Divorces, granted, October 2016



Dylan P. Moser from Sheena L. Moser: both of Brogue.

Dawn R. Evans Forrey from Richard A. Forrey: both of York.

Daniel Leroy Laughman from Rachel Jane Laughman: both of Dover.

Barbara Sue Eisenhart from Jacob C. Eisenhart Jr.: of York and Dover.

Seth T. Daugherty from Emily S. Daugherty: both of Hanover.

Kevin Robert Fritsch from Shannon Marie Fritsch: of Columbia, Pa., and Wrightsville.

Jeff A. Murtoff from Yvonne N. Murtoff: both of Dillsburg.

Michael Roddy from Candice A. Roddy: both of Red Lion.

Joel A. Scott from Brittany N. Dreier: of York and Carroll, Ohio.

Pablo Salazar Martinez from Elizabeth Sierra Martinez: both of Hanover.

Kenneth R. Jacoby Jr. from Tempest C. Jacoby: of Wrightsville and Jacobus.

Kayla A. Billet from Anthony S. Billet: both of York.

Samantha Griffin from Danny Griffin: of Wrightsville and Colorado Springs, Colo.

Steven F. Emenheiser from Michele L. Emenheiser: of Spring Grove and York.

Erin Lynne Smith from Michael Carroll Smith: of York and San Antonio, Texas.

Thomas D. Wheeler from Annette M. Eberhardinger Wheeler: of Hanover and New Freedom.

Tracey Lynn Lamotte Rose from Tyler Rose: both of Hanover.

Mark P. Robinson from Gloria J. Robinson: both of Spring Grove.

Cassandra Gene Bruce from Carrington Bennett Bruce: of Wrightsville and Crestview, Fla.

Elizabeth L. Kraft Bollinger from Christopher D. Bollinger: of Seven Valleys and York.

Olga Stevens from Mark Alan Stevens: both of Hanover.

Beth M. Gingrich from Gary L. Gingrich: of York and Enola, Pa.

Spencer L. Williams from Alberta G. Hess Williams: of Dallastown and Red Lion.

Thomas D. Stipe from Virginia Martina: of Lancaster, Pa., and Shrewsbury.

Richard K. Spellman from Mary K. Wolfe Spellman: of Bel Air, Md., and Red Lion.

Mindy J. Miller from Corey A. Miller: of York and Thomasville.

Daniel R. Botterbusch from Laura E. Botterbusch: of Dover and Middletown, Pa.

Hester Krulick from Deane Soto: of York and Centre Hall, Pa.

Luke Miller from Stephanie Miller: both of York.

Leonieka Richette Wray from Kareem Wray Sr.: of York and Gaffney, S.C.

Juan Lopez Alvarez from Tammy Lee Alvarez: both of Spring Grove.

Reginald T. Sims from Alona D. Sims: of Womelsdorf, Pa., and York.

Lisa Ann Myers from Michael Troy Myers: both of Glen Rock.

Jennifer A. Pugaczewski from Adam D. Pugaczewski: of Glen Rock and Hanover.

Heather Kathleen Stewart from William Andrew Stewart: both of York.

Michelle L. Spahr from Brandon R. Spahr: both of Dillsburg.

Amanda M. Gibson from Todd E. Gibson: of Red Lion and Summerville, S.C.

Timothy R. Altland from Tiffany V. Altland: of York and Dallastown.

Susan Walsh from Jeffrey Walsh: both of Hanover.

Amy M. Greenplate from Sean P. Greenplate: both of York.

Roland M. Barnhart from Kelly Marie Kline Barnhart: both of Hanover.

Selena Gramm Goff from Paul Goff: of Lewisberry and Carlisle, Pa.

Jolene Tu Vo from Jimmy Huynh: both of York.

Gregory S. Bakke from Julie I. Bakke: both of York.

Tiffany M. Trimble Tompkins from Robert Z. Tompkins: of Dallastown and Airville.

Kathryn Rodney from Jacob Freeman: of Glen Rock and Blountville, Tenn.

Dianne R. Hannak Boyer from Shane W. Boyer: both of New Freedom.

Matthew J. Goodman from Amber G. Goodman: of Lexington Park, Md., and Dallastown.

Theresa L. Taylor from Earnest E. Taylor: both of Manchester.

Jessica M. Wolfe Cressler from Jonathan D. Cressler: both of York.

Jennifer M. Lippy from Brad A. Lippy: of Windsor and York.

William Gilfillan from Teri Gilfillan: both of York.

Brian J. Price from Tabatha Price: of Manchester and Maud, Texas.

Melissa I. Colon from Larry Strong: both of Red Lion.

Lisa M. Woods from Justin W. Woods: both of Stewartstown.

Jonathan B. Matic from Heidi May Boyd Matic: both of Dover.

George G. Smith Jr. from Lynette C. Smith: of York and Wilmington, Del.

