Estates, June 19-23


TheYork County Register of Wills office opened the following estates.

Grace G. Roseman: late of Springettsbury Township, to Lavere G. Roseman.

Gladys P. Burton aka Gladys Pearl Burton: late of East Hopewell Township, to Kenneth M. Burton.

Elsie A. Luckenbaugh aka Elsie Ann Luckenbaugh: late of Penn Township, to Patricia Ann Carr.

Charlotte M. Watson: late of Manchester Township, to Russell E. Watson III.

Mary Ziegler aka Mary J. Ziegler: late of Paradise Township, to Joseph H. Ziegler.

Clarence E. Stambaugh: late of Manchester, to Steven R. Stambaugh.

Donald E. Grim: late of Paradise Township, Inez C. Foose and Keith Foose.

Cecil C. Gunnet: late of Springettsbury Township, to Dennis M. Beaverson.

James L. Gable aka James Gable: late of Codorus Township, to Donna M. Frick.

Mildred I. Bosley: late of New Freedom, to Tammy A. Graf and Ronald W. Bosley.

Walter E. Davies: late of Carroll Township, to Barbara A. Yandrasitz.

Grace A. Shellehamer: late of Fairview Township, to Elizabeth J. Miller.

Judith A. Mummert: late of Dover Township, to Troy L. Mummert.

Dorothy W. Satterfield: late of Peach Bottom Township, to Donna L. Harrington.

Lee A. Schlenker: late of West York, to Christa F.S. Roser.

Myrtle Garland: late of Windsor Township, to Roger Garland.

Administration on the estate of:

Shirley A. Stoner: late of Newberry Township, to Troy A. Stoner Jr.

Arvella I. Ketterman: late of Penn Township, to Melissa A. Whisler.

Ruby M. Myers: late of York Township, to Annamarie K. Black.

Reuben M. Miller: late of Dover Township, to Annamarie K. Black.

Steven T. Kohr: late of East Manchester Township, to Linda S. Lutz.

Raymond Updegraff: late of York City, to Elizabeth A. Baker.

Dorothy Smith aka Dorothy May Smith aka Dorothy M. Smith: late of Hallam, to G. Fred Artman.

Norma L. Krepps aka Norma L. Shoff Krepps: late of York Township, to Steven M. Shoff.