Man, 88, killed in early morning blaze

Divorces, new cases, July 11-15, 2016

York Dispatch


Nicole Beth Watson v. Brandon Lee Watson: of Dover and East Berlin.

Heather Ann Smith v. Harley David Smith: both of York.

Jeffrey W. Valentine v. Kelly C. Valentine: both of York.

Jillian Rae Bartholomew v. Steven L. Bartholomew: of Dallastown and Schoogroton, Conn.

Susan Mary Marlowe v. Michael Emilio Marlowe: both of Dillsburg.

Robin D. Jones v. Kenneth M. Jones: both of York.

James Michael Clark v. Rebecca Lynn Clark: of Brogue and North East, Md.

Lester W. Ginanni III v. Katie L. Ginanni: both of New Cumberland.

Pamelia Dawn Curtis v. John Delmer Curtis: of Felton and Archdale, N.C.

Christina Morton v. James T. Morton III: of York and Lancaster.

Kenneth Edward Dowd v. Regina Lois Dowd: of York and Wichita Falls, Texas.

Mai L. Lowman v. Scott Lowman: of York and Hilo, Hawaii.

Todd A. Grove v. Glenna J. Grove: both of Felton.

Justin M. McDonough v. Sarah A. McDonough: of Red Lion and Frost, Texas.

Donald A. Ream v. Sondra L. Ream: of Dover and York.

Nicole Marie Velez v. Jeremiah Fanzo Velez: of Dillsburg and Mechanicsburg.

Lisa Smith Godfrey v. Gary D. Godfrey: of Loganville and Seven Valleys.