Marriage licenses, April 27-May 3, 2016


The office of Clerk of Orphans Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses.

Matthew Charles Sutton and Casey Elizabeth Coffman: both of Silver Spring, Md.

George Ted Erskine Sr. and Beth Ann Miller: both of Red Lion.

Ian Scott Myrl Trump and Christine Alyse Sullivan: both of York Haven.

Jennifer Elise Pope and Shane Ryan Moran: both of York.

Donna Louise Gleim and Michael James Benard: both of Hanover.

Barry Lee Bare Jr. and Lara Christine Blankenship: of Manchester and York Haven.

Zachary Robert Miller and Taylor Rene King: both of York.

Gifford Paul Moak II and Deborah Ann Freeman: both of York.

Alexander Marc Del Rosario and Julia Elizabeth Drygas: of Baltimore, Md., and Lansdale, Pa.

Brittany Ann Nichols and Adam David Shutz: both of Wrightsville.

Heather Nicole Small and Brian Michael Sterner: of York and Dallastown.

Matthew Glenn Herbst and Brianna Lynn Sites: both of York.

Victoria Danielle Jenkins and Joseph Michael Baker: both of York.

Joseph Dean Dydek and Laura Ashley Harcourt: both of Shiremanstown, Pa.

Jennifer Nicole Miller and Evan Matthew Stitzer: both of Seven Valleys.

Amandah Jean Stem and Jennifer Lynn Bivens: both of York.

Eric Allen Starr and Amy Elizabeth McNelly: both of New Oxford.

Jay Donnell Johnson and Aniamonie Nicole Walker: both of York.

Andre Dwight Chance Sr. and Julia Gentry: both of York.

Arthur John Dickensheets and Danielle Lynn Whitford: both of York.

Adam Michael Ebersole and Jessica Lynn Boyle: both of East Berlin.

Cory Michael Stewart Leydic and Bethany Mae Cheek: both of Elkton, Md.

Sarah Elizabeth Mobley and Zachary Thomas Scott: of Hanover and Glenville.

Basil Allen Dobbins and Tiffany Lynn Beshore: both of Dover.

Ryan Ronald Mooers and Bobbi Jo Nichols: both of Mount Wolf.

Matthew Walter Slowakiewicz and Jenna Christine Umholtz: both of Wellsville.

Karl Matthew Johann and Jenna Ann Fitzpatrick: both of York.

Daniel Albert Hoffheins Jr. and Jennifer Lynn Haines: both of Thomasville.

Scott Allen Scaramuzzino and Sheryl Lynn Ezbiansky: both of Etters.

Marni Elizabeth Pettegrew and Kayla Marie Kailing: both of York.

Sarah Dee Gates and Nikolaus Teague Adams: of Lewisberry and Hanover.

Christopher Jon Rapp and Mindy Michelle Davis: both of Wrightsville.

Ronald Ira Eckert and Paula Dionne Bills: both of York.

Jason Micheal Zinkand and Stacey Rodgers Schaech: both of Hanover.

Nathan Wolf Lenick and Erika Alexandra Parra Garcia: both of Hanover.

Robert Daniel Boyd-Thomas and Hannah Mae Weisensale: of New Oxford and Hanover.

Steven Gregory Thoman and Joanne Marie Smith: of York and Dover.

Ronald Ray Zeigler and Miriam Rivera-Rivera: both of Dover.

Michael Lynn Knepp and Leslie Ann Faesel: both of York Haven.

Heriberto Gomez-Hernandez and Haycha Marie Lopez Maldonado: both of York.

William James Fisher IV and Amanda Renee Henry: both of Hanover.

Andrew Douglas Shearer and Brittney Nicole Shearer: both of Dover.

Peter James Shewchuk and Juliya Volansky: of Franklin Square, N.Y., and Astoria, N.Y.

Lucas James Shank and Shaelyn Nicole Owens: both of Hallam.

Brett Victor Kendig and Shannon Marie McCracken: both of Dover.

Paul Eric Eliasson and Sarah Miriah McGinnis: Ellicott City, Md.

Joel Febles Lopez and Joelys Marie Santiago Quinonez: both of York.

Efrain Nicholas Ortiz and Kristi Lynn Snyder: both of New Cumberland.

Josiah John-Thomas Paronish and Brianna Faith Frey: of Felton and Red Lion.

Glenn Leroy Elicker and Barbara Louise Taylor: both of Dover.

Nancy Jean Klein and McCullough Gordon Steen: both of Hanover.

Richard Gonzalez Jr. and Amanda Lynn Lambert: both of Dover.

Lawrence Michael Pomerleau and Danniell Marie Jeffries: both of York.

Paul Richard Horner and Peggy Ann Zellman: both of Delta.

Alexander Robert Degenhardt and Sarah Elizabeth Jones: both of Mount Wolf.

Jose Rafael Sanchez-Gonzalez and Franchesca Marie Del Valle Vicente: both of York.

Adonis Lee Swan and Tosha Lashell Gelzer: both of York.

Mark Kawate and Michelle Danielle Keifer: both of Wellsville.

Nathan Lee Nowak and Esther Grace Weidemann: of Dallastown and Mount Wolf.

Justin Joel Heiland and Stevii Nichole Paden: both of Hanover.

William Charles Nevins V and Tara Leigh Morningstar: both of Glen Rock.

Roy Gene Erdman and Rebeccah Ruth McBride: both of Stewartstown.

Whitney Ann Kennedy and Jason William Eckenrode: of York and Dover.

Jose Eduardo Mulato-Rafael and Adrianna Elize Carter: both of Dover.

Rose Marie Emanuel and Carlos Jose Molina Romero: both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Jeremy Daniel Stoner and Shasta Ashley Markle: both of York.

Kyle James Ritz and Brittany Michelle Rudy: both of York.

Timothy David Hegberg and Ema Kathryn Williamson: both of New Freedom.

David Bradley Herbst Jr. and Tara Lorraine Oberdick: both of York.

Maria Magdalena Orozco and David Cordero: both of Harrisburg.

Anthony De La Nuez and Rosa Angelica Perez Gonzalez: both of York.