Man shot inside Walmart in York County, off-duty cop detains suspect

Estates for Oct. 26-30, 2015

York Dispatch

Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following Estates opened in York County:

Paul E. Aldinger Sr. aka Paul E. Aldinger: late of North Codorus Township, to Paul E. Aldinger Jr., Darlene M. Rutters, Nancy L. Lint and Dean R. Aldinger.

Edna V. Leffler: late of Dover Township, to Leo E. Gribbin.

Carol L. Green: late of Dover Township, to Patricia Gohn, Tamera Geesey and Lynda Wagner.

Anna Mae Snyder: late of West Manchester Township, to Burton H. Snyder and Rudolph A. Snyder II.

Ethel W. Deardorff: late of York Township, to Sandra Lou Bender.

Raymond E. Latchaw: late of West Manchester Township, to Jerry Paul Latchaw.

Harry W. Pitz aka Harry William Pitz Jr. aka Harry W. Pitz Jr.: late of Fawn Township, to William J. Pitz.

Florence E. Wright: late of Dallastown, to Connie R. Snyder.

Iva M. Yingling aka Iva Mae Yingling: late of Hanover, to Wayne K. Thomas.

Patricia Jo Shannon aka Patricia Holliday aka Pat Holliday aka Pat Shannon: late of Windsor Township, to Matthew C. Shannon.

Michael A. Howington: late of Hellam Township, to Kara L. Howington.

James F. McMaster Sr. aka James Francis McMaster: late of Hanover, to Angela M. Brown.

Elizabeth V. Milstred: late of Hanover, to Susan M. Humes.

Nancy L. Cramer: late of Springfield Township, to Michael L. Hoke.

Lucille M. Nielsen aka Lucille H. Nielsen aka Lucille Marcelle Nielsen: late of West Manheim Township, to Denise Heroux Kleinsorg.

Mary E. Rohrbaugh: late of Springettsbury Township, to Susan A. Strickler.

Andre Jandon: late of Shrewsbury Borough, to Daniel G. Jandon.

Harold J. Snyder aka Harold Joseph Snyder: late of Chanceford Township, to Mary E. Wherley.

Charles C. Snyder aka Charles Cyril Snyder: late of Windsor Township, to Ricky A. Snyder.

Donna Brown Martin aka Donna B. Martin: late of Newberry Township, to George David Brown.

Marian E. Jones: late of West Manchester Township, to Laura J. Weyant.

Alan M. Frey: late of York City, to Margaret M. Frey.

Administration on the estate of:

Lorae J. Spuhler aka Lorae Jacobson Spuhler: late of Fairview Township, to Ronald E. Spuhler.

Nancy S. Harris: late of East Manchester Township, to Tracie Chapman Harris.

George Henry Weichert aka George H. Weichert II: late of York City, to David R. Weichert Jr.

James Edgar Roberson: late of Hallam, to Debra Kay Roberson.

William J. Janicsko: late of Dover Township, to Linda D. Janicsko.

Alma E. Fillmore: late of Springettsbury Township, to Janet K. Carleton.

Cecelia M. Brooks: late of East Hopewell Township, to Angela M. Brooks and Celena A. Smith.