Estates, Aug. 15-19, 2016


The York County Register of Wills office opened the following estates.

Joan L. Creavey: late of Carroll Township, to James R. Creavey and John N. Creavey.

Clyde P. Hilker: late of West Manchester Township, to Judy L. Angel and Janice L. Bartram.

Loretta L. Stump: late of Dallastown, to David M. Stump.

Dorothy I. Slaybaugh: late of West Manchester Township, to Helen L. Hoffman and Donald R. Slaybaugh Sr.

Adeline M. Hilbert: late of West Manheim Township, to Daniel G. Hilbert.

John E. Stone: late of Fairview Township, to Denise L. Chapman.

John Rush Baldwin III akaJohn R. Baldwin: late of Peach Bottom Township, to Barbara Ann Baldwin.

Timothy E. Wallick akaTimothy Wallick akaTimothy Eugene Wallick: late of Fairview Township, to Patty A. Wallick.

Dean L. Warner: late of York Township, to Helen M. Warner.

June P. O'Donnoghue: late of Dover Township, to Kathleen L. Rost.

Nancy L. Sprow: late of York Township, to Thomas E. Sprow Jr.

Clarence A. Wingert Jr.: late of Hanover, to Joann M. Wingert.

Jacky M. Dunkle: late of York Township, to Kerry Kevin Dunkle.

Ruth E. Klunk akaRuth Klunk akaRuth Evelyn Klunk: late of West Manchester Township, to Leesa A. Swartz.

Doris M. Vannoy: late of Chanceford Township, to Rebecca I. Bluett.

Joy Ann Harrington: late of Springettsbury Township, to Michelle Joy Ross.

Mary Catherine Shank akaMary Shank: late of Washington Township, to Rosella P. Shank.

Administration of the estate of:

Jeffrey L. Brown: late of Spring Garden Township, to Laura Jean Brown.

Christine P. Schweitzer: late of Hellam Township, to Steven Andrew Schweitzer.

Lawrence Michael Cunningham: late of North York, to Kandy S. Shelton and Monica Marie Cunningham.

Charlotte M. Hockensmith: late of Penn Township, to Dennis J. Hockensmith Jr.

Audrey V. Shearstone: late of Manchester Township, to William J. Shearstone II and Thomas H. Shearstone.

Maria L. Plaza: late of Manchester Township, to Norberto M. Plaza.

Douglas S. Etter: late of Loganville, to Betty A. Etter.

Linda M. Valerio akaLinda Marie Valerio akaLinda Marie Grone akaLinda M. Grone: late of Red Lion, to Jay Joseph Herrandez.