Marriage licenses for Aug. 5-11, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Charles Robert Cressler and Nikita Rose Prebich: both of Wrightsville.

Frank James Stanley and Felicia Marie Ramos: both of York.

Cory Lee Snyder and Randi Elaine McCurry: both of Felton.

Cheryl Anne Hughes and Joan Danita Wright: both of York.

Leeza Michele Latshaw and Carlos Ivan Rodriguez Jr.: both of York.

Meagan Lindsey Shaub and Nicholas Shea Miller: both of Etters.

Travis James Reish and April Noelle Jones: both of Etters.

Steven Michael Schmidt and Danielle Bernadette Bacigalupa: both of Glen Rock.

Michael Brian Mattlin and Kristina Jo Fong: both of Brogue.

Donald Richard Nash and Penny Darlene Smith: both of Glen Rock.

Thomas Lamar Slaugh and Nicole Lynn Day: both of Hanover.

Michael Paul Hughes and Jessica Renee Greer: both of Etters.

Carlos Anthony Robles and Alyssa Renae Brown: both of York.

Jamie Michael Carmen and Kimberly Ann Riccitelli: both of Stewartstown.

Katelyn Ann Cohen and Carlos Jose Uribe: both of Abbottstown.

Alan Scot Fuhrman and Kelly Lynne King: both of Hanover.

Sean Brandon Greig and Heather Michelle Lazusky: of Shrewsbury and York.

Matthew Carlton Boast and Catrina Ann Hose: both of Columbia, S.C.

Steve Eric and Chelsa Breanna Pope: both of York.

Michael Herman White Jr. and Brandy Lynn Hinkle: both of York.

David Wilhelm Pike and Karin Marie Taylor: of Dover and York.

Dean Harry Bahn Jr. and Nikki-Jo Diane Gutt: both of York.

Jose Luis Roldan Hernandez and Karol Sosa Rodriguez: both of York.

Jasmine Kathleen Thomas and Calvin Anthony Benjamin: both of York.

Patrick Jordan McGuire and Tiffany Nichole Shank: both of Dillsburg.

Ashley Elizabeth Kinard and Kenneth William Mench: both of Wrightsville.

Walter Allen Liedy and Jennifer Renee Wood: both of New Freedom.

Robert Joseph Sena Jr. and Carrie Ann Kint: both of Spring Grove.

Nathan Scott Boyer and Ashley Kara Gardner: both of York.

Ryan John Most and Ashley Nichole Bierly: both of Hanover.

Samantha Josephine Wagner and Harry Neal Bowen: both of East Berlin.

Brian Lee Kunkle and Christine Lorraine Gettys: both of East Berlin.

Brandon Wesley Hopkins and Isabella Marie McCarty: of Red Lion and York.

Gregorio Silva-Cruz and Bethany Elaine Sweitzer: both of Manchester.

Anthony Joseph Gist and Melody Suzanne Panter: both of York.

Jason Paul Cruff and Samantha Lee Klebe: both of Seven Valleys.

James Wesley Hahn and Amanda Lee Dorsey: of Spring Grove and Dillsburg.

Caleb Tye Kennedy and Beth Ann Sweigart: both of York.

Scott William McDowell and Kayla Larynn Anderson: both of York.

Micah David Murray and Ashley Nycole Whitehair: of Dallastown and Glen Rock.

Angela Christina Eikenberg and John Robert Thomas Jr.: of Manchester, Md., and Roslyn, Pa.

Andre Gunnar Meulenberg and Dara Joelle Martin: of Rising Sun, Md., and Elizabethtown, Pa.

Nicholas Scott Hemming and Keri Rose Eveler: both of Manchester.

Brandon Michael Montgomery and Jovon Lynette Wertz: both of Red Lion.

Micah James Hudnell and Angel Gayle Sweitzer: of Dallas Center, Iowa, and Felton.

Marc Lawrence Segal and Jessica Michelle Galloway: both of York.

Travis James Miller and Kirsten Suzanne Friday: both of York.

Kevin Scott Laughman Jr. and Amber Lynn Lescalleet: both of York.

Franklin Nelson Miller Jr. and Belinda Sue Behrens: of York and Hummelstown, Pa.

Michael Patrick Ward and Shannon Renee Hickman: of Columbia, Pa., and Wrightsville.

Jamie J. Amspacher and Alana Marie Rohrbaugh: both of New Park.

Cheyenne Shane Lockmiller and Renee Lynn Daggett: both of Wrightsville.

Daniel Joao Killian Neves and Lauren Ashley Harner: both of North Bethesda, Md.

David Edward Atticks and Bonnie Louise Kunkle: of York and Dillsburg.

Joshua Thomas Harmon and Kristen Elizabeth Bloomfield: of Manchester, Md., and Reisterstown, Md.

Jeffrey Ray Troutman and James Argin McKinley: both of York.

Jamie Lee Roth and Kristin Michelle Myers: of Topton, Pa., and Spring Grove.

Justin Tyler Edelin and Kelly Mari Van Der Meulen: of Hanover and Manchester, Md.

Thomas Grant Hammer and Patrizia Pierani: both of Hellam.

Derrick Antonio Shepherd and Patricia Maria Andrews: both of York.

Kevin Andrew Miller and Antoinette Marie Hoachlander: of Spring Grove and York.

Robert Nicholas Patierno and Crissy Ann Parker: of Dallastown and Red Lion.

Gregory Scott Bocek and April Lynn Feduke: both of Dover.

Stephen Joseph Sheffer and Caitlyn Ann Finkenbiner: both of York.

Meredith Carroll Sutherland Jr. and Elisha Marie Valente: both of Dover.

Paul Norman Albrecht and Erika Ann Olander: both of York.