Divorces, granted, June



Monica A. Keller from Terry L. Keller Jr.: both of York.

Robert Thomas Hansberry from Melissa Anne Hansberry: both of York.

Patrick J. Lyons from Angela R. Meraklis Lyons: of Lancaster and York.

Mia Danielle Beatty from Conrad Beatty: both of York.

Jason V. Wells from Ashley A. Sprenkle Wells: of York and Windsor.

Yuliya Vitkovska from Joshua A. Beardsley: both of Hanover.

Kenneth R. Jacoby Jr. from Tempest C. Jacoby: of Wrightsville and Jacobus.

Tammy Boyd from William Edward Boyd: both of York.

David E. Kallstrom from Susan E.S. Kallstrom: both of York.

Sonya Marie Frey from Matthew John Frey: of Windsor and Felton.

Beth M. Gingrich from Gary L. Gingrich: of York and Enola, PA.

Todd Senft from Sandy Senft: of Spring Grove and Hanover.

Jennifer M. McClellan from Christopher S. McClellan: of New Freedom and Dover.

Deborah Laude Dubbs Baer from Michael Minnich Baer: both of York.

Kevin D. Gipe from Kathy Ann Sanders Gipe: of York and Thomasville.

Jill E. Rebert Powell from Craig A. Powell: both of Hanover.

Timothy R. Barley from Lindsey B. Taylor Barley: both of York.

Lisa Ann Myers from Michael Troy Myers: both of Glen Rock.

Samuel J. Frey from Erin N. Hollman: both of Hanover.

Yizaira Lee Ortiz Ruiz from Nelson Morales Ponce: of York and Lowell, MA.

Rotimi Ogungbenle from Janis D. Piper Ogungbenle: of York and Hanover.

Miguel Colon from Isamary Colon: of Mount Wolf and Wrightsville.

Valerie A. Harlacher from Scott W. Harlacher: of Dillsburg and Wellsville.

Kenneth S. Schissler from Li Zhang Schissler: of York and Shelbyville, KY.

Ashley H. Caviness from Daniel S. Caviness: of York and Raleigh, NC.

Mary Ann Nickey from Ronald D. Nickey: of Gettysburg and Hanover.

Michael J. Fedor from Karen J. Fedor: of Lewisberry and Harrisburg.

John C. Dick from Kimberly L. Biggins Dick: of Hanover and Cashtown, PA.

Misty Rae Chalk from William Nimrod Chalk III: both of York.

Sandra M. Myers from William J. Myers: both of York.

Stephen E. Opilo from Kayleigh E. Opilo: of Seven Valleys and York.

Jessica Louise Whiting from Arie D. Whiting Jr.: from Yoe and Towson, MD.

James W. Heaton III from Candice Heaton: of Felton and Stewartstown.

Allison J. Black from Justin T. Black: of York and Orlando, FL.

Christopher D. Beck from Lori N. Beck: of York Haven and Camp Hill.

Anthony Rene Limon from Britney Michelle Limon: of Camp Hill and York.

Samora L. Wray from Ambleton G. Wray Jr.: both of York.

Melissa Louise Clifton from Aaron M. Clifton: of Shrewsbury and Nottingham, MD.

Robin Marie Rawlins from Robert Gordon Rawlins: of York Haven and Seaford, DE.

Sheila Mentzer from Kerry Eugene Mentzer: of Mount Wolf and Berlin, MD.

Ernest J. Berardi from Margaret C. Young: of Shrewsbury and Boynton, FL.

Rebecca Ann Cloud from Charles Michael Cloud: both of York.

Dorothy J. James from Joseph W. James: both of York.

Brian A. McIlvaine from Shirlee F. McIlvaine: of Red Lion and Paulsbo, WA.

Jennifer Eileen Handley from Gregory Shaun Handley: both of Hanover.

Arvil C. Meisenhelter from Barbara K. Meisenhelter: of Red Lion and Carlisle.

Lee M. Smith from Nan A. Smith: both of York.

Terrell M. Reid from Debra K. Reid: of Piqua, OH, and York.

Shawn Warta from Emily Warta: of Dallastown and New Cumberland.

Joshua L. Nixdorf from Amber M. Nixdorf: of Wrightsville and Gettysburg.

Alyson R. Willis from Aaron G. Willis: both of York.

Joseph Michael Barnhart from Amanda Carol Barnhart: of New Oxford and Thomasville.

David S. Babcock from Joanne L. Babcock: both of York.

Joanne M. Ste. Marie from Gerald Ste. Marie: both of Hanover.

Mandy Ortel from Michael G. Ortel: both of Stewartstown.

Corey Flora from Jennifer J. Flora: of Spring Grove and Red Lion.

Victoria Marie Becraft from Ryan Lee Becraft: both of Hanover.

Tiffany Lynnette Mable from Craig Mable: of Dallastown and York.

Jennifer Ann Everhart Ehrman from Marc A. Ehrman: of Dover and York.

Angela Rose from Dennis Rose: of Hanover and Las Vegas, NV.

David Curet from Violet Curet: of York and Tampa, FL.

Samantha Jean Teal Hagan from Charles Hagan: both of Hanover.

Richard Newton Hawver III from Lisa Emilie Hawver: both of Hanover.

Kelli E. Williams from Dale C. Williams: of York and Butler, PA.

Brandy L. Heffner from Brock T. Heffner: both of Red Lion.

Jamie Lee Dacheux from John Henry Dacheux III: of York and Dover.

Marcy Rochelle Borges from David Scott Borges: of Red Lion and Stewartstown.

Pete D. Long from Cynthia R. Long: both of York.

Brian L. Arnold from Christine R. Arnold: both of York.

Jason C. Snyder from Karla L. Snyder: of New Cumberland and Lewisberry.

Alexis S. Lessner from Jeffery R. Lessner: of Dallastown and York.

Courtney Marie Spencer from Michael Patrick Spencer: of Spring Grove and York.

Laurie K. Williams from Rodger K. Williams: of Hellam and Red Lion.

Thomas A. Valentine Jr. from Stacie M. Valentine: both of Manchester.

Kodzo Agbelengo Amedewole from Sawoudatou Akouwoaui Alassani: of York and Phoenix, AZ.

Damaris Cruz Correa from Dolores Ruiz Muniz: both of York.

Ashland Elizabeth McCarty Zorbaugh from Joshua James Zorbaugh: both of York.

Jennifer L. Moritz Eyler from Zachary T. Eyler: of York and Windsor.

Rosalie Burchett from James Michael Perry: of York and Lancaster.

Lori Lynn Russell from Daniel E. Russell: of Belleville, IL, and Dillsburg.

Jessica Mae Fasick Fitting from Christopher Robert Fitting: of York and Carlisle, PA.

James F. O’Shea from Karen G. O’Shea: from Etters and York.

Genesis A. Medina Lopez from Anthony J. Gonzalez Soto: both of York.

Gregory Moyer from Ginger Moyer: both of York.

Valerie Alysia Lindsey Rivera from Luis Manuel Rivera: both of York.

Candy Ann Lapp from Brian D. Lapp: both of Mount Wolf.

Brent J. Wettengel from Natalie M. Wettengel: of Red Lion and Halethope, MD.

Rebecca Kay Tibbits from Zachary William Rupert: both of York.

Luciella Matthews Seward from Travis Seward: of Red Lion and Stewartstown.

Barbara L. McClinton from William D. McClinton: of York and Due West, SC.

Janine Flick Poland Townsley from John D. Townsley: of Palm Bay, FL, and Wrightsville.

Duane E. Weaver from Jacinta L. Weaver: of McSherrystown and Hanover.