Beth E. Livingston from Robert A. Livingston Sr.: of Lewisberry and Dover.

Azira McWilliams from Floyd D. McWilliams III: of Hanover and Spring Grove.

Hope Denise Stickle from Michael Jack Stickle: of York and Eldred, Pa.

Shannon Caprice Patterson from Tommy Lecharles Patterson: of York and Dallastown.

Susan C. Hunt from James H. Hunt: both of Fawn Grove.

Michael K. Potter from Gina Maria Sudano Potter: of Seven Valleys and York.

Michael J. Galuppo from Ashley N. Galluppo: of Thomasville and Holidaysburg, Pa.

Veronica Sue Jacoby Hilty from Zachary J. Hilty: of Spring Grove and Hanover.

Natalie A. Baker from Leon G. Baker Jr.: both of Spring Grove.

Ashli Laurin Wheeler from Joseph Earl Wheeler: of Camp Hill and York Haven.

Larry C. Velazquez from Jocelyn Velazquez: of York and Crystal Springs, Fla.

Sarah L. Ward from Daniel L. Ward Jr.: both of Red Lion.

Tiffany M. Koontz from Brian N. Koontz: both of Dover.

Edward W. Jacoby from Teresa A. Jacoby: both of Hanover.

Scott E. Rohrbaugh from Diana C. Heagey Rohrbaugh: of Spring Grove and York.

Heidi Ann Wise from George L. Wise: of Dover and York.

Caitlyn N. Elliott from Thomas C. Elliott Jr.: both of York.

Tiffani A. Keister from Timothy R. Keister: of Three Springs, Pa., and Etters.

Tracy Lee Main from Faron Letcher Main: of Red Lion and Airville.

Lindsey Danielle Smith Griffin from Patrick Todd Griffin: of Mount Wolf and York.

Alvita Carolyn Ojeda from Maximino Ojeda: both of York.

Joan F. Yohe from Scott A. Yohe: both of Manchester.

Amanda Wisotzkey from Jeffrey Graham Wisotzkey: of York and York Springs, Pa.

Holly Jean Gulnac Lockwood from Brian E. Lockwood: both of York.

Kristy Ann Devich Mathena from Scott E. Mathena: both of New Freedom.

Debbie S. Krout Althoff from Joseph A. Althoff: both of Red Lion.

Erin Leslie Neal Dean from James Anthony Dean: of Glen Rock and York.

Maria L. Narvaes Sanabia from Gabrielle L. Sanabia: of Etters and York.

Kelly C. Gorman from Kevin V. Gorman: of Lewisberry and Mechanicsburg.

Karen Rose Corrigan from David M. Corrigan: both of Hanover.

Kimberly Dinneen from Byron Dinneen: of Dallastown and York.

Amanda Louise Bentley from Gail Vernie Bentley: both of Dover.

Dana Marie Crum from William Andrew Crum: both of Hanover.

September Y. Beach from John D. Beach: of Red Lion and Laurel, Md.

Rachael K. Grothe from Christopher C. Grothe: of York and Red Lion.

Louie Pena Jr. from Tanja Lorraine Pena: both of York.

James Michael Clark from Rebecca Lynn Clark: of Brogue and North East, Md.

Jennifer L. Ruffatto from Steven D. Ruffatto: both of York.

Danielle Nicole Howe from Jason Michael Howe: both of York.

Michael J. Lawrence from April L. Lawrence: both of Hanover.

Sherry Lee Anthony from Robert Wayne Anthony: of New Oxford and Hanover.

Kaleh M. Hutchinson from Kyle A. Hutchinson: of York and Red Lion.

Tyler Anthony Squillace from Vanessa Mikaela Suarez: of Mount Wolf and Elizabethville, Pa.

Christopher Michael Thomas from Joanna Joyce Tyler: of East Berlin and Universal City, Texas.

Marsha L. Huffman from Kenneth A. Brown Sr.: of York and New Brunswick, N.J.

Joy L. Woods from Bradley S. Woods: of Felton and Red Lion.

Eugene E. Tawney from Candy Tawney: both of York.

Rhonda F.L. Mitchell from Matthew L. Martin: both of York.

Nanette C. Pelton Frank from Steven M. Frank Sr.: of Lemoyne, Pa., and Etters.

Cindy L. Bentley from Richard F. Bentley Sr.: of East Hampstead, N.H., and Stewartstown.

Tammy Marie Eckert from Wade Allen Eckert: both of Hanover.

Kristina L. Seymore from Daniel J. Seymore: of Fawn Grove and Red Lion.

John V. Faloni from Amanda A. Faloni: of Stewartstown and Freeland, Md.

Patrice E. Hammons from David A. Hammons: both of York.

Linda Mae Shaffer Minnelli from Mark Matthew Minnelli: both of York.

Richard L. Burns Jr. from Haydee Nereyda Rodriguez Burns: of Port Orchard, Wash., and Brooklyn, N.Y.