Divorces, granted, June 27-July 1, 2016



Dorie Leitzel from Kevin S. Leitzel: of York and Dillsburg.

Julie Waggoner from Byron Waggoner: both of East Berlin.

John Z. Falenski from Kristen M. Falenski: both of York.

Ricky A. Eisenhart from Anastashia L. Eisenhart: both of York.

Marilyn Sabo Gonzalez from Sigfredo Ortiz Noguez: both of York.

Keith A. Spalla Jr. from Ashley C. Spalla: both of Dover.

Penni D. Dehart Strine from Tony M. Strine: of Mechanicsburg and Dillsburg.

Allen Burnell Noll Jr. from Brandy Lee Noll: of Brogue and Red Lion.

Julie R. Romig from Jayson W. Romig: both of York.

Janell Nicole Rose Rout from Stuart John Rout: both of Hanover.

Ianthea R. Yeager from William E. Yeager: both of Spring Grove.

Tracie Jo England from George England: of Jacobus and York.

Linda C. Reid from Robert G. Reid: both of York.

Belinda A. Bauerlein Lighty from Edward W. Lighty: both of East Berlin.

Carrie A. Kleynen from Grant C. Kleynen: of Red Lion and York.

Erin M. Brunner from Branden M. Brunner: of York and town unlisted.

Robert R. Patton from Yvonne L. Patton: of Dillsburg and Fairfield, Pa.

James D. Isett from Amber R. Isett: both of York.

Chanda L. Radabaugh from Harold R. Radabaugh: of Dover and Duncannon, Pa.

Nichole M. Waggner from Andrew T. Waggner: of Spring Grove and Manchester.

Christopher K. Vera from Emma Vera: of York and Berkshire, UK.

Ann L. Reynolds Hale from Michael J. Hale: both of York.

Jerusha Stone from Clete Stone: of Hellam and Coahoma, Texas.

Theresa A. Hamme Livingston from Mark M. Livingston: both of Mount Wolf.

James Roy Low from Rebekah Lee Low: of Shrewsbury and Red Lion.

Sarah E. Petrovic from Brandon W. Petrovic: of Dover and Cookeville, Tenn.

Holly St. Pierre from Gary St. Pierre: of Yellow Springs, Ohio, and York.

Lee D. Howard from Catherine A. Howard: both of Yoe.

David C. Donaldson from Kathleen J. Donaldson: both of Carlisle, Pa.

Lisa Elaine Felder Rowe from Marvin R. Rowe: both of York.

Adam Lee Fuhrman from Stephanie Lee Fuhrman: of Red Lion and Dallastown.

Elizabeth S. Gurnee from Keith A. Gurnee: both of York.

Linda Van Sickle from John Van Sickle: both of Lewisberry.

Brian Lee Miller from Kathryn Ann Marie Miller: both of Dover.

Marianela Rosario from Estarlin Taveras Sanchez: both of York.

Kelley Renae Langston from David Scott Langston: of Jacobus and York.

Jamie A. Demory from Ronald W. Demory: both of York.

Pamela Jean Kuster from Glenie James Kuster: both of Hanover.

Cindy A. Taggart from William J. Taggart: of Thomasville and Hanover.