Divorces, granted, March 22



Steven H. Birtles from Tamara J. Birtles: of York and West Middlesex, Pa.

James Edward Miller from Lori Mae Miller: of York and Stewartstown.

Jillie Laine Morgan from Douglas Andrew Morgan: of York and Spring Grove.

Jennifer N. Lebrun from Joseph M. Wheeler: both of Stewartstown.

Shane Douglas Walker from Christopher Alan Markle: both of Hickory, N.C.

Kayla R. Thomas from Trevor Thomas: of Spring Grove and York.

Nathan A. Stewart from Dawn A. Stewart: of Mount Wolf and York Haven.

Hank W. Dalley from Leah C. Jarratt Dalley: both of Hanover.

William J. Bourne from Sherri K. Bourne: of Wellsville and Middletown, Pa.

Summer Thomas Lytle from Dale Lytle: of York and Glen Rock.

Gina M. Chaney from Alfred Caldwell III: of Windsor and Glen Burnie, Md.

Keith T. Sprague from Tammy S. Sprague: of Red Lion and Wrightsville.

Jennifer M. Shockley from Kenneth E. Shockley: both of York.

Rebecca A. Peters from David W. Peters: both of Dallastown.

Lindsey N. Wonder from Caleb J. Wonder: both of Hanover.

Jennifer M. Royer Greathouse from Jacob A. Greathouse: both of York.

Donald E. Flory Jr. from Dottie L. Flory: of Red Lion and Brogue.

Sarah B. Fiore from Danielle N. Fiore: of Dover and Wellsville.

Kimberly Sue Whalen from Thomas M. Whalen: both of York.

Antonio Palomino from Yolanda Del Socorro Cedeno: of York and Jacksonville, Fla.

Amber J. Routson from Eric L. Highlands: of Spring Grove and Mount Wolf.

Janet Mokriski from Erik J. Brown: of Delta and Frederick, Md.

Melissa M. Barber from Joshua L. Barber: both of York.

Jeffrey R. Mateljan from Tami S. Mateljan: of York and Lancaster.

Lauryn Michele Hinton from Brady Matthew Hinton: of Spring Grove and Hanover.

Saul Manjarrez from Tori Manjarrez: of Hanover and York.

Danielle Beth Schildt from Hari Prahbu Pandre: of Dover and Fairfax, Va.

Robert S. McGeary from Nikki Hilton McGeary: both of York.

Andrea Lynn Brooks Baum from Jeffery Allen Baum: both of Windsor.

Christopher R. McKenzie from Marisa L. McKenzie: of Stewartstown and Shrewsbury.

Nichele Antoinette West Saunders from Jerome Melvin Saunders Jr.: of Pikesville, Md., and York.

Penelope M. Zeigler from Warren D. Zeigler: of Lemoyne, Pa., and York.

Steven Lee from Camille Jamella L. Lee: of York and Dover.

Marcus D. Kehr Sr. from Erin M. Kehr: of Hanover and York.

Michael Lewis Zortman from Cheryl A. Zortman: both of York.

Deborah Ann Frasca from Michael Thomas Frasca: of Dallastown and Jacobus.

Lorenzo W. Marsey III from Melissa M. Marsey: both of Shrewsbury.

Megan Hussman Lehr from Drew A. Lehr: of York and Manchester.

June M. Wickenheiser from Dale R. Wickenheiser: of Wrightsville and Dover.

Kathleen Danna Bowes from Patrick W. Bowes: both of York.

Stephanie C. Smith from Tony L. Bumgarner: of York and Sylva, N.C.

John J. Zeigler from Colleen A. Zeigler: of York and Dallastown.

Eric Rashard Moore from Vanessa Renee Moore: both of Hanover.

Jeffrey L. Knaub from Donna L. Marshall Knaub: of Dover and York.

Ashley Schuhart from Nathaniel M. Schuhart: both of York.

Jason David Scalise from Melissa Ashley Scalise: of Airville and New Park.

Priscilla Sanchez Cruz from Luis Daniel Cruz: both of Hanover.

Britteney Dawn Fritz from Gary Alan Fritz Jr.: of York and Taneytown, Md.

Humberto Barrera from Eminora Reyes: both of York.

Laura Lee Morton from Steven David Morton: both of York.

Edward P. King from Taria L. King: both of York Haven.

Faith R. Sanders from Hunter L. Kern: of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Air Force, overseas military installation.

Robin D. South from Carole L. South: of Delta and Hancock, Md.

Francis G. Gildea from Lisa A. Gildea: of York and Dover.

Robin M. Hildbrand from Matthew J. Hildebrand: both of York.

John Thompson from Cathryn Thompson: of York and Dallastown.

Michelle Larose from John Larose: both of York.

Amber Lynn Akers from Bobby James Akers III: of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and York.

Stephen C. Klingel from Joann S. Walker Klingel: of Spring Grove and York.

Andrea K. Kohler from Jeremy M. Kohler: of Wrightsville and York.

Eileen Mae Thome Hansen from Ole John Hansen: of York and Palm Coast, Fla.

Andrew Jason Stoner from Kayla Leanne Basehore Stoner: of Etters and Wormleysburg, Pa.

Carlos Roberto Calis Izaguirre from Lorena Barahona Avilez De Jesus: of York and Honduras.

Lianna Terry Johnson from Cecil Liborio Johnson: both of York.

George Edward Swartz from Tamatha Sue Swartz: both of Hanover.

Paul A. Gochenour Jr. from Pamela A. Gochenour: both of York.