Marriage licenses, May 25-31, 2016


The office of Clerk of Orphans Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses.

Brittany Miriam Hahn and Nathan Michael Sunday: both of York.

Juan Miguel Velez and Madeline Betancourt: of York and Orlando, Fla.

Angela Jo Dickensheets and Calvin Stephon Sims: both of York.

Emily June Turner and Benjamin Andrew Hoxie: of New Park and Bristol, Conn.

Christopher Scott Harrison and Dawn Angela Nogueras: both of York.

Mary Ann Maldonado and Hector Luis Santiago: both of York.

Natalie Rochelle Concino and Giovanni Antonio McBride: both of York.

Susan Alice Hall and Wyvon Witman Rice: both of York.

Amy Marie Hake and Bryan David Bates: both of York.

Jesse David Smith and Caroline Theresa Andrew: both of Emigsville.

Sarah Emily Myers and Joshua Richard Bressler: of New Oxford and Willow Street, Pa.

Michael Donavan Bowers and Hannah Aubrey-Anne Shriver: of Dillsburg and Wellsville.

Corey Beau Burnham and Christy Marie Lenington: of Dover and York Haven.

Kristi Jo Snyder and Heath Jarrod Manalli: both of York.

Trevor John Kling and Carle Rose Ax: both of Magnolia Del.

Eric Michael Chronister and Lindsay Anne Shultz: both of York.

Zachary Shea McClellan and Paris Lynn Toto: both of Airville.

Margarita Iris Gomez Lopez and Stacy Maurice Holmes: both of Hellam.

Ralph Eugene Striebig Jr. and Don Craig Grove: both of York.

Skyler Nicholas Sterner and Emily Dawn Sheffield: of Dover and Shippensburg, Pa.

Wendy Sue Sheffer and Darin Eugene Doll: both of Jacobus.

Joseph Adam Yohe and Kelci Priscilla Milhimes: both of York.

Roger Dale Winesickle and Fonda Ann Winesickle: both of Dover.

James Robert Vizthum and Ann Bing Nee: of York and Hoschton, Ga.

Ryan Taylor Mundy and Heather Lynn Hicks: both of Manchester.

Jesus Hernandez and Lillian Rios: both of York.

Kelvin Martinez and Elizabeth Pineda Pineda: both of York.

Brooks Ryan Naumann and Julie Anne Siddoway: both of York.

Kole Eugene Stambaugh and Kelsey Maureen Daniel: both of Dover.

Jeffrey Wayne McCormack and Bridget Ann Devoe: both of Fawn Grove.

Paul Thomas Selby and Emily Rebecca Selby: both of Hanover.

Itai Gans and Kaitlin Alyssa Patrick: both of Towson, Md.

Malachi John Cochran and Kristen May Potter: of York and Harrison Valley, Pa.

Stephanie Lynn Hanthorne and Roland Michael Miller: both of Ellicott City, Md.

Trevor Matthew Niemczyk and Alecia Anne Maysilles: both of Dover.

John William McClintic and Michelle Lyn Mallory: both of Dallastown.

Jose Luis Cruz and Maria Cristina Santiago: both of York.

Michael Joseph Spangler and Jaime Leigh Freshwater: both of Emigsville.

Guy Alphonsus Ginter Jr. and Diana Lee Holler: both of York.

Corey Allen Jeffers and Anastasia Marie Weaver: both of Hanover.

Benjamin Michael Blymire and Ashley Nicole Rugemer: both of Windsor.

Gary Raymond Mosca and Annalisa Maria Gojmerac: both of Thomasville.

Ronald Wray Raup and Colleen Jean Amundson: both of York.

Phillip Mario Jan Balzano and Heather Marie Batson: both of Baltimore, Md.

Matthew John Hedlund and Meagan Patricia Young: both of Seattle, Wash.

Joshua Martyn Quinn and Stephanie Karen Reip: of Red Lion and New Freedom.

Julius Terrell Debnam and Pamela Louise Pitt: both of Clinton, Md.

Hannah Elizabeth Conran and Brianna Danielle Buffington: both of York.

William Eugene Hoover and Kelly Jo Easton: both of Dover.

Mervin Dale Dellinger and Savannah Rae Schulz: both of Wrightsville.

Margaret Addleman Shutes and Charles Ryck Kaiser: of Boalsburg, Pa., and York.

David Robert Burnham Jr. and Kenna Lee Rose Haden: of Westminster, Md., and Manchester, Md.

Laura Dawn Devoe and James Robert Workinger: of Felton and Brogue.

Moises Daniel Perez and Leticia Henriquez: both of York.

Dennis John Schott and Pamela Joyce Poldervaart: both of Middle River, Md.

Michael Jacob Lyter and Erika Lynn Sitler: of York and Wrightsville.

Michael Lee Ohler and Rebecca Ann Welsh: both of York.

Joseph Allen Forney and Desiree Leticia Bonitz: of New Freedom and Felton.

Mathew Orlando Creary and Shirley Jane Williams: both of Gettysburg.

Richard Wayne Fisher Jr.: of Gettysburg and Wellsville.

Cassandra Lynn Fisher and Archie Samuel Downey III: of Wellsville and Hanover.

Alicia Maria Ilgenfritz and Gabrielle Madelyn Greco: both of York.

Albert John Hammond and Aaron Gage Ivey: both of York.

Jamie Renee Kirkessner: of York and Wrightsville.

Terry Leroy Smith Jr. and Jennifer Lynn Hilbert: both of Spring Grove.