Marriage licenses for July 15-21, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Amanda Lynn Bowden and Melissa Anne Palmer: both of York.

Kristin Elizabeth Morris and Matthew Gary Firestone: both of Dover.

Kevin Keith Allen and Denise Mary Sekeres: both of York.

Rhea Darlene Morgan and Jason Sweeney: both of York.

Dennis Kyle Edwards and Kathleen Grace O'Toole: both of Abingdon, Md.

Abby Lee Avant and Eric Scott Beruck: of Manchester and York.

Kimberly Lauren Podolsky and Cameron Scott Durcho: both of Annapolis, Md.

Daniel James Vanlenten and Rebecca Lynn Nicola: of New Cumberland and Lemoyne, Pa.

Cheryl Ann Peterson and Adolfo Jacquez: both of York.

Kimberly Ann Strine and John Adam Staub Jr.: both of Dover.

Ashley Elizabeth Blucher and Leslie Elizabeth Brengle: both of York.

Cody Lee Wagner and Samantha Jean Fair: both of Mount Wolf.

Joseph Carl Boore and Jessica Lorraine Dunbar: both of Hallam.

Ryan Charles Wolcott and Caitlin Marie Reagan: both of Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Daniel Aaron Frazier and Hope Elizabeth Susan Potts: both of Felton.

Gregg William Peterson and Daniel Kenneth Broeker: both of Red Lion.

William Jay Clark Jr. and Heather Marie Cornelius: both of York.

Andrew Robert Craven and Carrie Amanda Anderson: both of Felton.

Terry Lee Delp and Stephanie Jo Leas: both of Dover.

John Adam Shuler and Mary Catherine Golden: both of Dover.

Larry Bay and Angela Marie Bittner: both of York.

Vincent Michael Improta and Thuy T. Tran: both of Glen Rock.

Francisco Giovanny Abreu Savinon and Ellie Bridgette Perez Munoz: both of York.

Leo Zitella and Marie Antoinette Cuffaro: both of York.

Nancy Amelia Kammerer and Bryan Michael Larochelle: of Gettysburg and Leonardtown, Md.

Jerome David Nalls and Deborah Jeanne Warner: both of Wrightsville.

Zacheriah Robert Kinsley and Jamie Candice Tyson: both of Seven Valleys.

Jeffrey Albert Jumper and Amanda Lynn Brothman: both of Red Lion.

Thomas Kurien Paliath and Sonia Lynn Schmuck: both of Red Lion.

Alan Michael Kearney and Melissa Elizabeth Shirey: both of York.

Jason Eric Miller and Ashley Marie White: both of York.

Samuel Ofori and Courtney Elizabeth Casto: both of York.

Gregory Martin Malyszek and Alice Mary Conner: of Lagrange, Ky., and York.

Larry Eugene Noll and Sherri Lynn Plowman: both of Dover.

Ricardo Luis Giraldo and Daisha Ilene Jacquise Stewart: both of Marietta, Pa.

Anthony Demetricus Herndon Jr. and Latisha Sharee Patterson-Hall: both of Dallastown.

Michael Brian Ruth and Denise Michelle Shue: both of York.

Alex Samuel Bahn and Olivia Danielle Rentzel: of Seven Valleys and York.

Jaron William Starner and Amanda Marie Hillery-Mills: both of Dover.

Tyrone Clark Riley II and Kelly Lynn Fuhrman: both of York.

Isaac Mantilla and Diedra Lynn Virola: both of York.

Dustin Wayne Childress and Amanda Jane White: both of Red Lion.

Benjamin Robert Newlin and Clarissa Mae Sensenig: both of East Berlin.

Ricky Edward Hersh and Sarah Beth Grove: both of Red Lion.

Freddie Rojas Baez and Gloria Altagracia Roa Moque: both of York.

Estanislao Rojas Corniel and Elizabeth Cordones Gratini: both of York.

Christopher Edward Gross and Cathy Jo Weaver: both of Mount Wolf.

Jason Paul Lancaster and Bethany Joy Hess: both of York.

Victor Manuel Oliva Morgas and Xochitl Carmina Carmona: both of York.

Kory Scott Knupp and Desiree Garcia Hernandez: both of Thomasville.

Yuriy Demko and Sarah Novotny Myers: both of Manchester.

Dustin Eli Keller and Grace Jeanie Brabham: both of York.

James Carlton Marshall and Jenny Dejesus: both of York.

Hector Luis Rodriguez Pomales and Nilda Rosa Ramos Torres: both of York.