Susquehannock High Warriors hold 2022 homecoming: Photos

Divorces, granted, Jan. 20



Frank C. Spells from Edith M. Spells: both of York.

Johanna Valentin Guaba from Miguel Angel Martinez: of York and Hawley, Pa.

Kim E. Bacon from Gregory L. Bacon: both of Brogue.

Nazario Rosado from Dhanragee Romkisoom: of York and Bronx, N.Y.

Cynthia L. Sersen from Michael Sersen: both of Hanover.

Hope Olewiler from James Jessie Olewiler: of York and Red Lion.

Lisa B. Lamothe from Michael G. Lamothe: both of York.

Joseph N. Wood II from Jane L. Wood: of Etters and York.

Christopher R. Mills from Lisa M. Mills: both of Hanover.

Felix Santiago from Maria H. Santiago: of York and Reading, Pa.

Jonathan E. Guynn from Amy M. Guynn: of York and unknown.

Usman Veriatch from Sidra Batool: of Hanover and Littlestown.

Paul A. Ward from Susan Z. Ward: of Schaumburg, Ill., and York.

Janice N. Michaels from Troy T. Michaels: of Dallastown and York.

Jeffrey B. Hilsmeier from Diane Hilsmeier: both of Delta.

Harry McBride from Amy Colleen McBride: of Spring Grove and Jessup, Md.

Tina J. Lowe from Colin W. Kemsey: both of Hanover.

Ariel A. Eisenhauer Jr. from Constance Louise Eisenhauer: of Gardners, Pa., and Lykens, Pa.

Catherine M. Bilger from David S. Bilger Sr.: of Airville and Delta.

Kenneth R. Jacoby Jr. from Tempest C. Jacoby: of Wrightsville and Jacobus.

John Spitzlay from Lindsay Spitzlay: both of York.

Marshall B. Goldstein from Sharon L. Goldstein: both of Hanover.

Robert Soos from Mary Soos: of East Berlin and Marquette, Minn.

Joelle Hall from William R. Hall II: of Red Lion and Dallastown.

Tara N. Burke from Ryan E. Burke: of Red Lion and Brogue.

Deborah A. Yambor from Stephen W. Yambor: both of York.

Justin Berk from Deborah Berk: of Jacobus and Sparks, Md.

Beth M. Kline from Troy W. Kline: of Red Lion and Airville.

Edward D. Morin from Jennifer L. Morin: both of Spring Grove.

Chanae Clark from Dennis E. Garcia: of Red Lion and Allentown, Pa.

Christopher E. Rodak from Stephanie L. Rodak: both of York.

Emily M. Howard from Michael B. Howard: of York and New Freedom.

Angela R. Endres from Kenneth C. Endres: of Dallastown and Jacobus.

Ann Marie Graehling from Timothy J. Graehling: of Brogue and York.

A. Christine Huckenberry from Charles S. Huckenberry Jr: from Pennsylvania and Dover.

Kimberly Renee Druck from Matthew Waylon Druck: both of Felton.

Beth M. Gingrich from Gary L. Gingrich: of York and Enola, Pa.

Edwin D. Jewell from Jennifer J. Jewell: both of Hanover.

Bryan Carl from Kelly Carl: of York and Spring Grove.

Jason A. Anstine from Andrea L. Anstine: of York and Jefferson.

Keri L. Seeley from William P. Seeley Jr.: both of York.

Nancy A. Bodell from Mark R. Bodell II: both of York.

Andrea Cellasio from Patrick J. Kehoe: of Mount Wolf and York.

Richard E. Roberts Jr. from Delores V. Roberts: of York and Oshkosh, Wis.

Irene A. Fix from Brian S. Fix: of Red Lion and Glen Rock.

Derek S. Johnson from Angela L. Johnson: of Seven Valleys and York.

Amy K. Bogden from Greg R. Bogden: of Spring Grove and York.

Wesley Leon Davis from Carrie Ann Davis: both of Hanover.

Portes Ann Fountain from Jermaine Orlando Harris: of York and Fort Valley, Ga.

Lisa Ann Myers from Michael Troy Myers: both of Glen Rock.

Jeisi Borrome from Rafael Martinez: both of York.

Amy Kessler from Christopher Kessler: of Red Lion and Hanover.

