Estates for the week of March 30, 2015

York Dispatch

Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following Estates opened in York County:

William H. Stoner aka William H. Stoner Sr.: late of Wrightsville, to Diane S. McCullough.

Gabriel D. Nicolini: late of Springettsbury Township, to Chloe L. Nicolini.

Royce E. Skaggs: late of Springettsbury Township, to Suzan Adair-Rosas.

Kenneth Walter Wong aka Kenneth Wong aka Kenneth W. Wong: late of York Township, to Hiu Wai Kong.

Charlotte E. Bergdoll aka Charlotte Edith Bergdoll: late of York City, to Catherine M. Stetler-Lighty and Connie S. Miller.

Wilhelmina A. Young: late of Red Lion, to Eric O. Young, Cheryl L. Nitchman, Wade T. Young and Dirk A. Young.

Phyllis J. Miller aka Phyllis Jean Miller: late of Dover Township, to Michele D. Kelly.

Jeffrey Scott Kessel: late of Penn Township, to Tracey Anne Kessel.

Gladys C. Haas: late of Shrewsbury Township, to Douglas Miller Read.

Ralph H. Eck Jr.: late of York City, to Louanne R. Glasgow.

Dorothy M. Laird: late of Jacobus, to David R. Laird Jr. and Mark A. Laird.

Cecelia M. Ruth: late of West Manchester Township, to Georgia Shaffer Almoney.

David E. Gardner aka David Edward Gardner: late of (non-resident), to Elise M. Sattler.

Anthony C. Schneider: late of Hellam Township, to James A. Schneider.

Doris M. Taylor: late of York Township, to Charles W. Taylor III and Michael L. Taylor.

Donald E. Gentzler: late of West Manchester Township, to Travis D. Gentzler.

Madolyn M. Anderson: late of Manchester Township, to Barbara A. Zearfoss and Patricia L. Anderson.

Robert L. Hale: late of Spring Garden Township, to Lisa M. Fuhrman.

Michael Albert Snyder aka Michael A Snyder: late of Jackson Township, to Sandra Dee Snyder.

Betty E. Newman: late of West Manchester Township, to Brian C. Newman.

Administration on the estate of:

Nettie Margaret Toomey aka Nettie Toomey aka Nettie M. Toomey: late of Newberry Township, to Virginia L. Olewiler.

Douglas Kent Blizzard Jr.: late of Hopewell Township, to Kimberly Marie Blizzard.

Karen T. Rider: late of Hopewell Township, to William E. Rider Jr.

Jacklynn Danielle Apgar aka Jacklynn Manthely: late of Glen Rock, to Richard W. Apgar II.

David A. Willard aka David Alan Willard: late of Carroll Township, to Kaycie Marie Willard.