Divorces, granted, Sept. 12-16, 2016



Glen P. Yerkes from Emily S. Tischer Yerkes: of Glen Rock and Stewartstown.

Holly Ann Dexter from Johnathan Isaiah Dexter: both of Glen Rock.

Kenneth T. Szymusiak from Fawn Jennifer L. Szymusiak: both of Fawn Grove.

Carol Klein Blevins from Shannon Blevins: both of Jacobus.

Kerry McWilliams from Sherry McWilliams: of York and Dallastown.

Michael L. Rummel from Rebecca L. Rummel: of Hanover and Stewartstown.

Brian K. Luzier from April R. Luzier: of Felton and New Freedom.

Brandon Arkward from Brittany Arkward: both of York.

Nicole Lynn Moore from Randolph Earl Moore: of Manchester and Stephens, Alaska.

Lori J. Schaefer from Jeffrey E. Schaefer: of Red Lion and York.

Cassandra L Gaus Raffensberger from Wilbur S. Raffensberger: both of Wrightsville.

Kevin Sullivan from Charlotte Sullivan: of Seven Valleys and Glen Rock.

William C. Hildmann from Amy S. Eichelberger Hildmann: of York and Red Lion.

Wilfred Ofori from Melissa Sue Kleiman: of York and York Haven.

Brent E. Mundis from Alissa M.W. Mundis: of Red Lion and Dallastown.

Ramon Eligio Mena from Josefina A. Corona Mena: both of York.

Samantha Hench from Joseph Hench: both of Hanover.

Jereme Vaught from Takeya Vaught: of Red Lion and McKean, Pa.

Robert A. Daum III from Danielle K. Daum: both of Mount Wolf.

Christian David King from Breanna Lyn King: of Dover and York.

Robert Alan Brown from Martha Frances Fisher Brown: both of Red Lion.

Georgie L. Berger from David A. Berger: both of Dover.

Quan T. Tran from Le Than: both of York.

Ryan C. Stewart from Jaime R. Stewart: of New Freedom and White Marsh, Md.

Heather T. Border from Benjamin J. Border: of New Freedom and Shrewsbury.

Karen Close Snyder from Bradly David Snyder: of Hanover and Eldersburg, Md.

Kenneth W. Sechrist from Kala A. Sechrist: of York Haven and York.

Stephanie M. Conner Williams from Christopher M. Williams: of Stewartstown and York.

John D. Wise III from Joy M. Wise: both of Hanover.

Lisa Marie Stamper from Keith Willard Stamper: of York and Brooksville, Fla.

James P. Van Etten from Sandra D. Van Etten: of New Cumberland and Mechanicsburg.

Krista M. Harris from Joshua C. Harris: both of Airville.

Janice White from Anthony White: of York and Bruceton Mills, W.Va.

Stanley Stephen Fianko from Sophia Fianko: of York and Ghana, West Africa.