Divorces, granted, November 2016



Tabatha M. Peters Amereihn from Robert C. Amereihn: both of York.

Daniel Leroy Laughman from Rachel Jane Laughman: both of Dover.

Trissi Lynn Otero from Luis Antonio Otero: of Dallastown and York.

Hope Olewiler from James Jessie Olewiler: of York and Red Lion.

John E. Hessler from Doreen M. Hessler: of Nottingham, Md., and York.

Joseph N. Wood II from Jane L. Wood: of Etters and York.

Christopher R. Mills from Lisa M. Mills: both of Hanover.

Mark Steven Oberdorff from Sandra Kay Crone Oberdorff: of Brogue and Windsor.

Kevin Robert Fritsch from Shannon Marie Fritsch: of Columbia, Pa., and Wrightsville.

Felix Santiago from Maria H. Santiago: of York and Reading, Pa.

Jonathan E. Guynn from Amy M. Knott Guynn: both of York.

Michael Eden from Jane E. Eden: both of New Freedom.

Janice N. Michaels from Troy T. Michaels: of Dallastown and York.

Harry McBride from Amy Colleen McBride: of Spring Grove and Jessup, Md.

Susan A. Gladfelter from Cameron L. Gladfelter: both of Dover.

Tina J. Lowe from Colin W. Kemsey: both of Hanover.

Kathy L. Diehl Conley from Brian K. Conley: both of Red Lion.

Kevin S. Bryson from Amanda L. Bryson: both of Hanover.

Patricia E. Lees Repman from Michael G. Repman: both of York.

Kenneth R. Jacoby Jr. from Tempest C. Jacoby: of Wrightsville and Jacobus.

Thomas M. Wagaman from Andreia C. Wagaman: of York and Tangara da Serra, Brazil.

Garry L. Heilman from Gina M. Heilman: both of Hanover.

Randy C. Lowe from Terry L. Lowe: of New Park and Fawn Grove.

Jennifer M. Lader from Robert A. Lader Jr.: of Severn, Md., and Stewartstown.

Deborah Jaasund from Spencer Jaasund: of Hellam and Wrightsville.

Ethan M. Keely from Annette M. Keely: both of Mount Wolf.

Catherine Blouse Gonzalez from Faustino Gonzalez: both of York.

Delmos H. Rill from Rebecca Brillhart: of York and Dover.

Gary L. Rosenberry Jr. from Melissa A. Rosenberry: both of Hanover.

Elizabeth Pereira McFadden from David McFadden: both of York.

Jody L. Albert Jolley from Edward E. Jolley: of Wellsville and Dover.

Christopher E. Rodak from Stephanie L. Rodak: both of York.

Emily M. Howard from Michael B. Howard: of York and New Freedom.

Kevin E. Winters Jr. from Emily D. Winters: of Manchester and York.

Cassandra Gene Bruce from Carrington Bennett Bruce: of Wrightsville and Crestview, Fla.

Nathan D. Gramm from Jennifer L. Gramm: both of Dillsburg.

A. Christine Huckenberry from Charles S. Huckenberry Jr.: Address confidential and Dover.

Beth M. Gingrich from Gary L. Gingrich: of York and Enola, Pa.

Justin B. Lighty from Jara M. Lighty: of Hanover and York.

Dwane J. Bell from Melissa A. Bell: both of Dover.

Thomas D. Stipe from Virginia Martina: of Lancaster and Shrewsbury.

Michael L. Rentzel from Nicole R. Rentzel: both of York.

Derek S. Johnson from Angela L. Johnson: of Seven Valleys and York.

Caley M. Kratz from Justin C. Kratz: of Bel Air, Md., and New Freedom.

Beth Barrick from Jeffrey Barrick: of Hanover and Glenville.

Juan Lopez Alvarez from Tammy Lee Alvarez: of Spring Grove and Thomasville.

Leigh Ann Giniewski Stambaugh from Eric J. Stambaugh: of Dallastown and York.

Vianca Liz Santiago from Edson Rivera: both of York.

Lisa Ann Myers from Michael Troy Myers: both of Glen Rock.

Jeisi Borrome from Rafael Martinez: both of York.

Michelle L. Spahr from Brandon R. Spahr: both of Dillsburg.

Daniel L. Gotwalt from Angela M. Gotwalt: both of York.

Scott D. Saurs from Dana L. Saurs: of Dillsburg and Red Lion.

Jerry L. Keith from Diane J. Keith: of York and Dover.

Gena K. Linaburg from Kevin J. Linaburg: of York and Dallastown.

Brian Lee Osbourne from Kaila Leeann Osbourne: of Shrewsbury and Bassett, Va.

Brian C. Acri from Ashley D. Acri: of Etters and Marion, N.C.

Rae A. Runkle Smith from Eugene M. Smith: of Dover and New Freedom.

Sean R. Hartsough from Sierra N. Hartsough: both of Spring Grove.

Allison Shaw Morrison from David Morrison: of Camp Hill and Etters.

Heather Ann Smith from Harley David Smith: both of York.

Sean O’Connor from Geraldine O’Connor: of York and Felton.

Matthew Joseph Lanasa from Lori Jean Shue Lanasa: of Red Lion and Dover.

