Marriage licenses for July 29-Aug. 4, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Taina Isabel Llenza and Michael Alexander Roque-Centeno: both of York.

Kerry Elizabeth Benton and Jonathan Ryan Fuhrman: both of York.

Joshua William Hagarman and Alyssa Brooke Richner: both of Lewisberry.

Randall Allen Shorb and Amanda Louise Naylor: both of Hanover.

Brent Charles Loomis and Karen Lyn Grubb: both of Rockville, Md.

Ryan Patrick Keeney and Rachel Rose-Anne Clift: both of Spring Grove.

Samuel David Collier and Kayla Jo Nace: both of Wrightsville.

Todd Michael Nissly and Jasmine Marie Ansell: both of Wrightsville.

Ryan Joseph Fritz and Amanda Lynn Smeltzer: both of Windsor.

Tiffany Nicole Thompson and Levi Adam Overdorff: both of Owings Mills, Md.

Shari Lynn Deverter and Michael Eugene Curry: both of York.

Kristin Theresa Redditt and Joshua Daniel Grose: both of Baltimore, Md.

James David Schroeder and Anne Marie Delgado: both of Dallastown.

Timothy Michael Schoenenberger and Angelina Ann Fegley: both of Seven Valleys.

Ricky Leroy Wagner and Tammy Lynn Utz: both of Spring Grove.

Tana Marie Bartek and John Joseph Korpics: both of York.

David Timothy Dietz and Rochelle Lynn Hildreth: both of York.

Michael Paul Blauser and Donna Jean Bogert: both of Dover.

Christopher Hobart Minnich and Amy Elizabeth Klinedinst: both of Red Lion.

Patrick Daniel Collazo and Shilyanna Marie Bultman: both of York.

Alan Joseph Irvin and Denise Kay Rooney: both of York.

Thomas Michael Stern and James Austin Disilverio Jr.: both of Red Lion.

Jerry Allen Figard and Pamela Sue Glassick: both of Dover.

Bernard Ivan Benton and Carol Ann Gardner: both of Spring Grove.

Benjamin Howard Hofherr and Ashley Marie Evans: of Airville and Stewartstown.

Trevor Anthony Cogar and Livia Grace Amspacher: both of York.

Jermaine Terrance Stancil and Raquel Gutierrez Santos: both of York.

Bradley Kent Marks and Timberle Ann Cero: both of Etters.

Daniel Richard White and Janelle Lillian Phillips: of Fenton, Mich., and Shrewsbury.

Drew Michael Kessler and Carli Ashton Nace: both of Spring Grove.

Shawn Thomas Craig and Julie Elizabeth Schechter: both of Bel Air, Md.

Jessica Ann Turner and Adam Crain Hartman: both of Hanover.

Jeramy Scott Retallack and Jennifer Ellen McCoy: both of Bainbridge, Pa., and Dillsburg.

Ryan Collinson Paal and Sarah Joan Reifer: both of Baltimore, Md.

Jeffery Gordon Andrus and Karan Faye Heiser: both of Glen Rock.

Kevin Lyle Boaman and Kylee Elizabeth Daniels: both of York.

Christopher Michael Smith and Kasey Lee Eanes: both of Brogue.

Joseph Matthew Wilson and Rebekah Amber Milway: both of Stewartstown.

David McKinsey Masemer and Kristie Melissa Taylor: both of Spring Grove.

James Henry Mohn and Ada Nydia Mohn: of Palm City, Fla., and Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Andrew Lee Brown and Denise Michelle Gover: both of Dallastown.

Robert Vernon Neilson and Katrina Ann Varner: both of Cockeysville, Md.

Chad Andrew Sowers and Ashley Nicole Metz: both of Spring Grove.

Benjamin Vernon Reichert and Tawney Jo Lehman: of New Park and Wrightsville.

Marshal Oren Morton and Jan Marie Yingling: both of York.

Nathan Hake Taylor and Catherine Paige Shivery: of Red Lion and Christiana, Pa.

Jarvin Lopez Cruz and Stephanie Nicole Wagner: of York and Mifflintown, Pa.

Leon Estick and Gaishaly Pichardo: of York and Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jeffrey Howard Fitch and Doris Ann Leach: of Cortland, Ohio, and Farmdale, Ohio.

Paul Edwin Crist and Stephanie Erin Lippy: both of York.

Eric Darnell Jones and Stephanie Lynn Shadle: both of Windsor.

Emil Urias Gonzalez and Sofia Pizano Quintanilla: both of Hanover.

Lorne Dean Sheaffer and Lisa Ann Raffensberger: both of Thomasville.

Benjamin John Starks and Samantha Jo Harman: both of Dallastown.

Manuel Jose Luis Delvalle and Natisha Denise Preston: both of York.

Jeremy A. Fultz and Autumn Nicole Sidesinger: both of York.

Luis Angel Ortiz-Morales and Johana Ivette Soto-Calderon: both of York.

Craig Robert Boucher and Dana Barrett Shapiro: both of Chelsea Ala.

Tyler Joseph Powell and Sharon Danielle Sovitsky: both of Spring Grove.

Darren Lynn Cuthbertson and Priscila Alexa Sable: of Bel Air, Md., and Ephrata, Pa.

James Paul Handakas and Jeffrey Charles Sneeringer: both of Glen Rock.

Samuel Wilson Fisher and Tammy Marie Poole: of Thomasville and Hanover.

Alexander Patrick Laderer and Jeannie Christine Seiler: of Hampstead, Md., and Manchester, Md.

Artemus Girard Walls and Katrina Jo Ann Michael Holleran: both of York.