Divorces, granted, June 6-10, 2016



Henry J. Hirsch Jr. from Carla S. Hirsch: of Manchester, Md., and Spring Grove.

Susan E. Schmuck from Joseph W. Schmuck: of York and Red Lion.

Crystal Metrovich from Nicholas Metrovich: of Dover and McKeesport, Pa.

Vickie Toomey from Ronald V. Toomey II: both of Dover.

Roddale F. Alleyne from Orbrin Alleyne: of York and Georgetown, Guyana.

Karen L. Gramm from Terry L. Gramm: both of Dillsburg.

April M. Macklin Murtorff from Chad M. Murtorff: of Manchester and Carlisle, Pa.

Richard D. Rufle from Maureen R. Rufle: both of Dover.

William Robert Dervaes from Suzanne Elaine Dervaes: of Harrisburg and York.

Devinder Kumar from Angela Ruiz: of York and Kew Gardens, N.Y.

Jamie L. Charles from Dack S. Charles: of Wrightsville and Red Lion.

Brittany N. Ferstler from Robert A. Ferstler: of Dover and Red Lion.

So Yeun Lee from Robert Mallory Cordones: of Seoul, South Korea, and Glenville.

Corgina Annette Wallace Anderson from Michael Albert Anderson: of York and Baltimore, Md.