Estates, Aug. 21-25


TheYork County Register of Wills office opened the following estates.

Elva B. Noel: late of York City, to Brian E. Noel.

Marsha Allyn Hankin aka Allyn Hankin aka M. Allyn Hankin: late of York City, to Jessica R. Hankin.

Mary A. Mays aka Mary Anna Mays: late of Shrewsbury Township, to Linda S. Miller.

Peter H. Drueckhammer: late of North Codorus Township, to Robert Drueckhammer.

Charles M. Guess aka Charles Madison Guess: late of York Township, to Brenda K. Danfelt.

Ruth M. Leas: late of West Manchester Township, to Richard W. Lehman and Barbara J. Evans.

Rodney C. Frey aka Rodney Carl Frey: late of Windsor Township, to Randy L. Frey.

Lorna J. Boettcher: late of Spring Garden Township, to Amy S. Wildasin.

Ruth B. Horton aka Ruth W. Horton: late of Springettsbury Township, to Ruth Ann Brown.

Jean R. Garrison: late of New Freedom, to Sharon C. Thompson.

John C. Shreve aka John C. Shreve Jr. aka John C. Shreve II: late of Washington Township, to Sherry L. March.

Stephen L. Hutton: late of Newberry Township, to Charles J. Hutton.

Edward L. Crumlich: late of Fairview Township, Shelby L. Crumlich.

C. Fahs March aka Charles Fahs March: late of York Township, Marcia A. Longenecker and David B. March.

Clair L. Gingerich Jr.: late of Hellam Township, to Christine F. Hartman.

Robert Rosengrant Jr. aka Robert B. Rosengrant Jr.: late of Spring Garden Township, to Kathy L. Guthmann.

Robert G. Yancey Jr.: late of Windsor Township, to Robert G. Yancey III.

Administration on the estate of:

Christopher C. Coulson: late of Carroll Township, to Shannon N. Bamberger.

Heather Marie Doyle: late of Dover Township, to Starr M. Doyle.

Dominic Destevens: late of Conewago Township, to Suzette L. Destevens.

Charles W. Burdick Jr.: late of York Township, to Jennifer L. Addotta.

Philip C. Bealing: late of Hanover, to Elisa A. Laughman.

Richard A. Reveley: late of Shrewsbury Township, to Gale L. Reveley.