Divorces, granted, for July 27-31, 2015

York Dispatch


Danny A. Arnold from Sandra K. Arnold: of Dover and York.

Megan R. Taylor from Andrew S. Taylor: of York and Felton.

Lori Wynegar from David Wynegar: both of Dover.

Marguerita N. Yost from Dana A. Yost: both of York.

Julie Dale Hazeleaf from Christopher S. Hazeleaf: of Dover and Vacaville, Calif.

Kim L. Hibner from Paul A. Hibner: both of York.

Joshua M. Zartman from Jessica A. Zartman: of Hanover and Manchester, Md.

Katrina Meyer from Lawrence Meyer: both of Hanover.

Richard R. Stone from Stephanie E. Stone: both of Dover.

Jonathan Daniel Hilty from Ashley Nicole Funk Hilty: both of York.

Wendy M. Redding from Calvin W. Redding: of York and Red Lion.

Kelly L. Doll Licari from Mark A. Licari: both of York.

Jason E. Hasenstab from Michele D. Hasenstab: both of Hanover.

Tonya R. Fink from Michael D. Fink: both of Dover.

Rachel B. Ellis from Gregory J. Ellis: of Downington, Pa., and Red Lion.

Eve S. Scheer from Joseph S. Scheer: both of Hanover.

Lori L. Deuchawn from Charles N. Deuchawn: of Dover.

Windy L. Buch from John David Buch: both of Hanover.

Bryan Redcay from Michelle L. Redcay: of Dillsburg and Hershey.

Patricia A. Fornadley from Christopher Fornadley: of Fairfield, Pa., and Glenville.

Gary J. Hatez Jr. from Jami R. Shearer: of Hanover and New Castle, Pa.

Fred B. Smith II from Dara A. Smith: both of Dillsburg.

Travis J. Bender from Christina C. Bender: of Lewisberry and York.

Krischer L. Whitacre Mummert from Tyler E. Mummert: of Hanover and New Oxford.

William Coleman from Cora Lin Coleman: of Stewartstown and Shrewsbury.

Areta J. Peters Eberly from Gregory A. Eberly: of Windsor and York.

Amy Plummer from James P. Plummer Jr.: of Hanover and York.

Bonnie H. Howlett from Robert M. Howlett: both of Hanover.

Della M. Betz from Dennis E. Betz Jr.: of Etters and York.

Donna K. Slothour Gonzalez from Alicio Gonzalez: both of York.

Brian William Jacobs from Chelsea Alyce Beers: both of Lewisberry.

Jeffrey Homer Hutson from Annette Lee Hutson: of York and Wellsville.

Stephanie L. Bennington from Darrick R. Bennington: both of Airville.

Felisa Maria Diaz Mendez from Joaquin Muriel Gonzalez: both of New Freedom.

Susanne D. Reed from Joseph B. Reed: both of Dallastown.

Bianca Ada Nicoara Mancas from Cornel M. Mancas: both of York.

Kristen Marie Kuzma Cavallaro from Benjamin D. Cavallaro: of Harrisburg and New Cumberland.

Jason C. Ross from Kimberly A. Ross: of Towson, Md., and Red Lion.

Amy M. Gerhart from Donald L. Gerhart: both of York.

Robert E. Hammond from Susan Hammond: of Timonium, Md., and Shrewsbury.

Nicole Elizabeth Miller from Gretchen R. Glatfelter: both of York.

Kimberly S. Sowers from Kevin D. Sowers Jr.: both of East Berlin.

Mariette Torres Rivera from Edwin L. Sanchez Sr.: both of York.

Clefton E. Shortlidge from Donna F. Shortlidge: both of Red Lion.

Dawn Swartz from Travis Swartz: of York and Mill Hall, Pa.

Clifford Ahiadzo from Titi Evelyn Johnson: both of York.

Lori L. Steiner from Kevin M. Steiner: both of Etters.

Leslie P. Scrivens Jr. from Kelly L. Scrivens: of Emigsville and Etters.

Thomas R. Cordwell from Creda M. Cordwell: of Brogue and Windsor.