Benjamin R. McWilliams from Joanna M. McWilliams: of Dallastown and York.

Marvin J. Hendrick from Jean M. Hendrick: both of Red Lion.

Aaron E. Eckert from Nicole R. Eckert: both of York.

Mark Anthony Migdal from Jenna Lee Migdal: of Red Lion and Columbia, Pa.

Brian Lee Osbourne from Kaila Leeann Osbourne: of Shrewsbury and Bassett, Va.

David Housseal from Christina Housseal: both of Dover.

Ramona Jimenez De Colon from Jose Manuel Come Colon: of York and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Michele A. Shroyer from Markwood H. Shroyer: both of Mount Wolf.

Jackie R. Bowlsbey from Robin N. Bowlsbey: both of Dover.

Melissa A. Bream from Andrew J. Bream: of York and Dover.

Trisha A. Vogel from Michael R. Vogel: of Skowhegan, Maine, and Delta.

Carl D. Harlan from Tiffany K. Harlan: both of Manchester.

Sean R. Hartsough from Sierra N. Hartsough: both of Spring Grove.

Jeffrey J. Hoffman from Kerry C. Hoffman: both of Windsor.

Ashur Thomas from Jose Hernandez: both of York.

Matthew Joseph Lanasa from Lori Jean Lanasa: of Red Lion and Dover.

Kelly Marie Nicholson from Rock Martin Nicholson: of Dallastown and Seven Valleys.

Justin William McKinsey from Tara Jane McKinsey: of Hanover and Windsor.

Melissa Caceres from Alexis Caceres: of York and Austin, Texas.

Clinton Burkholder from Marilyn Burkholder: of Red Lion and York.

Jessica Batzer from John Batzer: both of Stewartstown, Pa.

Amy J. Paterson from Frederick Charles Paterson: of York and Camp Hill, Pa.

Ashley Vanhart from Brandon Vanhart: of York and Felton.

Holly L. King from David A. King: of New Freedom and Delta.

Adam Alamo from Shannon Alamo: of Hellam and York.

Kelly J. Swartz from William H. Swartz III: both of York.

Patience Obubeleye Dawson from Tyrone Dawson: of Glen Rock and Columbia, Md.

Sherry Lynn Schaefer Strachan from Stephen M. Strachan: of York and Seven Valleys.

Charles Nelson Lenhart III from April Sunshine Lenhart: of Dover and Harrisburg, Pa.

Amanda Maureen White from Jonathan Junior Levering White: both of York.

Amanda N. Enedy from Ryan J. Enedy: of Hellam and Wrightsville.

Lesley Hagan from Owusu Okyere Yeboah: York and Bronx, N.Y.

Stephanie M. Schuchart from Jacob R. Schuchart: of York and Hanover.

Abby M. Meissner from Dana L. Meissner: of York and Wexford, Pa.

Jacqueline Alvarado from Joel Alvarado Arellano: of York and Gainesville, Ga.

Michael Stephen Bennage from Cheri Lynette Bennage: both of York.

Christy Ambroe Winski from Jason Paul Winski: of Etters and Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Sheena Hankins from David Hankins Sr.: of Red Lion and Columbia, Pa.

Steven Patrick Pierce from Kristin Lee Pierce: both of York.

Rachel Brady from Jason V. Brady: both of Wrightsville.

Donald E. Grove Jr. from Wendy J. Grove: of Brogue and York Haven.

Robert Edward Davis from Sandra Landis Davis: both of York.

Jillian Rae Bartholomew from Steven L. Bartholomew: of Seven Valleys and Groton, Conn.

Lester W. Ginanni III from Katie L. Ginanni: both of New Cumberland.

Justin M. McDonough from Sarah A. McDonough: of Red Lion and Frost, Texas.

Robert E. Rauhauser from Rose L. Rauhauser: of Spring Grove and York.

Roland C. Golder from Shirley A. Warner: both of Dover.

Julie Ethel Corkle from Charles Alan Corkle Jr.: both of York.

Jeston J. Bowman from Karen A. Bowman: both of Dallastown.

Tara M. Stremmel from Christopher J. Stremmel: of Seven Valleys and Lewisberry.

Adele L. Mixell from Ronald E. Mixell: of Dillsburg and New Cumberland.

Kate L.S. Colgan from Robert Colgan: of Hanover and Staunton, Va.

