Teresa M. Bear v. David M. Bear: both of Mount Wolf.

Erica L. Zeigler v. Jason C. Zeigler: both of Etters.

Darryl S. Boyd v. Lynne A. Boyd: of Wellsville and York.

Ruth Ann Medina Nguyen v. Thai Van Nguyen: of York and Dover.

Ashley Shedava Hughes v. Johnathan C. Hughes: of York and Rockford, Ill.

Kaprisha L. Owens v. Kent N. Owens: of York and Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Warren F. Ruth v. Lisa M. Ruth: of New Freedom and New Castle, Del.

Brett A. Eckert v. Ruth A. Eckert: both of Dover.

Curt A. Roth v. Julie A. Roth: of Dover and Abbottstown.

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