Marriage licenses for Aug. 19-25, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Morgan Lee Hankin and Ashley Lauren Ambrogi: both of Baltimore, Md.

Martha McDannell Simpson and Thomas Chapman Fleischer: both of York.

Christopher Joseph Bertini and Michelle Grottenthaler: both of York.

Idria Isabel Aguero Santana and Michael Deford Roberts: both of York.

Claire Christina Regan and Matthew Nickoles Hirt: of Lancaster and Westminster, Md.

Nikki Sue Hoffmaster and Charles Zachary Richards: both of York.

Bryan Patrick McFadden and Tina Kim Ta: both of York.

Michael Lee Ely and Laura Ann Silver: both of Windsor.

Charles John Larsen and Megan Elizabeth Vandenhengel: of Phoenix, Md., and York.

Eric Matthew Mohar and Amanda Jane Burnette: both of Red Lion.

Christopher Paul Pierich and Jennifer Ann Mullins: both of Red Lion.

Kelly Jo Kinard and Carl Eugene Geiser Jr.: both of Windsor.

Michael Robert Feight and Alexander Paul Kramer: both of York.

Larry Ray Zimmerman and Jeffrey Allen Moore: both of Felton.

John Benjamin Martin and Kayla Marie Walker: both of York.

Brian Lamar King and Kendyl Rae Rice: both of Dover.

Linda Renee Dalemar and David Owen Correia: both of York.

Benjamin Jeremiah Smith and Courtney Marie Goldsborough: both of York.

Amber Leah Folk and Noah Steven Hutson: both of Dover.

John David Shanks and Kayla Ann Sheckells: both of Etters.

Jose Andres Rosario and Dianna Lynn Anzaldo: both of Dallastown.

Jeremy Michael Fair and Sarah Elizabeth Hofmann: both of New Freedom and Carlisle.

Christopher Allen Wertz and Kari Leigh Crawford: both of York.

Jalana Kay Schall and Steven Robert Firestone Jr.: both of York.

John Mitchell Gonzales and Renee Catherine Jones-Hackman: both of Seven Valleys.

Bryce Braxton Gaines and Jennifer Lynn Blasko: both of Parkville, Md.

Trevor Michael Franklin and Charlotte Ruth Saylor: both of York.

Jennifer Lynn Horn and Dwight Darnell Ford: both of Etters.

Casey Allison Chivers and Jeremy Michael Wilson: of Felton and New Freedom.

Andrew Scott Redding and Kerry Elise Wilkes: of York and Greenville, S.C.

Damon Anthony Johnson and Katie Elizabeth White: both of York.

Christopher Lee Brenneman and Deana Jeaness Naomi Moatts: both of Stewartstown.

Jason Dwight Arnold and Chyienne Whitney Luttman: both of Yorkana.

Laura Ann Hulnik and Daniel Edward Millay: both of Cockeysville, Md.

Julio Javier Aguayo and Gioniver Castillo Santana: both of York.

Roger J. McMillan and Judy Carolyn Woodard: both of York.

Bethany Annette Springer and Justin Paul Roberts: both of Red Lion.

Wilfred Isaac Mailhot and Maria Da Gloria Almeida Oddo: of Stewartstown and Olney, Md.

Stephen Eugene Hirt and Stephanie Ashley Doyle: both of Dallastown.

Daniel Thomas Kahler and Corrin Elizabeth Anderson: of Dover and Wellsville.

Joseph Kirk Butler and Danielle Rebecca Knight: both of Airville.

Ryan Michael Bechtel and Kaitlin Elizabeth Heim: both of Dover.

John Rosario Dirckx and Jennifer Nicole Hoffman: both of Manchester.

Cory Glenn Kerr and Barbara Annette Sullivan: both of York.

James David Fisher and Amy Elizabeth Frysinger: both of York.

Ronald Lee Jansky and Sherry Ann Lehr: of York and Spring Grove.

Darren Michael Clinton and Jessica Lynne Gist: both of Hanover.

Kimberly Lynn Druck and Jonathan Lee Mummert: of York and Spring Grove.

Chad Edward Weller and Laura Ann Berkey: both of York.

Gregory Allan Ginter and Windy Lynn Buch: both of Hanover.

Suzanne Cecile Bedard and Barbara Jean Ottey: both of Shrewsbury.

Gabriel Acuna Dial and Maylen Duldulao Magalong: both of Hanover.

Cory Allen Witmer and Amanda Lee Emlet: both of York Haven.

Diana Lopez and Sonia Noemi Ramos Vargas: both of York.

Steven Eugene Beaston Jr. and Katie Lynn McWilliams: both of Wrightsville.

Brandon Paul Sawyer and Jennifer Lynn Fillmore: both of York.

Eric Scott Roehm and Tara Elaine Pope: both of Dover.

Nicholas Farrell Flinchbaugh and Rebecca Margaret Schatz: both of Seven Valleys.

Josue Texidor and Harriet Collazo: both of York.

Ryan James Anderson and Jennifer Anne James: both of Hellam.

George Richard Stedman Jr. and Rebecca Lynn Vassar: both of York Haven.

Caleb Aaxel Roth and Brianna Nicole Smith: both of York.

Joshua Paul Hawkins and Monica Rae Bodine: both of York.

Brandon Ryan Whitcraft and Johnna Talynn Jones: both of New Cumberland.

Matthew Scott Long and Vicki Sue Shue: both of Hanover.

Steven Vincent Caro and Elizabeth Renee Sprenkle: both of Red Lion.

Renold Clinton Allen and Madai Larios: both of York.

Ross Daniel Grady and Katelyn Marie Davies: both of York.

Andrew Robert Collins and Erika Marie Hamilton: both of York.

Joe Sherman and Frances Joan Rorick: both of York.

Richard Elias Bere and Atarah Lemu Golden: of York and Elkton, Md.

Travis James Adamson and Erica Lynn Robinson: both of Red Lion.