Marriage licenses for June 17-23, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Dolores Elizabeth Wirth and Jason Brock Minnich: both of Etters.

Alanna Louise Gano and Shane Trevorrow Martin: both of Bel Air, Md.

Chani Ann Trout and Matthew Clifford Diller: both of Mechanicsburg.

Tiffany Maria Piho and Robert Durrell Wilterdink: both of York.

Gloria Victoria Reyes and Dustin James Blevins: both of Stewartstown.

Scott Brian Fredericks and Linda Lee Bunty: both of York.

Alec Thomas Schultz and Cayla Ruth Clawson: both of York.

Tina Denise Heiner and Shane Robert Eaton: both of Etters.

Thomas Fredrick Sullivan and Heather Ann Shaw: both of Dallastown.

Nicole Lynn Grothouse and Richard William Luckenbaugh: both of York.

Andrew Ruben Rager and Danielle Elizabeth Barnhart: both of Red Lion.

Justin Paul Stehr and Casey Nicole Merrill: both of Winter Garden, Fla.

John Samuel Frantz and Alicia Marie Aldrich: of York and Mount Wolf.

Matthew George Baer and Kristen Lara Keeports: of Baltimore, Md., and York.

Mikaela Irene Bell and Donald Eugene Huppman II: both of Hanover.

Kelly Marie Phillips and Eric James Finland: both of Bronx, N.Y.

Chad Michael Gotwalt and Lydia Alba Maldonado: both of York.

Dennis William Kilgore Jr. and Carol Laird Black: both of Red Lion.

David Dwayne Martin and Jennifer Williams Amato: both of York.

Peter James Madden and Danielle Hope Allison: both of York.

Jason Paul Sandmeyer and Kristen Cherise Gault: both of York.

Tricia Marie Hoak and Toby Joseph Wayne Miller: both of York.

Austin Tyler Knaub and Jessica Lynn Lefteris: both of York New Salem.

Jeremy Charles Birnie and Heather Diane Lehman: both of Dallastown.

Jack Phillip Nace and Wendy Jean Nace: both of Wrightsville.

Jorge Eduardo Garcia Sanchez and Sara Beth Tompkins: of Woodbridge, Va., and Felton.

Gary Lee Elswick Jr. and Breyanna Nicole Gepfer: of York and Dover.

Chad Michael Gould and Kristi Anna Tyson: of Steelton, Pa., and York.

Justin Richard Sipe and Samantha Joy Thomas: both of Dillsburg.

Anna Marie McCandless and Elizabeth Patricia Rohleder: both of York.

Justin John Blackson and Raquel Summer Burkins: of Glen Rock and Stewartstown.

Daniel James Shiflet and Carrie Ellen Martin: both of York Haven.

Noah Lehr and Tiffany Renee Ragland: both of Wrightsville.

Ramon Hernando Lopez III and Hope Lynn Edwards: both of Hanover.

Katherine Evangeline Spanos and Dean Michael Maragos: of Harrisburg, Pa., and Shoreview, Minn.

Cathy Lynn Fogle and Harry Milton Long Jr.: both of York.

Matthew Alan Gebel and Gretchen Ann Walter: both of York.

Sharon Connie Achieng Owenga and Moses Otieno Obura: both of Ellicott City, Md.

Richard Glenn Miller Jr. and Deborah Lynn Albert: both of York.

David Andrew Almony and Sheenna Delores Parr: both of New Freedom.

Richard Aaron Miller and Nikki Ann Jackson: of York and Manchester.

John Mark Bloomfield and Elizabeth Vincent Struss: of Crofton, Md., and Hanover.

Jesse Tyler Lang and Hannah Lisa Kalnin: both of Baltimore, Md.

Martin Neff Arters Jr. and Hannah Kay Carter: both of Red Lion.

Michael Keith Billet and Regina C. Stover: of Red Lion and Mount Wolf.

George Edward Greenslade and Ruth Camille Leonard: both of York.

Matthew Wayne Gallup and Meghan Marie Howe: both of Etters.

Nathan Michael Reese and Jessica Renee Gillin: both of York.

Carl Herbert Kline Jr. and Susan Elaine Cramp: of Seven Valleys and Oley, Pa.

Stephanie Elizabeth Williams and Isaura Perez: both of York.

David Lance Riggs and Debra Ann Piont: both of York.

Seth Brennan Hilt and Amelia Lynn Lingford: both of York.

Jeffrey Lynn Myers and Ann Marie Vance: both of York.

Matthew Scott Goodling and Danielle Kelly Ierley: both of Red Lion.

Arun Kumar Das and Breanne Virginia Britton: both of Baltimore, Md.

Julie Anne Cunningham and Sandra Louise Henise: both of York.

Karie Nicole Bennett and Evan James Brooks: both of Glen Rock.

Reuben Dwayne Schildtknecht and Adrienne Claire Monninger: both of Delta.

Francisco Roberto Polanco and Magda Susana Reynoso Burgos: both of York.

William James Pridgen and Amanda Patricia Ann Cake: both of York.

Amanjot Abrol and Mukta Dilawri: both of York.

Brian Michael Corter Sr. and Brandi Lynn Parks: both of York.

Everardo R. Guevara and Maria Trinidad Lopez-Lopez: of York and Hanover.

Jared Cody Wolf and Tiffany Lyn Abel: both of Lancaster.

Everett Lorne Kerrison and Mery Anne Kelly: both of York.

Justo Zurita Cantor and Daniele Nicole Girken: both of Lutherville, Md.

Darren Paul Whitelock and Julie Robyn Barone: of Phoenixville, Pa., and New Freedom.

Anthony Porter and Jazmin Francine Shindel: both of York.

Jonathan Eric Santiago and Ebony Laverne Kennedy: both of York.

Chad Andy Riddle and Caitlin Marie Rizzardo: both of Red Lion.

John Joseph Grzymala and Lauren Ashley Cooke: of Jacobus and Seven Valleys.

Justin Troy Hartman and Suzanna Mortensen Bonnevier: both of York.