Marriage licenses for May 6-12, 2015

York Dispatch

The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Benjamin Paul Heckert and Jessica Ashleigh Elizabeth Ilko: of Ashland, Ohio, and York.

Chad Edward Heist and Deidre Anne Carney: of Dover and York.

Pamela Jill Kutcher and Joshua Adam Doll: both of York.

Melissa Marie Reed and Joseph Paul Stahle: both of York.

Sarah Elizabeth Erdlen and Patrick Nacey Habecker: both of Lincoln, Neb.

Kenneth William Taylor and Erin Darlene Heffner: both of New Freedom.

Amanda Rose Eileen Christner and David Timothy Hershey: of Lancaster and McSherrystown.

Richard Thomas Smith and Caprina Lee Gehret: both of York.

Robert Clark Eshbach III and Jacqualyn Kelly: both of Windsor.

Tori Justine Weston and Michael Byron Mackley: both of Hallam.

Caroline Palma and Joshua Aaron Rohrbaugh: both of Dover.

Duane Eldon Behrends and Natalie Elaine Fleming: both of York.

Kristi Nicole Myers and Taylor James Rettew: both of York.

Brian Walter Keeney and Karen Margaret Lukacs: of Cockeysville, Md., and York.

Daniel Ryan Wallace and Kimberly Ann Trout: both of York.

Megan Nicole Anderson and Matthew Edward Natale: both of York.

Douglas Matthew Jones and Rhonda Renee Mannarino: both of New Park.

Kris Daniel Raubenstine and Heather Ann Weaver: both of Hanover.

Benjamin Carl Rodkey and Emily Megan Kyle: both of Red Lion.

Michael Alan Howington and Kara Lyn Branin: both of York.

Andrew Michael McCauley and Rachel Marie Peck: of New Freedom and Shrewsbury.

Robert Gordon Daughtrey and Karen Lynn Armold: of Spring Grove and York.

William Paul Snyder Jr. and Karen Louise Kauffman: both of Dover.

Morenje Johanson Mlawa and Charity Mooya Kwamanakweenda: of Willingboro, N.J., and Elizabethtown, Pa.

Jeremy David Sutherland and Ashley Lynn Bramble: both of Adrian, W.Va.

Patrick Phillip Furley Jr. and Kadie Marie Loder: both of Red Lion.

Graham Barry Connor Jr. and Shania Marie Dillon: of Glen Rock and Shrewsbury.

Stephen Joseph Sanders and Melanie Sue Cole: both of Gettysburg.

Lee Edward Knighton II and Angela Julene Ginn: both of Windsor.

Dean Arthur Woodring and Catherine Renee Willett: both of Mount Wolf.

Blake Allen Bricker and Rebecca Lyn Wagner: both of York.

Justin Michael Entwistle and Lee Ann Rittenhouse: both of York.

Christopher Michael Werner and Eden Dawn Taylor: both of Dover.

Abbie Lynn Fulton and Olukediji David Brown Reed: both of Red Lion.

Joseph Andrew Hushon and Ashley Michelle Sechrist: both of Airville.

Maria Estelle Eddins and Shane Ryan Hamilton: both of York.

Joel Marcelin and Yolette Fenelon: both of York.

Thomas Richie Garver and Olivia Lanyi Schumacher: both of Hanover.

Brandon Scott Klinedinst and Kelly Elizabeth Prowell: both of Thomasville.

Kenneth William Bechtel Jr. and Christina Lynn Wagner: both of Dillsburg.

Bradley Foster Allen and Emily Jane Henty: both of York.

James Patrick Paukstis and Jenna Lee Estep: both of Baltimore, Md.

Cody Joe Barrington and Katy Anne Wolfe: of Hanover and Glen Rock.

Justin Ashley Brown and Jennifer Ann Dietz: both of Dover.

Bridgett Renee Craumer and Stacey Allen Golden: both of Seven Valleys.

Arnold Anthony North Jr. and Carla Charmaine Generett: both of York.

Jonathan Wayne Stambaugh and Jill Anne Eastwood: both of Hanover.

Adam Bradley Schreiber and Deanna Marie Peiffer: of Parkville, Md., and Glen Rock.

Justin Michael Miller and Kalynn Lee Horner: both of Hanover.

John Otto Nonthakan and Jaya Lee Miller: of Millersville, Pa., and York.

Nicholas Anthony Provinzano and Lindsay Erin Jones: both of York.

Warren Travis Neal and Kristen Erin Whitson: of Seven Valleys and Spring Grove.

Jamie Renee Polan and Clark Bradley Undem: both of Baltimore, Md.

Troy Robert Bahn and Rachel Nichole Jones: of Red Lion and New Freedom.

Michael David Fink and Allison Nicole Johnson: both of Spring Grove.

William Henry Mayle and Misty Dawn Piper: both of York.

Shawn Michael Benedict and Mandy Lynn Ciesluk: both of Dover.

Christopher Raoul Christmas and Sarah Marie Quinn: both of Red Lion.

Larry Chad Swick and Amber Lynn Garrett: both of Dover.

Victor Rivera Cardona and Maura Zarate Fernandez: both of York.

Dylan Jacob Ehrlinger and Lacey Jo Horan: both of York.

Caleb Robert Miller and Jessica Brooke Truscott: of Bozeman, Mont., and Red Lion.

Kyle Andrew Gardiner and Erin Elizabeth Paff: both of York.