Marriage licenses, May 10-16


TheYork County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court issued the following marriage licenses.

Brianne Lemoigne and Daniel Gaston Worrell: both of Bel Air, MD.

Kenneth Michael Clar and Mary Catherine Kirsch: both of Baltimore, MD.

Amanda Rose Flaharty and Adam Neal Venhuizen: both of Thomasville.

Anastashia Lucille Shillito and Shawn William Carbaugh: both of Glen Rock.

Jennifer Lynn Smeltzer and Thomas Brooks Weaver: both of Smethport, PA.

Marcanthony Alvarado and Daisy Mariette Olan-Cuevas: both of York.

Emily Ann Johnson and Michael David Sanocki: both of Hoboken, NJ.

Michael Edward Myslinski and Marissa Schwartz: of Parkton, MD, and Baltimore, MD.

Brian Douglas Becker and Kate Somer Stepp: both of York Haven.

Frankie Lashelle Bigelow and Tyler Benjamin Tyson: both of York.

Jakihra Aolanda Santana and Logan Adam Wampler: both of York.

Lindsey Beth Taylor and Nicholas Patrick Campbell: both of Red Lion.

Samantha Lee Knaub and Kenneth Paul Ohliger Jr.: both of Seven Valleys.

Kelsey Leann Wilkinson and Nicholas Paul Zimniski: both of Irvine, CA.

Marissa Brittani Innerst and Daniel Robert Waltemire: both of Felton.

Kelsey Elizabeth Oyler and Ryan Charles Moore: both of Lewisberry.

Sandra Ann Hebert and Garry Michael Gronke: both of Stewartstown.

Kristen Lea Kreider and Mark Daniel Norton: of Clinton, MD, and Prince Frederick, MD.

Emily Christine Polachek and Michael Jonathan Tonart: both of Ellicott City, MD.

Luke Andrew Mummert and Liza Magdeline Sigel: both of Glen Rock.

David Opdyke Crooks and Heather Ann Myers: of York and Wellsville.

Amanda Lynn Elliott and Matthew Allen Witmer: both of York.

Richard Leroy Whippo and Crystal Naomi Brigham: of Wrightsville and York.

Brandon Constantine Rothweiler and Caroline Elizabeth Simok: both of Lancaster.

Joshua Michael Snyder and Kasey Elizabeth May: both of Manchester.

Joshua Alexander Donais and Alexandria Heather King: both of Laurel, MD.

Wayne Allen Snelbaker Jr. and Nicole Jeannette Klinefelter: both of Dover.

Michael Papenberg and Joanne Carol Prettyman: both of Red Lion.

Stephen William Wesko and Kelsey Elizabeth Drawbaugh: both of Dover.

Austin Lee Hughes and Anne Maria Foerland Liane: both of York.

Edwin Robert Siegfried and Jada Lynn Ingalls: of Devon, PA, and Sioux Falls, SD.

Rosario Colletti and Jodie Lee Lauber: both of York.

Dephvin Pryce Housman and Shanna Marie Lepley: both of York.

Jose Francisco Claudio Colon and Maria Elisa Hernandez Arias: both of York.

Clint Occonor and Evodie Nora Genevieve Jean: of Lauderhill, FL, and York.

Margaret Marrie Cruz and Giovanny Aguilar Morales: both of Philadelphia.

Scott Eric Emig and Danielle Mary Davis: both of York.

Christopher Lawrence Myers and Bobbi Jo Miller: both of York.

Alejandro Jose Garcia and Taryn Elizabeth Gerrick: both of Abbottstown.

Katelyn Anne Menefee and Matthew Raymond John Bear: both of Manchester.

Matthew Lynn Warnick and Remy Maureen Dardani: both of York.

Joel Eric Hoffman and Caitlyn Marie Wilt: of Dillsburg and Windsor.

Nathin Allen Kuykendall and Desiree Michelle Kaziska: both of York.

Natalie Jean Temple and James Cameron Reynolds: of Hanover and Dover.

Melissa Marie Calp and Scott Alan Schoenberger: both of Hanover.

Thomas James Evans and Connie Jean Hare: of McAlisterville, PA, and York.

Jodi Ann Miller and Jo Ann Probst: both of Red Lion.

Timothy Jay Raymond and Kimberly Ann Dennison: both of Windsor.

Justin Adam Ryder and Kami Jo Green: both of York.

Brandon Scott Yeager and Kassidy Noel Augustine: both of York.

Joseph Pietro Falci and Amanda Lynn Tharle: both of York.

Robert Lee Blanton and Phyllis Jane Bray: both of York.

David Averill Nicholson and Rachel Elizabeth Staub: both of Ellicott City, MD.

Seth Edgar Bosserman and Jessica Kathleen Lucker: both of Delta.

Daniel Earl Flippo and Concetta Marie Pagan: both of Wellsville.

Ryan Joseph Cummings and Sarah Jean Barger: of Dillsburg and Mount Joy.

Michael David Muilwyk and Erin Annette Dircks: of White Hall, MD, and Felton.

Kara Lynn Gustafson and Brian Adam Robinson: both of Hanover.

Danielle Marie Behler and Daniel Wilt Callahan: both of York.

Ryan Christopher Harvey and Meghan Kathleen Obrien-Blanford: both of Baltimore, MD.

Forrest Free Craig and Yan Wang: both of York.

Allan Wade Jones and Veronica Grace Albright: both of Airville.

Cody David Hite and Christine Lynn Brenneman: both of Hanover.

Steven Leroy Daugherty Sr. and Lisa Beth Lamothe: both of York.

Ryan Caleb Harris and Makala Nicole Breighner: both of Mount Wolf.

Anthony Valery Rosario and Heather Annette Miller: both of York.

Samuel William Levault and Jenna Noel Fabie: of Spring Grove and Seven Valleys.

Mitchell Ray McCuigan and Kerri Lynn Edwards: both of Dallastown.

Mark Steven Oberdorff and Rebecca Aileen Snyder: both of Brogue.

Daryl Albert Snyder and Hope Noel Wiley: both of Windsor.

Cesar Hernandez and Ashly Almazan: both of Hanover.

David Allen Kope and Leola Denise Glover: both of York.

Dorin Colon Zayas and Luz Celenia Lagares: both of York.

Marcelino Pablin Santos and Nelida Perez Ortega: both of York.

Dante Eugene Hedgepeth and Ruth Ann Stoltzfus: both of York.

Brendon Andrew Gummel and Nicole Josephine Rose: both of York.