Delta and Street, MD.

Aaron Michael Sienicki and Sharae Chantae Legotte: both of York.

Jack James Chronister and Dorothy Jane Grim: of Dallastown and York.