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Marriage licenses, July 12-18


The York County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court issued the following marriage licenses.

Manuel Antonio Verasalba Jr. and Hannah Elizabeth Plasterer: both of Lynchburg, VA.

James Warren Herrold and Jessica Nicole Wright: both of York.

Dina Ann Sweitzer and Chad Everett Schmidt: both of York.

Jessica Katherine Hilton and Aaron Christopher Vonstein: both of Spring Grove.

Lori Lynn Wynegar and Shawn David Orlowsky: both of York.

Rachael Paula Perring and Ryan Christopher White: both of York.

Jeni Lee Mowery and Justin Philip Schruefer: both of Airville.

Dino Bozzi and Cassandra Lynn Skidmore: both of Felton.

Seth Ryan Myers and Aleah Marie Miller: both of Washington, D.C.

Cally Allayne Garlitz and Derek Ryan Hake: both of Felton.

Marcus James Watson and Natalie Kay Wray: both of Shrewsbury.

Jami Catherine Devanie and Taylor David Houck: both of York.

Loree Ann Mowrer and Derick Matthew Garman: of Mount Joy, PA, and Dover.

Katelyn Darlene Schultz and Stephen Patrick Gable: both of York.

Laura Renee Gajdosik and Thomas Neville Waginger: both of Baltimore, MD.

William Charles Surratt Jr. and Alecia Beth Tiedemann: both of Stewartstown.

Corey Michael Simko and Katharine Emily Fox: both of Chevy Chase, MD.

Casey William Morton and Katlin Charleen Kreiser: both of Hanover.

Justin Nathaniel Harrison and Allison Kasey Dewitt: both of Hanover.

Joshua Lynn Conrady and Holly Kay Eliason: both of Dillsburg.

Pablo Vidal Contreras and Awilda Marigabi Jimenez Ramos: both of York.

Edin Alberto Escobar and Ashlie Feliciano Lopez: both of York.

Maximino Ciriaco Garcia and Irene Rincon Calleja: both of York.

Tyler Anthony Little and Kendra Lynn Leppo: both of Jacobus.

Olvin Bladimir Herrera Ortiz and Cassandra Nicole Ramos-Estrada: of York and Gettysburg.

Manuel Nohpal-Roldan and Nohemi Hernandez-Sanchez: of Elizabethtown, PA, and Hanover.

Hung Chi Tang and Sokhema Pim: both of York.

Joshua Bruce Frey and Amber Lee Moore: both of Red Lion.

Chris Allen Hoiles and Felicia Rae Bourgeois: both of York.

Luke Michael Dodds and Erin Elizabeth Crouse: both of Washington, D.C.

Tyler Christian Jose Lafountain and Stefanie Michelle Sprenkle: both of York.

Eric Franklin Jackson and Lorissa Kershner Sandy: of Wormleysburg, PA, and York.

Shawn Eric Weigle and Teresa Elaine Jennings: both of York.

Ryan Matthew Wise and Kiera Ren Andersen: both of York.

Jacob Tzib and Aurelis Patricia Mercado Silverio: both of York.

Raymond Larry Venable and Lisa Marie King: both of York.

Mark Fred Scheller and Tonya Sue Fawber: both of York.

Brent Douglas Kohler and Angela Michelle Smith: both of East Berlin.

Robert Daniel Berkheimer and Brittany Nicole Lane: both of York.

Joshua Steven Ferruccio Sweeney and Alexandrea Corey Schmidt: both of York.

Keyshla Marie Claudio-Tellado and Nathan John Haines: of York and Dillsburg.

Theodore Robert Peck and Danielle Skye Crone: both of York.

Adrienne Claudia Phillips and William Derek Summerville: both of Arlington, VA.

Daniel Jacob Heindel and Kelley Brooke Haslam: both of Red Lion.

Mark Elliott Millheim and Crystal Ann Keller: both of York.

Lawrence Jerome Spady and Adrienne Jennifer Suarez: both of York.

Keith Edward Harrold and Linda Sue Grangrade: both of Spring Grove.

Antonio Rufino Melendez-Maisonet and Maria Emilia Cruz Venero: both of York.

Dunes Andreville and Wabline Vilfort: both of York.

Eric Davis Hoy and Kathleen Valentine Waupotic: both of Havre de Grace, MD.

Robert Charles Steele and Stephanie Nicole Webster: both of York.

William Henry Gilgore Jr. and Shelley Anne George: both of York.

Jonathan Eli Kearney and Dalynet Torres-Cruz: both of York.

Toan Viet Pham and Cam Thuy Duong: both of York.

Perry Franklin Wagner and Diane Elaine Frazier: both of Spring Grove.

Michele Dawn Lefler and Clayton Leon Young Jr.: both of York.

Craig Eugene Staley and Maria Ann Geary: both of York.

Nathan Titus Goodwin and Promyse Deziree Mountz: both of Hanover.

Stanley Leroy Keener and Nancy Ann Stevens: both of Felton.

Scott Fox and Sabrina Lynn Costella: both of York.

Mark Thomas Burkholder Jr. and Jessica Elizabeth Mann: both of Hanover.

Ivonne Franchesca Mejia Caro and Carlos Jose Negron Santiago: both of York.