Guillermo Familia from Luz Nereida Ramos Sanchez: both of York.

Erica L. Zeigler from Jason C. Zeigler: both of Etters.

Krisit A. Raykos from Jeffrey R. Raykos: of Dillsburg and Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Brett Allen Eckert from Ruth Ann Eckert: both of Dover.

Elizabeth G. Morganti from Kristopher L. Morganti: of Felton and Mohnton, Pa.

Bambye Wimer from John Wimer: both of York.

Matthew Lakari from Patricia Lakari: both of Etters.

Sarah Victoria Hood from James Anthony Hood: of Gettysburg and York.

Kris Nelson Seaborg from Julene Elizabeth Seaborg: both of York.

Stephanie Marie Maruski from Brant Aaron Maruski: of Dover and York.

Theresa L. McCoy from Robert W. McCoy: of Red Lion and Fort Meade, Md.

Sara M. Bush from Matthew R. Bush: of Hanover and Hampstead, Md.

Andrea L. Ramer from Toby A. Ramer: both of York.

Kenneth Ivan Middleton Sr. from Amanda Elizabeth Famolaro Middleton: of York and Ocean City, Md.

Ishmael Gonzalez Jr. from Quetcy A. Gonzalez: of Lewisberry and Harrisburg, Pa.

David A. Beyer from Michele F. Beyer: of Wrightsville and Quarryville, Pa.

Alejandra Flachier from Jean Paul Flachier: both of York.

Brandon Douglas Moul from Dena Marie Ortiz Moul: of Windsor and Dallastown.

Jennifer L. Glatfelter from Michael L. Glatfelter: of Dallastown and Red Lion.

Michele E. Ranker from Darvin H. Ranker: both of York.

Juan Luis Moreno Rosado from Migdalia Sanchez Gonzalez: of Jacksonville, Fla., and York.

Gina Pellegrino Wood from Grayson A. Wood: of York and York New Salem.

Brenda Liz Camacho Diaz from Pedro Jose Castro: both of York.

Michael P. Brenneman from Linda Brenneman: of Emigsville and York.

Jessica R. Kling from Corey J. Kling: of Thomasville and York.

Sharon Lynne Boyer Reynolds from David John Reynolds: of York and Jacobus.

Sandra M. Elsass from Scott A. Elsass: both of Red Lion.

Rebecca M. Metcalf from Kristopher T. Metcalf: both of Hanover.

Juana Brunilda Morales Butz from Joseph Alan Butz: of Montgomery, Ala., and Hellam.

Jacquelyn Christine Naegele from Steven Thomas Naegele Jr.: both of York.

Autumn Anne Smith from Samuel G. Fultz: of York and Harrisburg.

Harry Addison Tyson from Connie Lynn Bates Tyson: of Red Lion and Dallastown.

Heather J. Shauck from Jason Shauck: of York and Red Lion.

Christian Saez Alfonso from Emilie Troche Carretera Perez: of York and El Sapo, Puerto Rico.

Jessie R. Iles Bullington from Roger D. Bullington II: of Hanover and Indianapolis, Ind.

Ashlee Marie Anderson Christy from Jesse L. Christy: both of York.

Iris A. Peters from Frank M. Peters: both of York.

Michelle D. Miller Wentz from Randy A. Wentz: both of Hanover.

Melinda Mae McMaster Bowie from Jason Maliek Bowie: of York and New Cumberland.

Heather Marie Fritz from David Michael Fritz: of Hanover and Rosedale, Md.

Nancy A. Stees from Robert D. Stees: both of Dillsburg.

Debra Mae Pearson from Daniel Karl Pearson: of Hanover and Jennings, Fla.

Janet Archer from James R. Stevens: both of Stewartstown.

Sarah J. Vandervort from Adam C. Vandervort: of York and York Haven.

Megan Taylor from Stephen Taylor: of York and East Earl, Pa.

Heather Ann Holtzinger from Warren Irving Turner III: of East Berlin and Elkridge, Md.

Whitney Morgan from Elio Nanni: both of York.

Michell Lynn Oberdick from Chad A. Oberdick: both of Glen Rock.

George M. Dillon from Robin Lynn Dillon: of Berlin, Md., and York.

Clementina Rivera from Rafael Rivera Jr.: both of York.