Police search for 21-year-old woman missing from East Manchester Twp. home

Divorces, new cases, for the week of July 6, 2015

York Dispatch


Glenda M. Wilcox v. Bradley E. Wilcox: both of York.

Alice E. Lucius Smith v. Steven M. Smith: both of York.

James W Jackson v. Marie A Jackson: both of Mount Wolf.

Elaine J. Smith v. Eric L. Smith: both of Red Lion.

Jenni L. Lehman v. Kodie R. Lehman: of Red Lion and Portville, N.Y.

Jill Lyn Miller v. Joseph Bryan Miller: of Red Lion and Hanover.

Timothy C. Harlacher v. Beth L. Harlacher: both of Windsor.

Aimee L. Kluyber v. Matthew B. Kluyber: of Manchester and Yoe.

Kathy Ann Martz v. Philip Michael Martz: of Hanover and Spring Grove.

Michelle Eppinger v. John Eppinger: both of Stewartstown.

Karen Mirabella Stalnecker v. Michael Stalnecker: of Dover and Marietta, Pa.

Yizaira Lee Ortiz Ruiz v. Nelson Morales Ponce: of York and Lawrence, Mass.

David A. Metzger v. Sherry L. Metzger: both of Wrightsville.

Kennerly Brubaker v. Matthew Brubaker: both of York.

Andrew S. Stern v. Tiffany M. Stern: of Spring Grove and Glen Rock.

Leticia Rodriguez v. Guillermo Rodriguez: both of York.

David E. Young v. Susan L. Young: both of York.

Christina M. Gruver v. Daniel P. Gruver: both of Hanover.