Divorces, granted, for June 29-July 3, 2015

York Dispatch


Sean T. Kittle from Laura J. Kittle: of York Springs and Hanover.

Benjamin A. Walther from Crystal G.L. Walther: of New Park and Shrewsbury.

Daniel H. Varnish from Elizabeth L. Varnish: of York and Wrightsville.

James L. Farace from Darla A. Wilheim Farace: both of New Freedom.

Troy B Thompson from Angela Marie Hayes Thompson: both of Hanover.

Thomas Pollard from Kimberly Pollard: of Felton and Thomasville.

Darla K. Runkle from Lloyd D. Runkle: both of Spring Grove.

Jonathan Velazquez from Jessica Dearmas: both of York.

Eric M. Miller from Alison M. Miller: of Carlisle, Pa., and York.

Kimberly A. Behlert from Troy A. Behlert Sr.: of Red Lion and Felton.

Mark A. Bostic from Renee S. Wagoner: both of Philadelphia, Pa.

Kevin A. Forry from Heather D. Forry: of Mount Wolf and Manchester.

Craig Weller from Angela Marie Weller: of Chambersburg, Pa., and Roseburg, Ore.

Andreas C. Proepper from Amanda Lynn Proepper: of Glen Rock and Hanover.

Robin A. Welch from Charles D. Welch: of Stewartstown.

Kerry E. Stevens from Timothy S. Stevens Sr.: of Baltimore, Md., and Shrewsbury.

Aaron Welles from Kim Welles: both of Towanda, Pa.

David Matthew Hurd from Amanda Nussbaum: from Wrightsville and St. Marys, Pa.

Sean Wesley Allison from Cynthia Lee Allison: both of York.

Kimberly Gross from Erich Gross: both of Hellam.

Kirsten L. Stevens from David B. Stevens Jr.: both of York.

Ginger Marie Kieffer from Kelly Lee Kieffer: of Dillsburg and Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Wendy Ann Tracy Neri from Roger Salvatore Neri: of Hanover and Lake Ariel, Pa.

Theresa Ann Risser Odell from Ronald David Odell: of Wrightsville and Lancaster.

Dane Smith from Pamela Sue Smith: both of York.

Troy G. Silar from Kathy Ann Silar: of York and Dallastown.