Joseph D. Sachs from Erica M. Sachs: of York and Red Lion.

Cynthia A. Bowman from Robert N. Bowman: both of York.

Gretchen Diane Lowe from Malco Lowe: both of York.

Katherine C. Walker from David L. Walker: of Dillsburg and Pottstown, Pa.

Dona Jo Ponn from Robert E. Ponn: of Hanover and Westminster, Md.

Melissa Caceres from Alexis Caceres: of York and Austin, Texas.

Lisa M. Woods from Justin W. Woods: both of Stewartstown.

Sara Elizabeth Angle from Andre Deon Conley: both of York.

Pablo Adrian Gallero from Kathleen Angel Lott Gallero: of York and Hanover.

Thomas R. Morela from Cynthia A. Morela: both of York.

Ashley Vanhart from Brandon Vanhart: of York and Felton.

April Elizabeth Moorehead from Mark Steven Moorehead: of Hanover and Zanesville, Ohio.

Sabrina Lauren Davison from Joshua Aaron Thomas: of Etters and Lewisberry.

Amanda N. Enedy from Ryan J. Enedy: both of Hellam and Wrightsville.

Tamara Chowkai from Jhonerick Solivan: of York and Windsor.

Michael Stephen Bennage from Cheri Lynette Bennage: both of York.

Ronald Aaron Barillas Veliz from Aide Manzo Oseguera: of York and New Oxford.

September Y. Beach from John D. Beach: of Red Lion and Laurel, Md.

Donald E. Grove Jr. from Wendy J. Grove: of Brogue and York Haven.

Patricia Lee Bankard from Eugene Michael Bankard: of Glen Rock and York.

Susan Mary Marlowe from Michael Emilio Marlowe: both of Dillsburg.

Justin M. McDonough from Sarah A. McDonough: of Red Lion and Frost, Texas.

Jonathan Rivera from Tina Oliver: both of York.

Karen W. Sechrist from Jeremy W. Sechrist: both of York.

Melanie Ann Arnold from Matthew Brett Arnold: both of York.

Michael J. Lawrence from April L. Lawrence: both of Hanover.

Latasha D. Abel Hernandez from Karol L. Hernandez: both of York.

Robin L. Conaway from Julie A. Conaway: both of York.

Tara M. Stremmel from Christopher J. Stremmel: of Seven Valleys and Lewisberry.

Kevin E. Kuntz from Ashley L. Kuntz: both of York.

Vilma Goldman from Kenneth M. Goldman: of Mount Wolf and Pikesville, Md.

Adele L. Mixell from Ronald E. Mixell: of Dillsburg and New Cumberland.

Sherry Lee Anthony from Robert Wayne Anthony: of New Oxford and Hanover.

Kate L.S. Colgan from Robert Colgan: of Hanover and Staunton, Va.

Melissa J. Senft from Michael K. Senft: of Dillsburg and Dover.

Jeffrey D. Lewis from Angela J. Lewis: both of York.

April M. Straining from Kenneth R. Straining: of Dover and Schuylkill Haven, Pa.

Tyler Anthony Squillace from Vanessa Mikaela Suarez: of Mount Wolf and Elizabethville, Pa.

Ruth Ann Medina Nguyen from Thai Van Nguyen: of York and Dover.

Mary J. Rife from James Raymond Rife Sr.: of Red Lion and Gettysburg.

Brett Allen Eckert from Ruth Ann Eckert: both of Dover.

Juanita Jo Radzik from Charles R. Radzik: of Wrightsville and Dover.

Laura Lee Meschke from Shane Patrick Meschke: both of York.

Grant Jeffry Holub from Julia Ann Holub: both of Hanover.

Keri Rose Hemming from Nicholas Scott Hemming: of Manchester and York.

Nickcol Marie Becker from Brandon Gregory Becker: of Hanover and York.

Burton B. Shirey from Cynthia D. Shirey: both of York.

Richard L. Stabley Jr. from Brandy L. Stabley: of York and Red Lion.

Theresa L. McCoy from Robert W. McCoy: of Red Lion and Shrewsbury.

Ishmael Gonzalez Jr. from Quetcy A. Gonzalez: of Lewisberry and Harrisburg, Pa.

Michele E. Ranker from Darvin H. Ranker: both of York.

Brenda Liz Camacho Diaz from Pedro Jose Castro: both of York.

Jessica R. Kling from Corey J. Kling: of Thomasville and York.

Sharon Lynne Reynolds from David John Reynolds: of York and Jacobus.

Sandra M. Elsass from Scott A. Elsass: both of Red Lion.

Christian Alfonso Saez from Emilie Carretera Perez Troche: of York and Quebrada, Puerto Rico.

Nanette C. Pelton Frank from Steven M. Frank Sr.: of Lemoyne, Pa., and Etters.

Colin J. Waits from Deborah J. Waits: of Chester Springs, Pa., and Dillsburg.

Kristina L. Seymore from Daniel J. Seymore: of Fawn Grove and Red Lion.

Oleksandra Finn from Kevin P. Finn: both of Hanover.

Holly B. Stanko from Brian A. Stanko: both of New Freedom.

Mary C. Tucker from Christopher R. Tucker: of York and Philadelphia, Pa.