Marriage licenses, June 22-28, 2016


The office of Clerk of Orphans Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses.

Abigail Sheely Smith and Stuart Patrick Cornett: both of Glenville.

Sarah Ann Hesington and Christophor Thomas Sowders: of Apex, N.C., and Raleigh, N.C.

Timothy Michael Walters and Sandra Marie Wojcik: both of Gaithersburg, Md.

Danielle Renee Shank and Troy Allen Stoner Jr.: of York and Dover.

Darin Edward Willey and Maria Teresa Bucher: of Stoney Beach, Md., and Annapolis, Md.

Patrick Washington Watson II and Tary Noun: both of York.

Lauren Elizabeth Crawford and Eric Michael Naylor: both of Dover.

Christian Michael Althoff and Mallory Joy Monroe: both of York.

Ashley Nicole Zentmeyer and Jason Eugene Reigle: of Jarvisburg, N.C., and York Haven.

Steven Wesley Baker and Joan Elaine Jacobs: of York Haven and Lewisberry.

Paul Derek Macari and Lauren Marie Kamenas: both of Manchester, Md.

John Benjamin Kling and Carol Jean Steger: both of Dallastown.

John Paul Edelmann Jr. and Kimberly Ann Dillon: both of Delta.

Anisha Lee Rodriguez and Assamee Mansour Shabazz: both of York.

Darrian Thomas Hogue and Melissa Maria Peraza Rojas: both of Lewisberry.

Georgann C. Ganas and Jose Luis Alonso: of Reading, Pa., and York.

Tad Walter Williams and Tammy Elaine Beck: both of York Haven.

Joseph Federico Russolillo-Santos and Astrid Jenny Nazario Rivera: both of York.

William Earl Wittle Jr. and Victoria Ann Williams: both of New Cumberland.

Zachari Erikscot Brenner and Ashley Marie Marquette: both of York.

Richard Eugene Alger Jr. and Dorothy Tracy Seifert: both of Dover.

Athanasios Peter Margetas and Aglaia N. Balafoutas: both of York.

Brandon Edward Spangler and Kathleen Robyn Miller: both of Dallastown.

Antonette McKewen Amato and Andrew Thomas Lalia: both of Perry Hall, Md.

Todd Edwin Beckmeyer and Melissa Ann Wilson: both of Glen Rock.

Michael Robert Twigg and Rachel Elizabeth Andrewlavage: both of Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

Andrea Renee Staub and David Ross Lyons: of Hanover and Loysville, Pa.

Abbe Michele Jackson and Corey Thompson Clyde: both of Buffalo, N.Y.

Daniel Alfonso Collazo and Carmen Marie Collazo: both of York.

Joshua Paul Sexson and Sheri Ann Cashman: both of York.

Seth Daniel Klinger and Angela Grace McGowan: both of Baltimore, Md.

Donna Marie Stoltz and Michael Richard Goss: both of York.

Matthew Ray Krebs and Ida Marilyn Singer: both of Red Lion.

Timothy Daniel Shaffer Jr. and Leah Christine Herman: both of Olney, Md.

Kelton David Mehls and Brittany Elaine Ericson: both of Dillsburg.

John Michael Fry Jr. and Maria Nichole Mancuso: both of York.

John Frances Powers and Melody Ann Reifsnider: both of McSherrystown, Pa.

Todd Lee Frey and Crystal Lynn Waltersdorff: both of Manchester.

Stephen Gene Enders and Megan Christine Aiello: both of Henrico, Va.

Scott Fleischer Nelson and Candice Elizabeth Haight: both of Hallam.

Robert Charles Lehman and Amy Elizabeth McClellan: both of Dillsburg.

Kristin Amy Roberts and Daniel Warren Brenner: both of York.

John Stephen Powell and Wanika Theressa Correa: both of York.

Charles Daniel Hertz and Kelly Marie Coleman: of Glenville and Hanover.

Stephanie Noel Hickoff and Christopher Feldman: of York and Carlisle, Pa.

Elijah Wade Morgan and Erin Grace Burgmayer: both of Mechanicsburg.

Miles Logan Watto and Jillian Mollie Tavares: both of Red Lion.

Ronald Lee Williams and Shirley Louise Furman: both of Dover.

Cody Reed Snyder and Lacy Leigh Lawicki: both of Red Lion.

Daniel Frederick Schoedel and Cynthia Lynn Ellerbee: both of York.

Stephen Wayne Smith and Kelly Sue Huber: both of East Prospect.

John Henry McCaskell and Jenna Ruth Brown: both of York.

Brandon Lee Eckenrode and Laura Irene Loucks: both of York.