Estates, May 1-5


TheYork County Register of Wills office opened the following estates.

Marian E. Mummert: late of Dover Township, to Mary R. Markle.

Dolores M. Small aka Dolores C. Small: late of West Manheim Township, to Jeffrey T. Small, Gregory D. Small, Eric E. Small and Lisa J. Wolfgang.

Joyce Victoria Smith akaJoyce V. Smith: late of Fawn Township, to Karen Louise Roupe.

Michaeline Cuffaro akaMichaeline R. Cuffaro: late of Springettsbury Township, to Constance J. Fickes.

Hazel R. Kell: late of West Manchester Township, to Timothy S. Trimmer.

Martha L. Steinback: late of North Hopewell Township, to Nancy Widman.

Silas C. Dillman aka Silas Calvin Dillman: late of Dover Township, to Daniel A. Dillman.

Lloyd A. Witmer aka Lloyd Albert Witmer Sr.: late of Conewago Township, to Kelly S. Resh and Lorin Deller.

Betty J. Viering: late of Spring Garden Township, to Suzanne D. Gray.

Connie B. Cooper aka Connie Beth Cooper: late of Fawn Grove, to Scott D. Scallorn.

Jeannette Aiken aka Jeannette S. Aiken: late of York City, to Patricia S. Smoczynski.

Gladys M. Bailey: late of Seven Valleys, to Lisa A. Wilt and Terry A. Bailey.

Arlene E. Leathery: late of Washington Township, to Jerry R. Leathery and Lisa D. Leathery.

Harry E. Spahr: late of Dover Township, to Cathy A. Spahr.

Wanda K. Gunnet: late of Springettsbury Township, to Byron L. Gunnet.

Walter E. Spangler: late of North Codorus Township, to Gloria J. Spangler.

Velma M. Coffman: late of Fairview Township, to Terry Coffman and Marshall R. Coffman.

Winnona F. Smith: late of York City, to Pamela Murdaugh.

John E. Stengle: late of Penn Township, to Jeanette M. Starner and Faye E. Small.

Barbara Tremitiere akaBarbara A. Tremitiere: late of North York, to Michelle M.T. Zech.

Herbert H. Delong: late of Springettsbury Township, to Ruth Ann Delong.

Edward B. Sterne aka Edward Ballard Sterne Sr.: late of York Township, to Jean H. Sterne.

Charles R. Altland III: late of Dover Township, to Lu Ann Altland.

William C. Davis: late of Monaghan Township, to Christian James Davis, Sally Jane Master and William Matthew Davis.

William L. Dietz aka William L. Dietz Sr.: late of East Prospect, to Vickie L. Kelley and Roxann J. Pennachi.

George K. Mountz aka George Kauffman Mountz: late of Warrington Township, to Vicki L. Brenneman.

Marjorie C. Hale aka Marjorie J. Hale: late of Dover Township, to George L. Hale Jr.

Norma Jean Smeltzer aka Norma J. Smeltzer: late of Hallam, to Brenda Yinger.

G. Mary Hoffman: late of Penn Township, to Mary F. Moul and Wayne M. Hoffman.

Administration on the estate of:

Pate Moses: late of York City, to Evelia Febles.

Stella Roseanna Farnumaka Stella R. Farnum aka Stella C. Farnum: late of Codorus Township, to Myrna Powell.

David A. Rietschy: late of Hopewell Township, to Donna M. Rietschy.

William C. Spahr: late of York Township, to Elder Healthcare Solutions LLC.

Timothy S. Brenner: late of East Manchester Township, to Edward M. Brenner.