Marriage licenses for Sept. 16-22, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Brian Michael Costella and Mary Jane Mendiola Cole: both of York.

Matthew Kyle Holdorf and Stephanie Nicole Heikel: both of York.

Ashleigh Amanda Guise and Taylor Steven Groff: both of Seven Valleys.

Eric Lynn Duncan and Bobbie Jo Williams: both of Dover.

Angel T. Valentin and Jennifer Maria Borges: both of York.

Karen Lynne Dexheimer and Douglas Alexander Heltzel: both of York.

Nicholas Michael Gibbons and Hilary Ida Fisher: both of Westminster, Md.

Lisa Marie Giannattasio and Bradley Allen Reisinger: both of Dallastown.

Joey Charles Keller and Tiffinay Nichole Truitt: both of Lancaster.

Lindsey Marie Grove and Nicholas David Mills: both of Windsor.

Marybeth Becker and Christine Michele Billet: both of York Haven.

Lindsey Kay Naugle and Tyson Bradley Wright: of York Haven and York.

Tyler Charles Miller and Chelsea Colleen Runkle: both of York.

Levi David Kauffman and Kaitlin Elizabeth Nooney: of Red Lion and White Hall, Md.

Seth Thomas Myers and Kirsten Marie Midkiff: both of East Berlin.

Angel Luis Rivera Sr. and Johanna Rosado: both of York.

Kierry Elaine Love and Thomas Paul Duffy: both of York.

Zhong Qin Zheng and Christine Denise Cowley: both of Lebanon, Pa.

Daniel Eugene Spangler and Melony Sue King: of Dallastown and Hanover.

Adam Micheal Golden and Jenna Ann Ruppert: both of Baltimore, Md.

Ivan Soto-Irizarry and Maribel Velez: both of York.

Jose Hector Del Valle Bonet and Bernice Archilla: both of Mount Wolf.

David James Arris Hartman and Ashley Lynn Gardner: both of Hanover.

David Alan Ensminger and Kimberly Sue Williams: both of York.

Thomas Robert Cordwell and Bonnie Michele Barker: both of Brogue.

Jordan Douglas Chapman and Tiffany Marie Pope: both of York.

William Rene Smallwood and Daphne Kibby Powell: both of York.

Katie Lynn Danner and Erin Marie Dohn: both of York.

Jesse Adam Gruver and Abbagale Lee McClure: both of Dover.

Irma Ivelisse Nazario-Rivera and Ramon Lopez: both of York.

Nathaniel William Hosler and Krystle Jean Marie Moyer: both of York Haven.

Kelly Scott Beale and Kellyn Paige Sillaman: both of Glen Rock.

Mandy Dawn Sowers and Holly Lynn Zearfoss: both of York.

Todd John Joseph Salerno and Phimthong Siyalath: both of York.

Jesse Lee Deardorff and Amanda Jo Hoffman: both of Dover.

Tanya Lynn Gilbert and Shandanay Marie Machen: both of York.

Alexander Wesley Scott Gingerich and Roxanne Marie Feo: both of York.

James Martin Greer and Latassia Denise Kinard: both of York.

Brandon Kime Campbell and Jennifer Dawn Ogle: both of Hanover.

Bruce Gordon Bryant Jr. and Samantha Jean Hostler: both of Manchester.

James Edward Postell and Katherine Elizabeth Seibert: both of Hanover.

Joseph Lee Powers and Kelli Christina Green: both of Shrewsbury.

Lawrence Joseph Perry and Sharen Marie Allen: of Gettysburg and Felton.

Ryan Michael Trone and Travis Jordan Rexroad: both of York.

Jessica Louise Hall and Todd Matthew Bevans: both of York.

Ryan Matthew Lawrence and Christina Machele Merritt: both of York.

Matthew Orin Peroli and Heather Elizabeth Hardee: both of York.

Mark Allen Crisco Jr. and Brittany Ann Weber: both of High Point, N.C.

Robert Joseph Knaub and Dana Fromm: both of Seven Valleys.

Shilmi Patel and Snehal Patel: of Orefield, Pa., and Owings Mills, Md.

Jose Guadalupe Rafael-Lucas and Zenaida Jimenez: both of Dover.

Bryan Christopher Sieling and Juliette Christine Clark: both of Stewartstown.

Richard Mervin Becker and Tonna Jane Grim: both of Spring Grove.

Rigoberto Yanez Sanchez and Elizabeth Naomi Baltazar: both of York.

Shannon Douglas Ritter and Crystal Lynn Schuler: both of York.

Pablo Marquez Jr. and Jacklyn Sue Billet: both of York.

Adam Ray Mummert and Katelyn Cheyenne Krichten: of Abbottstown and East Berlin.

Angel Luis Lorenzo Jr. and Hailey Marie Hernandez: both of York.

Michael Thaxton Baber and Nancy Lee Baker: both of Stewartstown.

Scott Alan Renoll and Sally Jane Bever: both of Spring Grove.

Frank Webb Alvey IV and Janelle Susanne Weber: both of Hellam.