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Marriage licenses for Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Megan Elizabeth Guyton and Thomas John Cozze: both of Dallastown.

Amy Sue Krone and David Wright Stoughton Jr.: both of Monrovia, Md.

Andrea Rose Sura and Trevor J. William Reddell: both of Towson, Md.

Timothy Andrew Houser and Deborah Markwood Eitel: both of Hanover.

Rustico Saqui Mirasol Jr. and Madeline Ruth Yonker: both of York.

Stella Maria Accardo and James Russell Singleton: both of York.

Shaun Matthew St. Clair and Chelsy Rae Shaw: both of Windsor.

Patrick Samuel Skidmore and Chelsea Anneke Willbanks: of Stewartstown and New Freedom.

Meranda Lee Mowrer and Aisha Sloan Vonstetten: both of York.

Ian John Fisher and Kristen Karen Schupp: both of Hallam.

Sonya Yvette Thompson and Malik Shabazz: both of Edgewood, Md.

Jessica Shannon Litke and Brian Robert Maisch: both of York.

Rafael Ellison Dixon and Stacy Lynn Spickler: both of York.

Chelsea Marie Truax and Devon Bennett Hoffman: of York and Harrisburg.

Corey Stephen Potter and Shannon Leigh Snyder: both of York.

Lindsay Meredith Suvoy and Patrick John Harris: both of Shrewsbury.

Charlotte Helen Settle and Derek Jason Rhoads: of Dillsburg and Lewisberry.

Douglas Eugene Holtzapple and Barbara Lynne Paxson: both of York.

Joseph Ulrich Kauffman IV and Melissa Beth Bassett: both of Bothell, Wash.

Jason Ray Schoonover and Laura Elizabeth Doherty: both of York.

John Matthew Greco and Teresa Leigh Kurtansky: both of York.

Kory Robert Fitz and Tory Ramona Nieves: both of Hanover.

Nancy Elizabeth Neely and Brenda Marie Heiner: both of Spring Grove.

Michael Thomas Crist and Brittany Amber Miller: both of York.

Nicholas Donald Falcone and Beth Ann Suter: both of York.

Gustavo Cabrera Yahuitl and Jeniffer Rodriguez-Aquino: both of York.

Jeffrey Martin Sawyer and Tina Patricia Martin: both of Stewartstown.

Joseph John Delgiudice Jr. and Meredith Hope Flanagan: both of York.

Craig Walker and Laura Ashley Krosnick: both of Dallastown.

Leah Marie Rose Conant and Nathan James Tibus: both of Red Lion.

Michael Aaron Yates and Loren Pugliesi: both of Milford, N.J.

Keith Lawrence Grohowski II and Alyson Nicole Flanagan: both of Hanover.

Travis Michael Grim and Katelyn Dorothy Hengst: both of York.

Kayla Marie Drexel and Patrick Michael Welsh: of Pequea, Pa., and York.

Jean Carlos Medina Lopez and Ashley Marie Castro: both of Manchester.

Drew Douglas Welsh and Ashley Marie McElroy: both of Felton.

Maurice Lamont Johnson and Erica Dior Rossum: both of Ashburn, Va.

Antonio Luis Cedeno Madera and Joan Marie Vega Acevedo: both of Red Lion.

John Allen Wright and Judith Ann Ruggiero: both of Airville.

Brent Alan Kessler and Mykayla Marie Gotschall: both of Spring Grove.

David Alan Glessner and Cariana Ruth Betts: of York and Carlisle, Pa.

Russell Richard Livering III and Tiffany Dawn Eger: both of Marietta, Pa.

Joseph Daniel Liberatore and Shaleen Mae Nier: both of Davidsonville, Md.

William Eric Rowan and Tamara Sue Gibson: both of Stewartstown.

Steven Lee Hoover and Sue Frances MacIver: both of York.

Lucas Joel Snare and Marleigh Isabel Hershner: both of York.

Louis Michael Puljer and Gregory Allen Dale: of Carlisle, Pa., and York.

Elliott Orvest Tecumseh Toomey and Maranda Lynn Inch: of York and York Haven.

Heath Benjamin Hoke and Regina Marie McDaniel: both of Hanover.

Cole Robert Lookingbill and Kimberly Lynn Dahl: both of York.

Michael Cody Snell and Sheri Ann Heffelfinger: of Dallastown and Felton.

Justin Michael Radanovic and Hope Elizabeth Ayres: of Lancaster and York.

Bradley Dale Keeny and Samantha Marie Hanson: both of Thomasville.

Timothy Keith Anderson and Tiffany Rose Thoms: both of Yoe.

Zachary Justin Perchinski and Julie Lynne Teegardin: both of Westminster, Md.

Eddie Joe Poteet Sr. and Janine Marie Hanahan: both of York.

David Lee Stiner and Lauren Elizabeth Cole: both of Spring Grove.

Andrew David Glunt and Teah Lee Reichard: of Railroad and Windsor.

Nikita Vladimirovich Borisevich and Margarita Borisovna Loukachkina: both of Owings Mills, Md.

Jacob Ryan Schuchart and Stephanie Marie Rehbein: both of York.

Justin Allen Dailey and Viktoriia Vasylenko: both of Red Lion.

Marlin Robert Shaffer Jr. and Stacey Leanne Faccin: both of Manchester.

Ryan David Kunkel and Kaitlyn Mallory White: both of York.

Joshua Keith Zimmerman and Ashley Marie Myers: both of Glen Rock.

Victor Manuel Rosario Rodriguez and Yaritza Michelle Colon-Perez: both of York.

Ethan Andrew Wentworth and Gabrielle Elizabeth Murphy: both of Airville.

James Holly Pierce and Melody Amore Hertzog: both of Windsor.

Charles William Robie and Patricia Deimler Witmer: of Wrightsville and Hummelstown, Pa.

James Christopher Murden and Julie Ann Lucas: both of Elberon, Va.

Jeremy David Williams and Laura Marie Sibol: both of York.

Alexis Reinoso and Celeste Yasmilka Gomez: both of York.

Michael Anthony Gach and Kayla Marie Colgan: both of Hanover.

Mark Steven Roberts and Andrea Renee McFetridge: both of Dillsburg.

Jeffrey Lynn Myers and Ann Marie Vance: both of York.