Pa. lawmaker mocks trans Biden nominee on Facebook, apologizes
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Divorces, new cases, October



Matthew Aaron Bowman v. Amanda Bowman: of Red Lion and York.

Lakesha Shanta Cakpo v. Wilfrid C. Cakpo: of York and Montgomery, MD.

Shandanay Marie Gilbert v. Tanya Lynn Gilbert: of Dover and York.

Gina Dawn Hollingshead v. Michael C. Hollingshead: of West York and Glen Rock.

Michael L. Boyd v. Holly A. Boyd: of Manchester and Loganville.

Erik T. Gerber v. Ruth M. Gerber: of York and Mount Wolf.

Linda M. Sharpe v. James D. Sharpe: of Spring Grove and New Oxford.

Giacoma L. Munisteri v. Filippo Munisteri: both of Dover.

Sarah Folkenroth v. Steven Folkenroth: of Etters and New Cumberland.

Veronica S. Alger v. Timothy C. Alger: of Lewisberry and Rogersville, PA.

John Goodwin v. Susan Goodwin: both of Camp Hill.

Anya Wilson v. Benjamin Wilson: of York and Red Lion.

James E. Morton Jr. v. Kristin M. Janney Morton: both of Dillsburg.

Keara Godwin v. Forest Corey Godwin: of York and Severn, MD.

Daniel Eugene Farrow v. Alicia A. Farrow: of Glenville and Hanover.

Lori Lynn Alexander v. Scott Lyle Alexander: both of Thomasville.

Jabi Dukuray Jennings v. Isaac Jennings: both of York.

Thomas A. Scurlock v. Cynthia Scurlock: both of New Cumberland.

Bryan E. Smith v. Tracy L. Smith: of Dillsburg and Wellsville.

Edward A. Spindler Jr. v. Donna E. Spindler: both of Hanover.

Rebecca J. Holtzapple v. Timothy W. Holtzapple: both of York.

Debbie A. Rexroth v. Brian D. Rexroth: of York and Seven Valleys.

Robin O. Lewis v. Tyrone St. Michael Lewis: of Dover and Baton Rouge, LA.

Elijah Pough Jr. v. Latrice D. Pough: of York and Bowling Green, FL.

Gabriel Herrera v. Texia Inostroza: both of York.

Rebecca L. Garcia v. David D. Garcia Jr.: of Red Lion and Bay City, Texas.

Brian S. Gross v. Tammy S. Gross: of Dover and Mechanicsburg.

Joshua E. Perry v. Natasha N. Perry: both of York.

Darryl Joseph Leija v. Stefanie Grace Leija: both of Red Lion.

Scott C. Sewell v. Dena L. Sewell: of Stewartstown and York.

Roger G. Gibellino v. Donna L. Gibellino: both of York.

Anthony D. Shipp v. Lisa M. Day Shipp: both of Hanover.

Michael R. Cotton v. Tammy L. Cotton: both of Dillsburg.

Robert E. Morthland v. Debra K. Morthland: both of York.

Christopher L. Caba v. Jennifer M. Caba: of Dallastown and York.

Channon K. Rivera v. Daniel Rivera: both of York.

Maryli Garcia Aviles v. Jose Mercedes Suero De Los Santos: of York and town unlisted.

Shani A. Jones v. Andre M. Jones: both of York.

Tammy L. Wessman v. Eric C. Wessman: of Hellam and Wrightsville.

Susan M. Spellman v. James A. Spellman: both of York.

Amanda Marlene Martin v. Dominick Michael Prince: both of Dallastown.

Kelly L. Miller v. David P. Miller: both of Hanover.

Victoria Leigh Conway Pallares v. Jesus Adan Tinoco Pallares: of York and Hanover.

Megan Martinez v. Roberto Martinez: of Red Lion and York.

David Ray Young v. Linda Smith: of York and Dover.

Leopold E. Kittelt v. Mae G. Funador: of Airville and Penn, PA.

Sandra Lee Klunk v. Michael Richard Klunk: both of York.

Sandra D. Herbst v. John A. Herbst: both of Seven Valleys.

Barbara S. Schwartz Brown v. Jerry L. Brown: both of Wrightsville.

Diana Arceo v. Luis Manuel Mendoza Zepeda: both of Hanover.

Stephanie Garcia Rivera v. Joseph Vukov: both of York.

Angel Martinez v. Kimberly Lyn Johnson: both of York.

Ramon Lopez v. Irma Nasario Rivera: both of York.

Sheila G. Anderson v. Joseph A. Anderson: of Hanover and Grantsville, WV.

Nicole Lynn Ash v. Timothy Daniel Ash: of Hanover and York.

Jarrah Thomas v. Alex Thomas: both of New Cumberland.

Neil Gomez v. Rebecca Hunt: of Hampstead, MD, and Hanover.

Susan A. Stambaugh v. James G. Stambaugh: of Hanover and Abbottstown.

