More questions emerge around York City's proposed $4M Dentsply purchase

Divorces, granted, for Oct. 19-23, 2015

York Dispatch


Kevin L. Shaull from Joyce M. Shaull: of Brogue and Windsor.

Charles A. Udzinski Jr. from Regenia Warlick Udzinski: of Stewartstown and Baltimore, Md.

Derek C. Parthree from Samantha H. Parthree: both of Hanover.

Judith S. Diaz Klauss from Wayne T. Klauss: of Red Lion and Cockeysville, Md.

Linnea R. Owings from Christopher M. Owings: both of York.

Jessica Myree Storm from Joseph Richard Storm: of New Oxford and Hanover.

Reilly T. Prugh from Carrissa N. Kindle: both of Thomasville.

Elisha Marie Armold Parfitt from Richard James Parfitt: of York and Elizabethtown, Pa.

Sarah J. Perkins from James D. Perkins: of Shrewsbury and York.

Megan E. Welsh from Shane E. Welsh: of Wrightsville and Tacoma, Wash.

Meredith K. Stone from Kevin R. Stone: both of York.

John H. Svensson from Marie R. Svensson: both of Glen Rock.

Alicia M. Harral from Kinsey A. Harral: of Dillsburg and Fort Bragg, N.C.

Stacy L. Henry from Jay A. Henry: both of York.

Robyn Lee Warren from David Howard Warren Sr.: of Hanover and Union Point, Ga.

John A. Bumsted from Amanda M. Bumsted: of Mount Wolf and York.

Thomas J. McGirr from Patricia A. McGirr: both of York.

David K. Tate from Kimberly Nicole Blouse Tate: both of York.

Katie Louise Smeltzer from Nathan Kyle Smeltzer: both of Mount Wolf.

Sandra Gail Black from David Allan Black Sr.: of Delta and Airville.

Ty A. Krebs from Jennifer L. Krebs: of Seven Valleys and York.

Christina M. Beck from Shannon L. Beck: of Glen Rock and Seven Valleys.

Ryan Selencio Mendrije from Rhian Grace Ortiz Mendrije: of Seven Valleys and Silver Spring, Md.