Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following estates opened in York County:

Barbara A. Scott aka Barbara Scott, late of Monaghan Township, to Walter P. Scott.

David E. Goodwin, late of West Manchester Township, to Theresa A. Goodwin.

M. Jean Wright, late of Manheim Township, to Cynthia S. Miller and Kenneth E. Nye.

Lauren B. Ashley, late of Felton, to Brooke L. Ashley.

Thelma K. Bitzer aka Thelma Keeney Bitzer, late of Conewago Township, to Jeffrey T. Bitzer.

Maxine T. Sills, late of Peach Bottom Township, to Noel S. Sills.

Margaret Ann Andrasi aka Margaret Ann Andraski, late of York City, to Joseph J. Andrasi.

Evelyn M. Gray, late of York Township, to John Gray.

Melvin G. Markey Jr. aka Melvin G. Markey, late of York Township, to Linda M. Markey.

John T. Krout, late of Newberry Township, to Robert J. Krout.

Geraldine E. Brame, late of Heidelberg Township, to Darlene R. Becker.

Hilda M. Gise, late of York Township, to Karen S. Beck.

Darlene F. Burnum, late of Stewartstown, to Jerry W. Writer and Sheila A. Hernandez.

Vincent A. Quinn, late of Shrewsbury Township, to Patricia A. Smith and Donna R. Seiler.

Frank H. Werner Jr., late of Manchester Township, to Brenda E. Werner.

Phyllis A. Mock, late of York City, to Catherine E. Mock.

Judy Ann Sterner, late of Penn Township, to Tanya M. Leese.

Marlin L. Rittase aka Marlin Laverne Rittase, late of West Manheim Township, to Michael W. Rittase.

Margaret L. Vinup aka Margaret Louise Vinup, late of Hopewell Township, to Kristina L. Wilt.

Paul E. Frazier aka Paul Eugene Frazier, late of Carroll Township, to Ruth I. Frazier.

Dale L. Fuhrman aka Dale Laverne Fuhrman, late of Heidelberg Township, to Esther G. Fuhrman.

Jeannette G. Dorwart, late of York Township, to Jeffrey G. Neupauer.

Louise A. Pearson, late of East Manchester Township, to Deborah L. Mummert.

Administration on the estate of:

Larry A. Esaley, late of Spring Garden Township, to Brian E. Eisenhour.

John A. Perras, late of Shrewsbury Borough, to James A. Perras, Lori A. Perras and Lisa M. Perras.

Richard E. Daniel, late of Manchester Township, to Nancy J. McKee.

Ronald Moyer, late of Franklin Township, to Aubrie Dirks-Moyer.

Emily Kate Groft aka Emily K. Groft, late of Lewisberry, to Patrick E. Groft and Malisa M. Elicker.

Matthew Lee Hanes, late of East Manchester Township, to Christine A. Hanes.

Garry William Cone, late of Dover Township, to Britnee Lynn Cone.

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