Meagan L. Tawney v. Christopher S. Tawney: of York and Abbottstown.

Nicholas A. Diprizito v. Natasha Kaplan: of Etters and York.

Michael Sanger v. Destany Sanger: of Houtzdale, PA, and York Haven.

Nicole D. Kamler v. Joseph E. Kamler: of Mount Wolf and York.

Iblingmari Colon v. Fernando L. Camacho: of York and Orlando, FL.

Curtis W. Miller v. Rose M. Curtis: both of York.

Shannon P. Cotton v. William Cotton: both of Spring Grove.

Melissa S. Speer v. Kenneth C. Speer: of York and Crowley, Texas.

Amanda S. Logue v. Michael A. Logue: of New Freedom and Seven Valleys.

Brittany R. Shaffer v. William B. Albanese Jr.: both of Hanover.

Anthony Jose Villanueva Cabezas v. Vanessa Jaqueline Cabezas: both of Dover.

Ryan McClane v. Amanda McClane: of York and town unlisted.

Tiffany Jones v. Robert Jones: both of Hanover.

Mary R. Flory v. George H. Flory: of York and Washington, PA.

Cassidy M. Kapfhammer v. Sean R. Kapfhammer: of New Freedom and Baltimore, MD.

Jeffrey B. Meglio v. Barbara J. Meglio: both of New Cumberland.

Erica L. Shaffer v. Traci L. Robinson: of Dover and York.

Kelly L. Ruck v. Chad M. Ruck: both of York.

Tiffany Marie O’Neill v. Brandon Lee O’Neill: of York and Dallastown.

Vanessa Romberg v. Giorgio Moreno Herrera: of Hershey and Grantville, PA.

Seth Busino v. Daeva Busino: of York and Glen Burnie, MD.

Melinda M. Saibi v. Wassim Saibi: of Etters and Winchester, MA.

Lisa Marie Moyer v. Thomas Matthew Moyer Sr.: of Red Lion and Dallas, NC.

Tiffany S. Donnelly v. Richard J. Donnelly: both of Wrightsville.

Matthew Groscost v. Kayla Groscost: both of Dover.

Judith C. Mueller v. David L. Mueller: both of York.

Stacy Anne Ryan v. Michael Phillip Ryan: of York and Thomasville.

Kelly S. Grove v. Scott W. Grove: of Hanover and Stewartstown.

Jillian K. Koeppe v. Delven R. King: of York and Greenville, SC.

Kevin E. Smith v. Bobbi Ann Smith: of Lemoyne and Etters.

Lisa F. Harrold v. Terry E. Harrold: of Hanover and Spring Grove.

Jessica Waugh v. Brian D. Waugh: of East Berlin and Indiana, PA.

Glenwood M. Leas III v. Linda Leas: both of York.

Gary E. Hoff Sr. v. Sherry L. Hoff: of York and Dover.

Jeffrey S. Warner Jr. v. Jennifer Warner: of McSherrystown and York.

Ashley Miller v. Jason Miller: both of York.

Paul J. Hoffman v. Julie M. Hoffman: both of Red Lion.

Margaret Federline Pillsbury v. Chad Lee Pillsbury: both of York.

Donald McCauslin Jr. v. Kelly A. McCauslin: both of New Park.

Judith Ann Anderson v. James Patrick Anderson: both of Hanover.

Kevin M. Dohn v. Viki L. Dohn: both of York.

Michael Todd Fleming v. Sandy Lee Boyer: both of Glen Rock.

Jeffery L. Fox v. Tina L. Fox: of Lewisberry and Shirmanstown, PA.

Michael D. Del Biondo v. Theresa M. Del Biondo: both of York.

Robert W. Eshbach v. Holly M. Eshbach: both of Dover.

Michael K. Gibbs v. Rechinda J. Palmer Gibbs: both of Mount Wolf.

Regina Esposito v. Michael Mohanlall: both of York.

Angela Anderson v. Daniel Anderson: both of Manchester.

Terry M. Allen v. Tina M. Allen: of Mechanicsburg and Dillsburg.

Rochelle M. Cleaver v. Forrest J. Cleaver: both of Dillsburg.

Serrick A. McNeill v. Shannon J. McNeill: both of Hanover.

Loydene Dale v. Thomas A. Dale: of Felton and Cookeville, Tenn.

James D. Carpenterie v. Anna P. Belville: of East Earl, PA, and Newport, PA.

Karen J. Smith v. Paul J. Smith Jr.: of Delta and Airville.

Sue L. Buser v. James S. Buser: of Shrewsbury and York.

Judith Strand v. Neil Strand: both of Stewartstown.

Kevin Rexrode v. Dawn Dobbins Rexrode: both of Delta.

Michael C. Doering v. Sabrena L. Hartley: of Mechanicsburg and Etters.

Lynn E. Anderson v. Judy K. Anderson: both of York.

Chrissy Morrisson v. Seth Morrisson: both of York.

Delores Fink v. Stewart Fink: town not listed and Dover.