Estates, June 20-24, 2016


Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following estates opened in York County.

Ronald L. Abel aka Ronald L. Abel Sr.: late of Wrightsville, to Kathleen J. Abel.

Deborah A. Owens: late of Peach Bottom Township, to Patricia L. Hodges.

Dennis L. Myers: late of York Township, to Scott D. Myers.

Betty L. Smith-Krebs: late of West Manchester Township, to Joel A. Smith.

Evelene E. Alwine: late of Penn Township, to Judith A. Alwine and Edward A. Alwine.

Jacqueline R. McGraw aka Jacqueline Rose McGraw: late of Monaghan Township, to Kevin M. McGraw.

Larry E. Hare: late of Hanover, to Mary M. Hare.

Adolfine Staub: late of Manheim Township, to Stephen E. Staub.

Roger W. Woodyard aka Roger W. Woodyard Sr. aka Roger Woodyard aka Roger Woodyard Sr.: late of West Manchester Township, toRoger W Woodyard Jr. and Cecilia Kimberly Bracey.

Ralph J. Schollenberger: late of York City, to Garland E. Schollenberger.

Elaine Mae Brenneman: late of York Township, to Donald Lee Brenneman.

Frances V. Stair: late of Penn Township, to Frances J. Marsh.

Thelma V. Swords: late of Dover Township, to Karen M. Smith.

Walter J. Weaver: late of Wellsville, to Deidre Rosenberger and Devan Gowdy.

Raymond E Wentz: late of Hanover, to Diane M. Hoffman.

Frederick E. Ackwith Sr.: late of New Freedom, to Rebecca H. Ackwith.

Robert L. Jackson: late of Springfield Township, to Jeffery L. Jackson and Brenda S. Willwert.

Administration on the estate of:

Nicholas Wayne Tek: late of Spring Garden Township, to Christopher M. Brown.

Robert A. Hinkle: late of Red Lion, to Sherry Swartzwelder.

Francine Juanita Lewis aka Francine Lewis aka Francine J. Lewis: late of York City, to Linda Lewis.

Beverly Sheldon aka Beverly Trimmer aka Beverly A. Sheldon: late of West Manheim Township, to Vandy Reed.