Divorces, granted, August



Dorothy Marie Osman from Steven Jon Osman: of Dover and Lewisberry.

Chandra D. Wilson from John D. Wilson: both of York.

Kimberly Ann Parker from Richey Lee Parker: of Dover and Camp Hill.

Brian W. Price from Cheryl E. Fletcher: of East Berlin and Damascus, MD.

Joan C. Patrilak from John M. Patrilak: of York and Wrightsville.

Randy K. Young from Brenda L. Richardson: of Columbia and York.

Kathryn S. Darden from Anthony D. Darden: both of York.

Robert J. Daugherty from Marlene D. Drayer Daugherty: of Glenville and Fallston, MD.

Candice Leann Arnold Leist from Russell Steven Leist Jr.: both of Spring Grove.

Jason Patterson from Patricia D. Tanner: of York and Dallastown.

Monji Godfrey from Robin L. Godfrey: of Gettysburg and York.

Dianne M. Crawford from Steven D. Crawford: both of York.

Sandra C. Weigel from Douglas E. Weigel: of Mechanicsburg and Chambersburg.

Matthew Herbison from Laura Herbison: both of Hanover.

Ronald W. Arnold from Tiffany A. Arnold: both of Hanover.

Ashley Brown from Brett M. Brown: both of York.

Edward F. Adams Jr. from Sharon E. Adams: of York and Hanover.

Hope N. Brecht from Todd N. Brecht: of Felton and Red Lion.

Janice L. Mitas from John B.W. Mitas: of Wrightsville and London, UK.

Brittany A. Stolla from Habib Stolla: of York and Phoenix, AZ.

Brandi Louise Gimse from Savannah N. Tollinger: both of York.

Cory L. Hubbard from Michele N. Hubbard: of Airville and Red Lion.

Wendy S. Dellinger from Edward A. Dellinger: of York and Red Lion.

Frederick Yeboah from Cecilia Asare: of New Castle, DE, and York.

Deborah S. Watts Baker from Anthony J. Baker: of Boiling Springs and Mechanicsburg.

Juan J. Viera from Rocheline Ramirez: both of York.

Denise J. Evert from William J. Evert: of Dover and East Berlin.

Crystal L. Gurosko from James P. Gurosko Jr.: of Fawn Grove and Airville.

Regina Michelle Dorsey Earl from Christopher Theodore Earl Sr.: of York and Cameron, NC.

Brenda S. Rudy from Clark A. Rudy: of Enola and Etters.

Odessa R. Carichner from Keith A. Carichner: of Muncy, PA, and Dover.

Danielle L. Binnie from Ryan M. Binnie: of Railroad and Red Lion.

Elizabeth Dickens from Matthew Dickens: of Dallastown and Modesto, CA.

Crystal Arnold from Brent Arnold: of York and Windsor.

Brett Andrew Martin from Joann Marie Martin: both of York.

Eric Robert Kratz from Nicole Lynn Kratz: of Phoenix, MD, and York.

Ronald L. Glatfelter from Kathleen E. Glatfelter: both of York.

Sara Louise Glatfelter from Joey Scott Glatfelter: both of York.

Michael A. Miller from Megan V. Miller: of Lancaster and York.

Michele C. Shirk from Douglas W. Shirk: of Silver Spring, MD, and Windsor.

Tyanne Iona Graham from Justin Taylor Graham: of Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg.

Meagan E. Trout from James B. Folds: of Hanover and Opelika, AL.

Stacey L. Gricks from Wesley D. Gricks: both of Lewisberry.

Wendolin Mendoza from Rafael Frias: of York and New Brunswick, NJ.

Joseph A. Castellano from Julie H. Castellano: of York and Leeds, UT.

Shelly Lynn Aater from Mohammed A. Aater: both of York.

Bernice A. Ferree from Scott B. Ferree: of Dover and Wellsville.

Dana Elaine Schnick from Charles Richard Schnick: of Wrightsville and York.

Joshua Michael Clark from Kayla Michelle Clark: of York and Windsor.

David Smith from Kristin Hershey: both of York.

