Divorces, granted, Sept. 19-23, 2016



Michele Ann Blouse Gerace from Todd Rahe Gerace: both of York.

Keseterbrhan Keleta from Hermon Mussie: both of York.

Laura L. Owens from Darrell E. Owens Sr.: of Lewistown, Pa., and Mansfield, Ohio.

Tara E. Sims from Robert A. Sims: of York and Grant, Ala.

Samantha N. Myers from John P. Myers: of York and Conestoga, Pa.

Ronald John Walker from Tami Jean Walker: of Mount Wolf and New Cumberland.

Charylis Romero from Henderson Romero: both of York.

Robert Zachary Nall from Erin Jennifer Michaels: of Dallastown and Elkridge, Md.

Diane R. Abel from Robert J. Abel: of Conestoga, Pa., and Wrightsville.

Matthew A. Baile from Nicole M. Baile: both of Hanover.

Lenore R. Parthree from David S. Parthree: of Dover and York.

Abbie J. Chappell from James R. Chappell Jr.: of York and Yoe.