Estates for Aug. 24-28, 2015

York Dispatch

Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following Estates opened in York County:

Albert Franklin Cummings: late of New Freedom, to Dennis E. Cummings.

Ronald A. Matarese: late of Spring Garden Township, to David E. Matarese.

Anna E. Miller: late of Spring Garden Township, to Deanna B. Nolder and Carol M. Daugherty.

Dorothy V. Flynn: late of Newberry Township, to Eleanor M. Pollins.

Teresa A. Lamont: late of Penn Township, to Tina Nuzzolo.

Leroy E. Joseph: late of Dover Township, to Thomas E. Joseph, Carol Y. Miller and Michael L. Joseph.

Susanne C. Klinefelter aka Suzanne C. Klinefelter: late of Shrewsbury Borough, to Barbara S. Lee and Deborah L. Bauman.

Anthony R. Kinard: late of York City, to Ronald E. Kinard.

David F. Kane aka David Francis Kane Sr.: late of North Hopewell Township, to Donna L. Roubal.

Glenn F. Cunningham Sr.: late of Chanceford Township, to Michael L. Cunningham.

Dorothy B. Leader: late of Lower Windsor Township, to Sheila M. Miller.

Robert H. Rife: late of Codorus Township, to Melinda Sue Hughes.

Gordon K. Gundy: late of East Manchester Township, to Darick Cecil Gundy and Dennis Souders Conley.

Clair E. Wise: late of Penn Township, to Judith A. Baugher.

Jeffrey D. Eaton aka Jeffrey Dale Eaton: late of Hopewell Township, to Gordon S. Wisnom Jr.

Stephen P. Blouse: late of Wrightsville, to Gary N. Runkle.

David E. Dewberry: late of Penn Township, to Timothy Dewberry.

Adell E. Kearney aka Adell E. Ortel aka Adell E. Pasternak: late of New Freedom, to Debra L. Coyle.

Mildred L. Billet aka Mildred L. Billett: late of Windsor Township, to Shirle Bishop and Richard Kindle.

Eugene E. Frey: late of Dallastown, to Richard Frey.

Paul R. Clary Sr. aka Paul Richard Clary Sr.: late of New Freedom, to Paul R. Clary Jr.

Nora M. Grunden aka Nora M. Firestone: late of West Manchester Township, to Samuel L. Firestone.

Administration on the estate of:

Mary Doris Coker aka Mary D. Coker: late of York Township, to Susan E. Duvall.

Helen Louise Jones aka Helen L. Jones: late of West York, to Gary W. Jones.

James Martin Rebbert aka James M. Rebbert: late of Shrewsbury Township, to Leslie Ann Dupree.

Raymond W. Boyer aka Raymond W. Boyer Jr. aka Raymond Boyer: late of Mount Wolf, to Melyssa R. Boyer.

Edward Gene Stough aka Eddie Stough aka Edward G. Stough: late of York Township, to Stacy L. Hinkle.

Jeanne M. Spiker: late of East Manchester Township, to E. Jane Gee.