Alicia R. Dobbeck from Mark R. Dobbeck: of York and Wrightsville.

Amy L. Peterman from Chad A. Reindollar: of Gettysburg and Hanover.

Morgan Elise Kincaid from Thomas John Hoger: both of Hanover.

Daniel S. Kravitz from Deborah L. Jordan: of Sinking Spring, PA, and York.

Shari L. Conrad from Dustin J. Conrad: of Patuxent River, MD, and Dallastown.

Pamela A. Singer from Francis R. Levering: of Spring Grove and Philadelphia.

Barbara K. Tanner from William Tanner: of Dillsburg and Carlisle.

Ashley Alyse Shoff from Lee Alan Shoff: both of York.

Deanna Robin Russell from Timothy Tom Russell Sr.: of Red Lion and Sarasota, FL.

Scott A. Hershey from Juanita G. Hammond: of Lebanon and Muncy, PA.

Wendy Jean Peplinski from Stephen Paul Peplinski: both of York.

Stephen J. Senft from Linda Sue Senft: both of Dover.

Jacqulin E. Trostle from Jesse A. Reynolds: of Mechanicsburg and Wellsville.

Miranda Weidman from Kyle Weidman: of York Haven and Mechanicsburg.

Gary Lightner from Vickie Lightner: of Lewisberry and Dover.

Bret A. Finkboner from Tara L. Finkboner: of New Cumberland and Camp Hill.

Jennifer T. Gerber from Ryan D. Gerber: both of York.

Danita L. Ewing De Rodriguez from David J. Rodriguez: of York and Tucson, AZ.

Luciana Bacchi Martinez from Eduardo Dias Poletti: of York and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Steven Anthony Lengjel from Kim May McCann: of New Cumberland and Lewisberry.

Laurie Dittenhafer from Christopher Dittenhafer: both of York.

Elwood Matthew Stambaugh from Brandi L. Stambaugh: of Dover and Abbottstown.

Barry Senft from Angela Senft: of Dover and York.

Benjamin J. Summers from Kendra L. Summers: both of Hanover.

Marion G. Tanner from Jennifer M. Tanner: of Perrysburg, OH, and Mifflintown, PA.

Wayne E. Forry from Stephanie A. Forry: of Codorus and Glen Rock.

Troy Allen Levalley from Robyn Elizabeth Levalley: both of York.

Brittany Duncan from Michael Duncan: both of York.

Eileen Marie Price from Christopher Lee Price: both of York.

Dariam Z. Encarnacion Clemente from Roy Oberhuber Vega: of York and Bartow, FL.

Brian Robert Tayback from Timothy Lee Brodbeck; of Shrewsbury and Aspers, PA.

Andrew J. Oneil from Brooke M. Oneil: both of Hanover.

Stacey Lynn Bonsall from Nicholas Christopher Bonsall: of York and Gettysburg.

Paul E. Crist from Stephanie Erin Lippy: both of York.

Michael A. Scott from Nicole E. Scott: of Dallastown and York.

Kenneth L. Kennedy Jr. from Kimberly J. Kennedy: of Manchester and York.

Tammy Figueroa from Reynaldo Figueroa: both of York.

Rosa Cruz from Damaso Ruiz Osorio: both of York.

Tina Marie Wire from Eugene Decker: both of York.

Robert Gene Beck from Maureen Elizabeth Beck: of Etters and Harrisburg, PA.

Nancy M. Carbaugh Ryan from Kevin A. Ryan: of Mount Wolf and San Mateo, FL.

Juan A. Ortiz Sr. from Marta I. Ortiz: both of York.

Melinda L. Murray from Joseph R. Murray: of York and Bushkill, PA.

Seth M. Bailey from Jill R. Bailey: of York and Dallastown.

Glenn E. Keller Jr. from Jo Carol Wolford: both of Brogue.

Erica A. Flaharty from Shawn H. Flaharty: of Dover and Red Lion.

Christine V. Wilson from Kevin Wilson: of East Petersburg, PA, and Camp Hill.

Westley A. Hayes Sr. from Daniella M. Hayes: of York and East Berlin.