Estates, June 12-16


TheYork County Register of Wills office opened the following estates.

John James Kedzor: late of Fawn Township, to Patricia Ann Palmer.

James F. Druck Jr.: late of Springettsbury Township, to Sharon D. Kaufman.

Eva M. Sanders aka Eva Marie Sanders: late of West Manchester Township, to Sholeh Diba Goetting.

Lewis C. Wilson Jr.: late of York City, to Wayne L. Wilson.

Genevieve B. Howard: late of Lower Windsor Township, to Bonita Frey and Patricia Yingling.

Kenneth E. Stabley: late of York Township, to James Raver.

Thomas E. Freeland: late of Manchester Township, to Chuck Janiga.

Betty J. Wright: late of Heidelberg Township, to James L. Wright and Barbara A. Ruth.

Sharon A. Martin aka Sheri Martin aka Sharon Martin: late of New Freedom, to Eric M. Martin, Dennis B. Reed and Jason R. Martin.

Helen L. Alwood aka Helen Louise Alwood: late of York Township, to Lee Alan Alwood.

Ernest E. Frey: late of Dover Township, to Barbara A. Mundis.

Earle G. Maseth: late of New Freedom, to Robert D. Maseth.

Bonita L. Bixler aka Bonita Louise Bixler: late of Spring Garden Township, to David B. Bixler and Amy M. Young.

Patsy A. Bair: late of West Manheim Township, to Gregory W. Bair.

Larry C. Bishop: late of Windsor Township, to Larry R. Bishop.

Mary Sobeck: late of Hanover, to Heather A. Sobeck.

Miriam K. Dreibelbis: late of Fairview Township, to Jack H. Dreibelbis.

Patricia Oneida Thompson aka P. Oneida Thompson aka Patricia O. Thompson: late of York City, to Elfreda Hernandez.

Frank Bronokoski aka Frank W. Bronokoski: late of Newberry Township, to Patricia J. Bostwick.

Betty R. Runkle: late of Springettsbury Township, to Carl Brinkerhoff III.

Cleo Warner McLucas aka C. Warner McLucas aka Warner Mclucas aka C.W. Mclucas: late of North Hopewell Township, to Patricia A. McLucas.

Administration on the estate of:

Brenda J. Arnold: late of York City, to Stephanie M. Dunlop

Jaime Sanabria: late of York Township, to Celeste Sanabria.

Helen Ann Nastav Troutman Kelley aka Helen Kelley: late of York Haven, to Colleen G. Loser.

Judith Ann Maranto aka Judith A. Maranto: late of York City, to Laura Lynn Chimino.

Warren H. Reisinger: late of Shrewsbury Borough, to Robert A. Hinkle.

Edwin Jose Pacheco-Ruiz: late of York City, to Betzaida R. Muniz and Edwin Q. Pacheco.