Divorces, granted, September



Lisa M. Mehring from Scott D. Mehring: of Hanover and Upperco, MD.

Stephen Marsella from Ashley Marsella: of Thomasville and York.

Ashley Marie Shaffer Mikos from Donald Wayne Mikos: of York and York Haven.

Todd Horner from Chantel Horner: both of York.

Craig A. Diehl from Jeanne A. Diehl: of Mechanicsburg and York.

Ralph Strouse from Holly Eichelberger Strouse: of Dover and Middletown, PA.

Rodney L. Keller from Melissa J. Keller: both of York.

Troy A. Pawelczyk from Jan M. Pawelczyk: both of York.

Edward F. Smith from Jill R. Smith: both of York.

Brian N. Pew from Tara J. Pew: both of York.

Sandra J. Shimmel from Robert L. Shimmel: both of York.

Shannon M. Duick from William W. Duick: of Dover and York.

Maureen Ferguson from Timothy Ferguson: of York and Denton, TX.

Richard W. Lopez Jr. from Karen Spangler Lopez: of Hunt Valley, MD, and New Freedom.

Kelly Nicole Flett Skalski from Christopher Wayne Skalski Sr.: of Pylesville, MD, and Fawn Grove.

Rusen Yanik from Mustafa K. Yanik: both of York.

John R. McGuire from Stephanie L. McGuire: both of New Cumberland.

Julie M. Krout from David W. Krout: of Dallastown and Seven Valleys.

Robert W. Gilbert from Erika E. Gilbert: both of York.

Heather Lynn Hoskins from Lidia Verbitskaya: both of York.

Amy L. Bortner from Vandy L. Bortner: both of York.

Jacob W. Lieberknecht from Magdalen A. Rhinesmith Lieberknecht: of Manchester and Mount Wolf.

Lillian Mae Smith from Jeremy Daniel Smith: both of Windsor.

Keith B Fickel from Julia E. Fickel: of Lewisberry and New Cumberland.

John Allen Hilt from Stephanie Lynn Hilt: of Hellam and Windsor.

Angela Renee Miller from Jamar Anthony Miller: both of York.

Tara Sastre from Edwin Sastre Jr.: both of York.

Carolyn A. Cook from Russell A. Cook: of Glen Rock and Seven Valleys.

Nathan D. Kennedy from Bethany Kennedy: of York and Madison, TN.

Alexander Scott Cluster from Kristin Marie Cluster: both of Hanover.

Allison M. Becker Salzman from Jeffrey V. Salzman: both of York.

Kristi L. Miller Weierbach from Eugene Weierbach: both of York.

Scott Foster from Dayna Foster: of Manchester and Shrewsbury.

Nathan A. Hummel from Erin M. Hummel: both of York.

Carmen A. Rodriguez from Angelo Joseph: of Avenel, NJ, and York.

Herica Vega from Isael J. Vega: both of York.

Jaime M. Peters from Cory Peters: both of York.

Bradley E. Markel from Yi Meng: of York and Mount Wolf.

Brittany Lynn Miller from Garret Tyler Miller: of Dover and Lancaster.

Tasha Butler Scott from Wayne Scott: of Dover and Brooklyn, NY.

Jessica Rojas Montague from David G. Montague: of York and Dover.

Charles E. Perez from Laura V. Perez: both of Baltimore, MD.

Christian E. Lucabaugh from Tracey L. Lucabaugh: both of Hanover.

Bethany Ruth Sweitzer from Justin Lee Sweitzer: both of York.

Scott Nathaniel Haight from Nicole Marie Haight: of Lebanon, PA, and Vintondale, PA.

Jessica Kendall from Derrick A. Kluegel: of Gettysburg and York.

Vincentina Taylor from Stewart C. Taylor: of Bluffton, SC, and Mechanicsburg.

Bruce W. Barse from Pamela A. Barse: of Binghampton, NY, and York.

Jonathan Reyes from Laura Cortes Sanchez: of Manchester and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Amber Nicole Mason Long from Larry Lee Long Jr.: of York and Dover.

Sean Michael Platts from Ciara N. Musser: both of York.

Christine A. Tremel from David J. Tremel: of York and Red Lion.

Payce Carupella from Michael L. Clay: of Huntsville, AL, and Lebanon, PA.

Melissa A. Toomey from Steven M. Toomey: of Portsmouth, VA, and York.

Benjamin E. Myers from Kristen L. Myers: both of New Freedom.

Sylvia H. Sonneborn from Jackson Sonneborn: of York and Canton, OH.

Justin M. Sipe from Alexis M. Sipe: both of York.

Laprela S. Renner from Shawn M. Renner: of York and Dallastown.

Ashlee M. Byrd from Michael W. Byrd: both of York.

Jose M. Ruiz-Martinez from Crystal Franchesca De Los Santos Ortega: both of York.

Lina Marcela Nieto Betancur from Ricardo Arturo Koose Acosta: both of York.

Susan Mary Corwin from Matthew Douglas Corwin: of York and Red Lion.

Erica J. Kramer from Anthony J. Kramer: of Manchester and York.

Shawn Alan Scott from Christine D. Scott: both of York.

Patricia Berkheimer from Brandy Lee Berkheimer: of Dover and York.

Eric M. Davis from Mariann Davis: of York and Hanover.

Omaira Valentin from Edwin Barbosa: both of York.

Lillian P. Muldrow from Dominic A. Mosley: both of York.

Lindi Shanna Heidlebaugh Gohn from Jeremiah Gohn: of New Freedom and Glen Rock.