Divorces, new cases, April 18-22, 2016



Justine A. Galentine v. Michael G. Galentine: of York and Wrightsville.

Autumn Armstrong v. Jason R. Armstrong: of York and Dover.

Cindy A. Taggart v. William J. Taggart: of Thomasville and Hanover.

Kimberly S. Marsico v. Roberto A. Marsico: both of York.

Robert A. Daum III v. Danielle K. Daum: both of Mount Wolf.

Stephanie K. Eyler v. Murray Stephen Eyler: both of Dover.

Roberto Junior Ortiz Oliveras v. Lilliam Lopez: of York and Beloit, Wis.

Courtnie Georgetta Noyola v. Marco Noyola: of Manchester and York.

Megan R. Shifflett v. Wayne Shifflett: of York and Emigsville.

Steven T. Olkowski v. Janet E. Olkowski: both of York.

Arelis Agromonte v. Juan Almonzar: of Dover and Bronx, N.Y.

Randi Jo Fox v. Michael Angelo Fox Jr.: of York and Coatesville, Pa.

Candice E. Rhoades v. Todd W. Rhoades: of Baltimore, Md., and Stewartstown.

Janelle Wolpert v. Zakary N. Wolpert: both of York.

Maryanne Mullens v. Charles Ray Mullens: both of York.

Azira McWilliams v. Floyd D. McWilliams III: of Hanover and Spring Grove.

James Stinchecum v. Christina Stinchecum: both of Felton.

Hope Denise Stickle v. Michael Jack Stickle: of York and Eldred, Pa.

Stephanie A. Delp v. Scott M. Delp: both of Dover.

Andrew William Nace v. Megan Lee Nace: of Dover and Manchester.

Audrey Rosalie Ozminski v. Jerome W. Ozminski: both of Hanover.