Estates, Aug. 28-Sept. 1


TheYork County Register of Wills office opened the following estates.

Dorothy J. Schwartz: late of Dover Township, to Cheryl L. Sheeder.

Dawn M. Mogren aka Dawn Milda Mogren: late of York City, to Heidi G. Becker.

William S. Buser: late of Lower Windsor Township, to Patricia M. Buser.

Dean B. Glatfelter: late of Codorus Township, to Diane M. Bortner and Gary E. Glatfelter.

Richard C. Rhoads: late of Carroll Township, to Ada C. Rhoads.

Laverne W. Outlaw Mitchell aka Laverne W. Mitchell aka Laverne Mitchell aka Laverne Outlaw Mitchell: late of Hellam Township, to Gregory Wayne Mitchell.

Frank E. Hazlehurst: late of Springettsbury Township, to Jeffrey R. Dubbs.

F. Michael Klunk: late of North Codorus Township, to Diane Simmerson Klunk, Michael Q. Klunk and Lynn Ann Klunk.

John W. Fitzgerald: late of Wrightsville, to Claude Lucas.

Mabel I. Barrick: late of West Manheim Township, to Joan I. Wentz and Elaine M. Forry.

Harry Joseph Curley aka Harry Joseph Curley Sr.: late of Monaghan Township, to Susan Ann Curley.

Eugene D. Young aka Eugene Donald Young I: late of Wrightsville, to Edward W. Young.

Stuart J. Byczynski: late of Red Lion, to Gary L. Landis.

Jean M. Allue: late of York Township, to Timothy J. Allue.

Jean E. Gass: late of Penn Township, to Frederick M. Gass and Anne P. Zangara.

Mary E. Amspacher: late of Penn Township, Andrew M. Amspacher and Benjamin D. Amspacher.

Diane Lee Bandurchin: late of Springfield Township, to Lisa Marie Bandurchin.

Saramae L. Sheppard aka Saramae Sheppard: late of Dover, to Ronald J. Sheppard.

Louise A. Witmer aka Louise Witmer: late of Hanover, to Linda A. Redding.

Gloria A. Miller: late of Spring Garden Township, to Thomas R. Miller.

Lois M. Finley: late of (non-resident), to Joyce Leroux.

Jo-Ann L. Kauffman aka Joann L. Kauffman: late of Spring Grove, to Linda E. Swift and Thomas T. Black.

Administration on the estate of:

Norman Marshall Haley aka Norman M. Haley: late of Spring Garden Township, to Marshall N. Haley.

Blanche M. Hoke: late of Hanover, to Sharon E. Winter and Darryl E. Hoke.

Cara L. Beck: late of Windsor, to Dudley L. Beck.

Aurelia Vasquez-Mendoza: late of York City, to Jean H. Nicolas.

Annette Dowling: late of York City, to Val Rhodes.

Jan E. Kinley: late of East Manchester Township, to Michele D. Krepps.

Timothy Z. Miller aka Timothy Miller: late of Springfield Township, to Samantha Ann Duchaine.

Robert E. Shirey: late of Red Lion, to Toni L. Shirey.

Patrick S. Beaty aka Shawn Beaty aka P. Shawn Beaty aka Patrick Shawn Beaty: late of York Township, to Linda S. Beaty.